…a thousand different things

my little 1931 Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia art journal has been calling me…

inspiration began with the sweet pouty girl from Land of Nod and a sacred heart image I had on hand

her hallo is from my sweet friend Trish’s wedding

her groom’s great grandmother made THE most delicate and delicious wedding cookies that she tucked into silver paper cups at each place setting…

the two photos above were taken indoors…

 notice the difference in the color of the photos below taken out on our back porch where I go for “perfect” light…

torn Citra Solv treated paper along with some special gold patterned paper for the background…

black and white rubons and a white poster pen for some added highlights…

I have a collection of Kim Edwards’ quotes from her moving book “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

that piece of pretty lace has been waiting for some time now…

* * *

the sweet and talented Jean of Bluebirds Living in the Meadow recently sent me some really special treats…

including some magical gompi/gampi tissue paper

sometimes it takes me awhile to dive into goodies…

I know I will find the right time to make the best use of these gifts…

Jean  even gifted me with copies of her painted swan collage sheet images to use in my artwork…

 swans are just one of the things we each hold dear…

she tucked in one of her wonderful faux wool felted flowers too AND the amazing silver tea strainer…

I had never seen anything quite like it before…

precious gifts from a precious friend who I hope to meet in person some day!!!

I am a bit behind in thanking so many thoughtful and generous people here in blogland…you know who you are … thank you dear ones      OXO

38 responses to “…a thousand different things

  1. Patty! Oh your yummy book! I keep going back to look some more. Beautiful! And; with some very special inclusions! You have some wonderful artful things to create with there my friend! Have a joyful weekend……it’s raining here now but temperatures are still mild. I think the weekend we’ll be dropping a bit. xxoo


  2. oh what a lovely journal page, dear patty…
    and those goodies from jean is precious….they are indeed inspirational.
    I’ve not heard of Gampi tissue, as it’s not sold here…but they do sounds like something I’d love to explore….thanks fro sharing/linking us to the video on Jeab’s site….


  3. whenever I see a swan on Jeans blog, I think I know where it will end up! lol xox


  4. These are truly beautiful. I love the pouty girl and your gifts were exquisite. I love the strainer! I have a collection of quotes from Kim’s book too. I imagine we may have been drawn to some of the same wonderful words. pen x


  5. Beautiful gifts, my dear friend. If you come to see Jeanne, you can come to see me, too! i live very close. I would love to meet you both. I adore that little Frieda girl. Very clever!!!
    We are in France…back to Barcelona tomorrow. Home the next days. Just put some pictures up…about a week late! I found wonderful ephemera.
    Big hugs!


  6. Lovely gifts and wonderful work Patty, yum yum yum


  7. such a beautiful gift…you must be so anxious to get started on creating! I love your little girl with the Sacred Heart…it really touched me!


  8. i love page 213…xoxox jean


  9. dang not sure what happened to my other comment….anywho…love page 213…xoxo glad you like the prezzies…


  10. You are amazing yourself…Jean always has something great to share…your images are wonderful! Have a great weekend and rest after the wedding excitement. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  11. Oh wow so wonderful gifts for you.
    You are a lucky girl sweetie.
    Your work is amazing. Stunning designs. I love them.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear. xoxo


  12. What a bounty of treasures in this post. Your pages are gorgeous and how generous of Jean to gift you!


  13. Wow, dear Patty, gorgeous pages and a fantastic gift.
    Thank you so much for your visit at my blog and your lovely comments.

    Have a lovely weekend


  14. OMG!!!! You have made each one of these creations simply DIVINE, dear Patty!!! You are such a fabulous creative talent!
    Have a nice weekend my friend.


  15. oh Patty! I just love seeing what you make! always so inspiring! Ok, now I’m going to rush downstairs to do some journaling! Happy weekend, xo


  16. I’ve finally found some time to just relax and do some blog visits! Beautiful work Patty – I love that pouty face but what a surprise to see the final piece! You really know how to create a delicious background.

    You gave me a smile when you mentioned taking photos indoors compared to natural sunlight. It really is a great example of how critical lighting is in everything we do! I’ve been trying to pay more attention to that factor in my work lately and it’s fascinating.

    Hope you’re well and sorry I haven’t been around more often!



  17. Your book page is amazing! I know what you mean about lighting. I have a couple places in the house where I tend to take my photos depending on what time of day it happens to be. Honestly , I just need to build a light box of some sort. It would really help for both blog and esty pix.


  18. I just love it!!! How awesome!


  19. Since I take such lousy photos with my camera, any photos you take are perfect. But of course, I like natural light, too. The cupcake holder was the icing on the page with the little girl. So sweet!

    And those wonderful gifts from Jean are heaven sent. I know you will find a special use for each of them. And I knew Jean put her heart into the gifts when I saw the swan. But I was blown away when I read that was a tea strainer. Like you, I had no idea. Lovely, lovely gifts.


  20. Gorgeous artwork you are creating – as always!
    And those gifts from Jean are lovely! Lucky you!



  21. The first page is simply amazing! I love every element especially the little girl and the lace. Everything is perfectly placed. Love it!!


  22. You have a gift for making all the little odds and ends just come together do perfectly! I would neve have thought of a halo …. And on such a pouty child too 🙂 fun! And wonderful thought and kindness in the mail from Jean – sweet!


  23. What an awesome page! And the goodies you received are beautiful!!!


  24. Wonderful blue pages with your citrasolv experiments and uuuuhhh the generosity in blogland from Jean….lucky you:)


  25. What wonder giftsx you are a very lucky lady. It is great to have such lovely internet friends isn’t? I have met a few of my “internet” friends..it is great when you click isn’t it?xx
    Please note my new blog addressxx


  26. Love that your using an on encyclopedia, do you remove pages? I would of thought it would soon get too big for the covers. Love Dawn xx


  27. Yes Dawn I do tear out pages and glue some pages together for strength too

    some of the old book pages have such wonderful quality paper in them


  28. ok, one more! you’re mizz glitz! love what you did with the golden paper cup, reminds me of the flittersterne. they’re coming up again. fab spread, luv the sacred heart of course


  29. I should post about my “jean” gift – I am remiss!! Love the tea strainer!!!!!!


  30. Beautiful beautiful pages Patty, I really need to try Citra Solve, the results are stunning! mx


  31. After reading/seeing your previous post about Citra Solve, and now THIS post, I’ve added it to my must buy list!!! OMG! What a treasure trove of eye candy you’ve posted here, Patty! How generous of Jean to share such lovely goodies, and I adore the fact that a lowly memento from the wedding was transformed into a stunning halo for your gorgeous work!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  32. Oh Patty… how gorgeous… your pouty girl is just the sweetest…Amazing background. Loving her Halo and touch of lace 🙂
    ..and beautiful gifts too!
    Jan x


  33. What a wonderful package of treats and what pretty things you have been making. I’ve been on the road, nary a bit of art done and a deadline in two weeks! Yikes! You inspire!


  34. more stunning work Patty, you have such a lovely softness to your work. i have heard of gampi and want try some too. it looks very interesting….


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