little tea

what is it about little things that speak to some of us…

I could not believe my good fortune when I came across a plastic bag full of this very fine array of miniature books for a song at an antique shop…

the little Haiku with Birds below measures about 1.75 x 2.75 inches (4.445 x 6.985 cm)…

new or old…



big or small…

books carry a mysterious kind of magnetism for me

I was recently charmed by Dymphie’s amazing mini book earring creations here and Cynnie’s super mini book post here

those little’s made me think of some small tea cups I have…

lined up in a row they are sized just right for Goldilocks and The Three Bears

the Red Riding Hood Bavarian china pieces were a gift I bought with birthday money when I was very young living in Germany…

it is a bit of an odd feeling to know that any questions I have about details surrounding the tea set are not likely to be answered now that my father and mother have both passed on…

there is more I would like to know about the set…

clearly I liked the little dishes very much and did actually play with them…

I wonder how many cups came in the set …

and what happened to the creamer …

my Dad was a master fix it guy and very patient when it came to puttering…

looks like the glue just didn’t want to hold on the sugar bowl handle…I still have the pieces…

“On autumn-crisp nights …

Against harvest-moon background–

Wavering geese-lines” ~Haiku with Birds by Pall W. Bohne, 1967, Book #190 out of 250 printed

today I am enjoying a cup of homemade Yogi Tea and does the house ever smell good too…

whether your tea is little or big…I hope you enjoy your day…

Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons has more bloggers to visit here…

30 responses to “little tea

  1. happy tea day, dear Patty… your book stacks are wonderful.. looks like a perfect tea party at your place… I would love some Yogi tea! xox


  2. I totally agree with you when it comes to books in general and if i had also seen this bag of minis I wouldn’t of been able to resist either. I have recently (yesterday) given a bin liner full of books to the charity shop. This is the only time this has happend I had to be really strong to do this Usually I put them in the attic. But to me, as I am sure to you books I buy remind me of periods of my life and what I was going through at the time.

    I love T Cups & S I haven’t had any thing new to show for ages but it doesn’t stop me looking at others and I love your German set too cute

    Love Dawn xx


  3. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your lovely tea day. I adore that little tea set! Those mini books are a treasure – thanks so much for sharing these with us. Really such a lovely post! xxoo


  4. Your little tea set is so delightful and charming. And I love your miniature books, what a find! take care, Petra. x


  5. My sister had a mug (or still has it) with a red riding hood on it, too, but if I remember right the design is different … thanks for sharing your memories!


  6. Your post feels like a visit to a fairyland tea party.


  7. Beautiful books displayed along with your tea time story of your parents’ tea set. Maybe you can make up a story about the tea set- one that will bring you joy and happiness every day!! I love these tea posts of yours- they are so inspiring- i always go and make myself a cup of tea afterwards. Today- green tea!


  8. Yet another perfect vignnette showing both books and tea cups. It’s too bad the glue was not powerful enough for your sugar container. Glues are so much more hardy today.

    Those books are a super find! Very, very impressive. So glad you were able to get them. They certainly snapped up by the right person!


  9. What lovely little books! The Haiku with Birds book is an amazing find! I still have some pieces (some broken, some fixed and some intact) of some of my childhood tea sets too.


  10. What a super find!!! I love the books and wow,,,even got a plug in there, thanks:) Good to be back but do I ever have the work,,,yikes!!! Just wanted to pop in and say hi……….I am freezing by the way…..Florida was soooooo
    nice and not too humid actually. Have a great tea Tuesday!


  11. That was such a find Patty! … and the teaset must’ve been gorgeous. Now they are all plastic. Love exploring all your links.


  12. look at those tiny books, ohw such a wonderful find, lucky you! Thanks for the link to my earbooks, you’re a sweetheart ♥


  13. Those wee books are just darling and make me green with envy!


  14. I have a miniature library- little books of quotes and such were very popular in the ’80s and I bought most of them! ha! None of mine are particularly “antique” tho. Yours are adorable! And the remnants of your childhood tea set too. My childhood dishes have Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs as their theme (NOT the Disney version!). They were bought in belgium, so the set comes with an egg cup. How European is that?


  15. What a precious find Patty, the little books are so fab. I love your tea set, the sugar pot is gorgeous,with or without the handle! Mx


  16. you re so lucky to have found those little books..what a find…….what will u do with them?xx


  17. Beautiful post Patty. Your first photo with that little face in the pot plant and that wonderful line up of books photographed from above is creatively beautiful. I too love tiny things, maybe it is the child in all of us still. The Red Riding Hood tea set is a treasure, so sweet and pretty, you are so fortunate to still have it. Have a wonderful “little” tea party today. xx


  18. This is just wonder-filled! The miniature books, the mini-tea set and your recollections too. Loved it all!


  19. I had a little china tea set when I was young too – now I wonder whatever happened to it.


  20. All of these little things are so happy to have found a home with you … From the tea set years ago to the books so recently adopted. They will live a full and happy miniature life sheltered under your wing 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!


  21. Love your tea post. We need a day that begins with C.


  22. Oh wow sweetie what for tiny books.
    So lovely.
    And the tea set with Rotkäppchen 😉 so darling. Love your photos.



  23. I love looking at your “collections.” I wonder who is the bigger collector, you or Mr. Magpie? I’m guessing you, but it could be a toss-up. Naturally, I’m more fond of yours. I’m also guessing that your parents would not remember any more of the details about the tea set than you do, but know that odd feeling of wanting to ask my parents something that I feel that they’d surely know the answer to . . . xoxox


  24. aren’t they the cutest thing..I love minis and books too…The books are priceless….happy T!!


  25. Hey lady! What fabulous little books!!! You know me and my books… Love your little tea set too. That’s neat that you still have it!


  26. Fantastic find for those little books. I’m like you…books draw me in…I must have them. Big, small, tattered, torn…doesn’t matter.
    Have a wonderful day.


  27. Love your mini books…What a precious find Patty! Enjoy!


  28. Those miniature books may be small but they pack a pig punch!


  29. Oh those books!!!!!! Lucky, lucky you! (Ok…you deserve them 🙂 )


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