National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month


nectar of the Gods

honey existed before man as evidenced by fossils from 150 million years ago …

honey collection can be traced back thousands of years as depicted in ancient cave paintings …

did you know it is used for wound healing…

  it is a natural energy booster…

 a skin moisturizer…

a natural cough suppressant and that is just the beginning of what there is to know about honey

I like adding it to herbal teas…

today I am sipping a delicious and delicate herb tea that I brought back from the beautiful Einseideln Monastery outside of Zurich Switzerland

it is called Münsterschwarzach Klostertee St. Benedikt Sieben-Zeiten-Tee (St Benedict Seven Times Tea)…

the organic ingredients are sage, ginger, lemon balm, spearmint, valerian, rose petals and primrose flowers…

“sage stimulates and will preserve your health…Ginger warms the body and increases the vital energy center… Spearmint aids digestion… Valerian brings calmness and promotes concentration… Rose opens the heart… Primrose is new beginning and light… Melissa awakens the spirit and brings hope and joy…”

I even got a second cup out of the same teabag ahhhhh

be sure and visit Kimmie over at her Art in Red Wagons for more tea stops…

I also invite you to come see the new offerings on my Magpie’s Nest Too giveaway blog 

27 responses to “National Honey Month

  1. What a wonderful post- and so glad you can pronounce the name of the tea you had today!! Sounds delicious- and as it’s national honey month- you fit right in- a honey of a person and that’s for sure!! I have heard about many of the qualities you mentioned about honey, but often forget. It’s now in the forefront of my mind and I will make it a point to have some tonight with a wonderful cup of tea after dinner!!


  2. Honey…a staple in every good kitchen! There is something warm and fuzzy about it….the look, the taste, the idea that those little bees can make something so sweet!

    Thank you, btw, for the cute postcard download. Very ‘witchy’.

    I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning, as it temp is 50 degrees outside and a bit cloudy. Apparently I needed a jump start. But I’m starting it with YOU, so that is a perk!


  3. Oh my that tea sounds “heavenly” get it? Bendictine’s…heavenly?! Yeah, I know I’m lame. I need to check our retreat center gift shop and see if they carry any such tea. They have Benedictine coffee and soap I know.
    Happy Tuesday!


  4. Honey is so wonderful, but I fear it will soon be on the “endangered foods” list (if such a thing existed). I only hope we find why the bees are decreasing in such alarming numbers. Looks like you have a decent supply of honey to choose from, though. And I like that honey spoon.

    I’m not even going to try to repeat the name of that tea. It sounds awesome, though. I know it traveled a long way to be part of Tea Tuesday. Hope you have a great one.


  5. ah, honey… I so need a bit of it, damn cold 😦
    so wonderful you had a nice, quiet time enjoying tea.

    The other day I had the chance to taste Dilmah’s blueberry tea. Awesome (and thanks to Claudio, who gave me the surprise, after seeing me drooling all over it in the supermarket… Dilmah is kinda pricey, for us).


  6. What a “sweet” post, Patty! Thank you for all the background on honey. I also know that if ones takes local honey, it will help with environmental allergies from the local area. Have a lovely day!


  7. Honey and I have never been friends, just never liked the taste. However, I have discovered this is because I have been having the wrong honey! There are so many brands and types I was convinced by a program on TV to try again with honey and i am so glad I did. Your tea sound very beneficial and the spoon is just perfect ;0) Love Dawn xx


  8. Ah; sweet honey! Love it! It’s good for so many things! My grand daughter had her first taste, of it, last week and she’s hooked 🙂 xxoo


  9. What a sweet post Patty! I sip my tea mostly without sweetening, but you got me inspired to get out that honey jar today!


  10. I like certain honeys in my tea… Local honeys are the best for you, as they can help with outdoor allergies… My favorite is Palmetto honey… It has a unique flavor and is not flowery like Orange Blossom honey… for us Florida tea drinkers…


  11. You make me want a sip of the Angelic Nectar from Einseideln Monastery! 😉


  12. Wow that honey looks like liquid gold! Our local honey isn’t that clear and tends to be a bit darker. Hmmm…that makes me wonder why?!? Thanks for the reminder to buy local. I need to get out to the U of M apple house. They have lots of goodies this time of year.


  13. Ahhhh I love honey, but I have to admit, I love it straight. Straight from the bottle, jar, tub, hive whatever. I had some basswood honey once and fell in love with the dark honeys of the world. It is amazing what a bee can do. I secretly want to be a bee keeper. Maybe I will actually do it, I have a friend that use to have 3 hives. I bet she would be willing to train me up.
    Happy T on T~


  14. Wow, I did not know all that about honey. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge on the subject. Very, very interesting…………


  15. Lovely post… I think I’ll have a cuppa. Mmmmmmm honey and lemon?


  16. The Virginia honey is such a beautiful color! And I imagine the taste is mild and smooth. Honey is a must in my kitchen. I love the rich, dark local honey from this area…I posted your package today…the ladies who work at the post office loved it. I guess I’ll have to make a habit of individualizing my packages from hence forth. You’re a good influence. 🙂 Happy, happy tea day, Patty. oxo


  17. It all sounds delicious. I like honey and peanut butter sandwiches myself!!!


  18. I love honey! And our local honeys are yummy blackberry or raspberry. Ousts to put honey in warm milk for my kids when they were toddlers. Every single morning! We called it “special tea.” I wanted them to have a good defense from local pollen allergies …..and none of them have allergies to this day! I also bought a special honey in Australia that is medicinal as a topical ointment for wounds. It seems to work 🙂

    I hope bees will be with us for a long long time. It would be a very desolate place without them!

    Happy tuesday patty!



  19. What a beautiful, beautiful post. Your first photo of that gorgeous jar of honey with the sun shining through it is fantastic….I can almost feel and taste its sticky sweetness. What a sweet little spoon too, I have never seen one like it before that hangs off the side of your cup…very clever. Happy Tea Tuesday Patty. xx


  20. Yum! I knew honey was used for lots of things, but not all this! As always another lovely post!


  21. Hello Patty, beautiful pics as per usual 🙂 love your honey post and a good way to make those teas last …..


  22. Funny you should post this–we are using it right now to help our little girl manage her coughs from a cold. It does help.


  23. Hi sweetie, what a sweet post.
    I love honey on my breakfast crossiant.
    Wonderful photos from your honey´s. xoxo


  24. What a delightful honey post Patty! sweet memories… Mx


  25. fun post Patty! I’m a honey-addict…especially the thick raw honey.Enjoy your day.xo


  26. Ohhh, Patty! I’ve never heard of that wonderful tea! I’m going to have to look for it the next time I’m out and about. I love your description of it, and bet it smells heavenly. Love that you’ve posted the various purposes of the herbs too – very poetic, aren’t they?!?
    My son is a honey addict, and whenever we go away, we try to bring home a bottle of the ‘local stuff’ for him to enjoy. He says he can really taste the difference. Enjoy these beautiful Sepember days!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  27. I always enjoy looking at your b, b, b. I don’ know why I don’t visit more often. I love seeing your beautiful art and photographs and getting glimpses into your home and various other things through your eyes. I miss seeing you and your art in person . . . I’m planning a visit in the spring. xoxox


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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