button cuff completa…

after a lovely visit to the country with my friend Dot and seeing her cuff below I was inspired all over again by buttons …

she kindly sent me home with a blank black elastic cuff stitched and ready to be decorated …

I finally got busy yesterday while watching a little Doc Martin on tv…

it really IS fun to pick through buttons

I like keeping mine in jars

they look like candy…

I have two weddings to go to this month…

my new button cuff may be just the thing to go with my little black dress…

if I made another one I would sew each button on and knot it individually…

I bet that’s what Dot did…

there are about 40+ buttons on my cuff…

a very Happy Birthday to my sister and to my sweet Onkel Sepp (both do not read my blog) AND also to Marit my special bloggie art sister who has some really exciting news to share here

it is Gandhi’s birthday too…

“Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress” ~Mahatma Gandhi, 2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948

29 responses to “button cuff completa…

  1. Your button cuff is awesome Patty! Oh – all of those buttons are so wonderful! xxoo


  2. Button cuff……clever and so cute! I love putting buttons into jars so you can see what’s there. And color coordinating them!

    Seems like there are many birthdays this month….my hubby has one, too. October is a nice month for many reasons.

    The elastic band for the button cuff…..is it just wide elastic that you buy at a fabric store? Or a special kind?

    Hey, your blog came through perfectly in my email today. I’m a happy camper!

    Button loads of hugs……..Jan


  3. wohoho, how fancy is this mizzfancybutton! gorgeous and elegant buttons. isn’t it wonderful to get inspired by friends 😉


  4. Your cuff is a real beauty. I love buttons too. Keeping them in jars is a great idea to show them at their best. I always loved my Mum’s button tin as a child. She gave it to me not so long ago and it brings back many memories of the clothes that bore them originally. pen x


  5. Yes if they are individually knotted the cuff will stretch better I am sure but this is just a little gem of button loveliness. And H.B’day to your sister. Dxx


  6. OK, I have to come out and admit it, ….. buttons are just so darn addictive. I love all of my buttons and sometimes will just sit on the floor and run my fingers through them, hold them, touch them, absolutely fascinating little buggers. And by the way — Love your cuff!


  7. this is pretty, I’m sure it’ll be awesome with your dress! 😀

    and happy birthday to your sis and the other girls, I hope they have a great time!


  8. Love your cuff! I have a black and white button cuff, too!!! I should show you. Happy birthday to all your friends! I love looking at your buttons…. we all have some of the same, don’t we…. that black one with the rhinestones set flat into it….


  9. Looks great, what a cute idea.


  10. How fun! Love them!!!


  11. What a stash of buttons! Love the cuff AND wish it was possible to wish Gandhi a ‘happy birthday’ in person.


  12. Wow, that’s quite the collection of buttons you have. Love the cuff, it looks great.


  13. That is one gorgeous cuff Patti…I love it!~ Buttons make me feel connected to the past…in such a comfy way, warm and cozy.


  14. oh buttons! can’t get enough of them! I need an elastic cuff now!


  15. Oooo Patty, I love your beautiful button cuff – it is the perfect accessory for your LBD!!!!
    You’ve used some very special buttons I can see!
    My mouth is watering at your yummy button collection too!
    There must be trillions of buttons in tghe world – and so many of us love them.

    A whiIe ago i borrowed a wonderful book from our Embroiderers guild library called “Buttons” by Diana Epstein and Millicent Safro who own the shop in New York “Tender Buttons”.
    It’s a ‘must read’ fot anyone who loves buttons.
    I’ve added a visit to their shop on my “bucket list” – dreams are free!!!

    We’re watching Doc Martin at the mo too – love it!!


  16. Perfect accessory for ‘a little black dress.’ Love your black and white.


  17. Oooooh Patty, gorgeous, beautiful buttons… and I LOVE your cuff… absolutely perfect for a wedding too… they look fabulous in the jars…

    Have a wonderful day…
    Jenny x


  18. Love it! What gorgeous buttons!


  19. I just love the variety of incredible buttons..so much wealth to hold between our fingers and stories to tell. The cuff is awesome! Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  20. I sure do Love that button cuff and I can must picture it on your arm, nice selection of buttons. I just can’t help imagining where all those buttons have been and what stories they could tell. Happy Birthday to all the Birthday folks and Oh yes, that is a great quote too.


  21. This is so beautiful, Patty! Once again, you’ve inspired me!


  22. Once again I am late getting here. It has been a busy, busy week, but I am tickled to read about this cuff. I had wanted to see it completed before and now it’s even more exciting. Simply divine with a little black dress. I bet no one except you will know you didn’t tie each button off, either. It is stunning.


  23. Dear Patty, your button cuff is really special! Absolutely adorable!!!!

    Have a wonderful week my dear friend.


  24. Oh my GOSH!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! I must give this a try!!! 🙂 Thanks for passing on this WONDERFUL idea you got from your dear friend Dot!!!


  25. So many buttons, great photos.


  26. You have a wonderful button collection …. Your cuff is beautiful!

    We enjoy Doc Martin too …. Have you ever watched “Kingdom” with Stephen Frye? We love it and were very sad when they stopped producing it ….


  27. OMG!!! All those buttons!!
    What a wonderful collection!!
    Such eye candy for a button-o-olic!!
    Your button cuff is stunning and soooo inspiring too!
    Jan x


  28. Oh this is awesome!!!! Your cuff is beautiful!


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