box of delights tea…

Judy Domec really outdid herself in decorating the box full of goodies that I won in her round robin traveling tea cup event

she said it was her first art mail attempt…very well done Judy…I know your box delighted lots of people all along its journey…

I truly did not want to open it right away as there was lots to read and enjoy…but

finally I did open it while sipping some delicious Chocolate Pu-erh and munching on a Madeleinea container of those jumped into the grocery cart the other day which hardly ever happens…

here is the lovely line up of treats that I won from all around the country…

thank you Dawn

thank you Lori

thank you Amy

thank you Jill

thank you Halle

thank you Pat

thank you Kimmie

thank you Judy

how did I get SO lucky…

wishing you all a very happy T Tuesday from rainy Virginia…

you can visit Kimmie at her Art in Red Wagons for links to lots of these talented artists along with other fun people to visit too…

15 responses to “box of delights tea…

  1. What lovely things! How do I miss all these wonderful swaps and stuff??? I’m going to have to keep a better lookout for them!


  2. Had I realized I didn’t have to travel anywhere to have a tea post with the traveling tea cup, I might have joined this swap. But, as it was, I was in the middle of preparing to have my own traveling studio returned from storage and simply didn’t believe I had time or energy for the rigors of this event. You were very lucky to win all these beauties. I’m super impressed and know the power of internet friendships.


  3. What a fun post! Since I was the first player I didn’t get to see what everyone else was putting in the box. FUN!
    Have a wonderful day! I’m off to babysit…so much fun in short bursts. 🙂


  4. Wow Patty! How much fun is this???? Wonderful things to enjoy and create with! Thank you for sharing! xxoo


  5. Patty,
    What a wonderful bundle of treats. I do love the packaging, too. That is often my favorite part of the surprise. We are rainy here today, too. Jud went out to play golf with some friends and I am afraid he will be coming home just as soon. I am still running around with a little white mask on from this respiratory infection. Just when I am fine, I am hacking again!!!


  6. Patty, congratulations on your fabulous win. Really lovely things…and you deserve them. Hope you feel better!


  7. Oh my, dear – that is some box you got there! What a treat, I can imagine the surpise and happy feelings when this arrived! Enjoy, dear one, enjoy!


  8. Fabulous ‘stuff’. Following those links was just soooo much fun. Great post Patty.


  9. You are lucky – that’s for sure!! And, now you have 2 hearts from me!!LOL Had I forseen you winning, I would have put something else in the box!!!! Drop by for tea and stacks!!!


  10. Box of delights is an understatement I think – and also wrapped in pattern tissue which is fodder for more delightful creations. All that and art on the box too! Lucky you!!


  11. Oh my goodness! You have created envy in my heart!!!


  12. The madeleines jumped into your cart and the box jumped into your mailbox …. All because they wanted to live at your house dear Patty 🙂

    I am so happy you won it … It couldn’t have turned out any better if I had rigged it 🙂

    Xoxo, Kimmie


  13. I had to smile at Kim’s comment…I promise I did not rig the winner…but I, too, was pleased with the way it turned out. There are no accidents. I hope been the chosen brightened your world. You always brighten ours. oxo Judy


  14. Ahhh NUMI, I love it so….
    There are some very creative people in the world! you are definitely one of them, so glad you are enjoying the spoils from the traveling tea cup round robin. It was fun!
    I missed my tea this week but wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy T on T~


  15. Dear friend, you are well deserved it .


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