9.11.11 A Day of Remembrance

hopefully this month’s quote from my “Angel Spirits” The Art of Sulamith Wülfing 2011 Calendar will bring a little comfort on a day where the right words are not easy to find…

a day even harder than every other for anyone that lost a loved one ten years ago…

“When you feel the need to unburden your spirit, know that I am always with you, dear friend.  I am the recipient of all your secrets, and I hold them fast in the chambers of my faithful heart.  Confide in me, and receive in return comfort and tender love.” ~Soul Confidant, September 2011

I have shared the quotes from this beautiful and inspiring calender here each month and thought I would show you Sulamith Wülfing‘s artwork for this month as well…

she was an amazing artist…

artwork of Sulamith Wülfing “Soul Confidant”

Sending Peace…Love…Light to each of you today and always OXO

14 responses to “9.11.11 A Day of Remembrance

  1. Beautiful artwork and sentiment with relevance to us all in some way. pen x


  2. A beautiful post on this day Patty. Your expression with your words, message, and sharing such meaningful art with us offers peace to our hearts. We’ll all be reflecting today……..xxoo


  3. My feelings are similar today. I love the angels, which seem especially appropriate today.


  4. beautiful post, dear patty…thank you


  5. Lovely post and I share your thoughts and wishes for those who lost dear ones.


  6. so beautiful and appropriate, Patty. Thank you for your thoughts and love. Know that it is coming back to you as well.


  7. Thank you Patty for this thoughtful and healt felt tribute to this emotional day for so many.


  8. Beautiful words as always to mark a memorable day. Thank you.



  9. So beautiful~thank you!


  10. beautiful words for this emotional day.
    i had found you here too, and you are a flickr member from me aswell


  11. Indeed, a comforting post for a day so challenging. Thank you, Patty.


  12. beautiful Patty…..


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