Nice Light Tea

a cup of something soothing with the recent nip in the air…

the young girls black patent leather shoe that I planted and have had out in the garden for a few years is showing some wear…

which is normal with the passing of time…

now for something very exciting…

if you enjoy tea AND music you will want to pop over and visit 

Tea and Sympathy

“…an English Tea Shop in New York City” …

they recently put out a request for favorite “tea” tunes

I joined in and was honored to make their list with my Stevie Wonder song selection…

“Come Back as a Flower” reminds me of sipping tea out in the garden…

you will not want to miss the brilliant and varied selection of great tunes offered here

 Happy T Tuesday one and all…

21 responses to “Nice Light Tea

  1. What a soothing post Patty! I love those shoes – the texture on them is yummy 🙂 That’s a wonderful quote on the tea bag tag, too. This was a beautiful post as usual with lovely pictures and words. I wish you light for your day. xxoo


  2. Dear Patty,what a wonderful posting, I really feel relax, dreaming of tea time in this beautiful garden area. Gorgeous mosaic table and shoe decoration!
    Have a nice week, hugs Anja


  3. I so enjoy those mugs. Really nice (grin).

    I have a pair of high top canvas tennis shoes I dipped in varnish a few years ago, then planted hens and chicks in. The shoes outlasted the hens and chicks, but I noticed the shoes are now decaying. All good things must eventually change.


  4. Love the black patent shoe! Here a question: did you create the mosaic table. Love it and, yes, I have seen it before in your photos, but just never thought to ask where you found it. Brings back memories of my Dad’s mosaic kidney shaped table created in the 60s. Have a great day, girlfriend.


  5. Interesting crackle on your patent leather shoe- goes so well with your mosaic below it (and I’m with Marlynn- did you make the mosaic?)

    Cooler here too, so tea is lovely to sip in the nippy mornings!
    I love your button cuff (previous post). Elastic is such a simple and brilliant idea for a base!


  6. Congrats on the recognition with the Stevie Wonder selection. I am not familiar with that one–I’ll have to give it a listen.

    I would go with something instrumental…


  7. Well, your shoe makes a great pot! Your plants are doing extremely well… unlike mine. I am always surprised on Tuesday…. I forget about Tea Tuesday… it’s a pleasant surprise.


  8. That shoe is a great idea! Do you bring it inside over winter? I have a “log” from our aquarium that I’d like to plant in but was afraid that it wouldn’t withstand the harsh winter. Although I did think about putting something over the top of it like you would over a rosebush.


  9. Love the planted shoe! How cute is that! And you button cuff is lovely! It will be adorable with a little black dress!


  10. Thank you all for visiting and making my T Tuesday extra fun!

    To answer a couple of questions:
    I did not make the mosaic table…I picked it up at a local craft store (gone out of business some years ago) it was on sale

    The sedums planted in the little girls shoe do spend all year round out in the garden here in Virginia (we do get plenty of freezing weather). I have lots of hypertufa containers full of different sedums that do well in the elements…I would be in trouble if they needed bringing in 😉


  11. Very cool Patty, what a fun idea! I like the idea of the shoe growing into your garden! Mx


  12. Fun post …. I love your mosaic table and matching mosaic shoe … I love how your succulents are working their way through the toe … The shoe is become a living universal part of the garden 🙂

    Happy Tuesday Patty!


  13. ah so you got that nip in the air too? chilly burritos!! warm tea will do the trick, happy tea day! your mosaics are wonderful… xox


  14. Hi there Patty, happy Tuesday T. I had to go visit Tea and Sympathy…what a fabulous site AND congrats. on your choice of tea song being voted in, all the music is perfect for tea drinking. ( have to admit to being a Sting fan tho ) I love the little black shoe….it was the first thing I noticed when your page came up, I thought it was made of china at first, it’s so cute, love the way it has aged. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ‘tea’ post today. xx


  15. Patty what a great site that is 🙂 I listened to the first and got hung up reading more posts! So must go back later 🙂 thanks for sharing that!


  16. How clever to use a child’s shoe as a planter! What fun, Patty! You always have the most original ‘teas’!!! Just finished a cup of Earl Grey and read through some of the posts I missed while I was away on vacation. Your button bracelet is beautiful!!! I adore old buttons and cherish some that my Mom gave me. As a matter of fact, I recognized some of “hers” among “yours”!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox


  17. Happy Tuesday Patty! That little shoe is certainly cute!


  18. I was reading your comment you left for Halle about your sewing machine and decided to send you a short note here, since my e-mail is not working. I have that happen a lot, especially when the thread is old, thin, or too thick. Seems, at least on my machine, the thread has to be “just right.” I often find that when the thread acts up in my machine, I can use it without incident or problems in a bobbin. I also have found that the tension changes with each new spool of thread I use. I have stopped fidgiting with the tension each time I change my thread. Since I usually sew paper, and only occasionally fabric, I no longer care about tension. You can probably see some of the poor tension that shows in my Halloween pages, but if I changed tension each time I changed materials (the window in the back of my Halloween house was plastic, the door was card stock, the roof a combination of cardboard and strip of painted numbers), I would have been fooling with the tension at each turn. So I’m not sure this will help you, but that’s how I treat errant spools of thread.

    BTW, you know the proper thread to use with your machine, don’t you? If your thread sits upright, you can use any thread, especially the cross hatch kind. If your thread sits on your machine horizontally, you can only use thread that is wound the old fashioned way (hope that makes sense, because I don’t know what to call it).


  19. Oh, that is just fabulous! I love the shoe planter! Very fanciful! Guess where I am going tomorrow? Gotta run and pack my bag!
    Big hugs,


  20. Oh wow so wonderful post sweetie.
    Really beautiful place for tea time.
    Have a lovely day sweetie. xoxo


  21. Another glorious post, and I’m sitting here drinking a nice cup of Darjeeling and wondering about music for Tea. I love Englishman in New York, but would probably have to go for something soothing; The Lark Ascending or Swan of Tuonela.



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