Pacific Sea Star Tea

 looking back on our trip to California in October of 2010

this post has been in DRAFT for far too long now…

WHERE in the world has a year gone…

I still remember how entertained we were walking on Goat Rock Beach on the lookout for treasure…

what is it about wet shells and rocks that wink at you in the sand and whisper “take me home with you”

there was sea glass too if you were very patient…

my great discovery was a brilliant Ochre Sea Star still too freshly gone to take home…

it looked like a Fabergé jewel incrusted ornament shimmering in the sunlight…

and complimented the embroidery on my tunic nicely…

we were warned by friendly locals to never turn our backs on the ocean…

they have signs warning about deadly Sleeper Waves…

a local lady who shared some sea glass with me had some stories to tell about those…

it was a short drive back to the sanctuary of Jenner where we were staying…

a bite to eat and some tea on the Russian River here…

we are excited about our upcoming return visit to a different part of California end of this month to attend our nephew’s wedding…

it was our sweet niece’s wedding that took us to the west coast last year around this time…

here’s wishing you a very happy T Tuesday

… be sure and visit Kimmie

you never know where the T Tuesday bloggers will take you…

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34 responses to “Pacific Sea Star Tea

  1. Beautiful photos… I am a misplaced pacific ocean native… just enjoyed seeing the rocky beaches and sea life.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Looks like it was a great trip. I’ve never even been to California. Next month we will be heading to the beaches of Sri Lanka — we’ve visited the country a couple of times, but not the beach yet. Hope I will find some treasures there. Happy day to you. Tammy

  3. Beautiful photos as always, dear Patty…
    these are special moments aren’t they?
    and I “remember” October is also a special month for you…;))
    and I’m looking forward to “mine” too….
    Take care dear friend…

  4. WOW, these waves are huge. Nothing like what I saw in southern CA. Of course, the sea glass, sea star, and heart shaped rocks made it a very romantic post. Loved how you brought it out for Tea Tuesday. And yes, it was the very best time to do so.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Lived in California for awhile. I was so disappointed in the rocky coast. Give me beautiful white beaches every time. I would always pick Florida if you are staying on the continent!!! (says this Texas girl…..) I do have that need to gather all the shells and bring them home….

  6. I have never ‘met’ a beach I did not like 🙂

  7. What beautiful photos. I have no idea why wet stones and shells call to be taken home you think they would be happier near the sea. But like you I can not resist taking a shell or rock or two home. The star fish was beautiful how sad though it wasn’t alive *sniff* these really are wonderful memories looks like a wonderful time Dxx

  8. oh yes, it must have been a fabulous trip… and I know about those waves, a dear friend reported that her bil was hit by one and was paralyzed for the rest of his life… this was years ago, in the 60’s but a terrible tragedy… love your photos and always fun coming by for tea! xox

  9. Loved each and every picture, but especially the heart shaped rocks, they definitely call to me.

  10. So peaceful. I, too, love the rocks…and the starfish and you modeling it…and you and your sweet jjj and that lovely inn.Great post.

  11. beautiful! I love the beach, but sometimes I take it for granted. Until someone asks me if we’ll ever move to Santiago. HECK NO. I cannot live without the sounds of waves or the salty wind~

    btw, what is sea glass? 😮

  12. So BEAUTIFUL! We love the ocean too! Happy Tea on Tuesday!

  13. What a lovely reawakening of your trip! your photos are grogeous and jenner looks dreamy! Mx

  14. Seeing your gorgeous pics reminded me of how much I love the ocean! These captures may have been on the backburner for a while, but they were well worth the wait, Patty!!! I can just picture your surprise and delight when you spied that beautiful starfish! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  15. Thank you for this beautiful walk along your beach, so much to see ! and your last journal page is wonderful Patty, so detailed and vibrant. xx

  16. Beautiful trip indeed. So glad you finally published it!

  17. Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  18. Oh; the power of the ocean Patty! I just loved this post – beautiful photos of a memorable and meaningful trip! Thank you for sharing with us! xxoo

  19. What a wonderful post Patty! I am so intrigued about the sleeper waves. I’m well acquainted with rip tides and the rules for those are a little different, but to never turn your back on the water is a great general rule.

    Happy Tuesday!

  20. Oh sweetie what for wonderful photos you are share.
    I love the ocean too my dear friend.

    Have a lovely day. xoxo

  21. Beautiful pictures, Patty. Looks like it was a wonderful trip.
    Thanks for sharing!


  22. The Sea holds beauty and danger. I do love the hunt for hidden treasures.

  23. Thanks for sharing this powerful photos. I love the sea stars and shells, wonderful presents of nature!
    Hugs Anja

  24. what a beautiful post, Patty…you really touched this beach-girl’s heart!

  25. Oh my Patty, what beachy loveliness you have shared with us.Gorgeous photos (as always).
    Jan x

  26. wonderful beach moments …love the starfish and whoaaa that beach drops off doesn´t it……..had a beach like that recently on our trip but there was NO SIGN….people would literally DISSSAPPPEAR into the water!!! Everyone got back to shore but,,,,ggeeez ,,,talk about excitement:)

  27. What beauty in your photographs, I so enjoyed the peaceful feeling of the rocks on the beach 🙂

  28. I don’t think I have told you lately what lovely photos you take. You are an inspiration! Hugs!

  29. I hadn’t heard about every turning your back on the ocean, but it’s a beautiful phrase. How lucky to find that starfish! That’s a treasure!

  30. Such a beautiful place! I went to a morning “retreat” once with a speaker who had lost her husband and one of her daughters to a wave that just came up out of the ocean and snatched them away. It makes my heart heavy to this day to think of it. I know she has found incredible joy in life since then and her talk was about God’s grace abounding in her grief. I assume it was something like a “sleeper wave” .
    There is beauty to behold though in such a place, thanks for sharing.

  31. What a delightful post! I love the bit about “shells and rocks that wink at you in the sand and whisper “take me home with you” “. Thats exactly how I feel when I walk along a beach. (My DH always worries about what he might have to take home 😉 )
    Starfish looked so pretty against your tunic Patty….

  32. I have never heard them being called sleeper waves before Patty, we have similar here though……. love that driftwood carved piece and i love rockpooling even in winter , its so much fun although you have to the ‘blue ‘ things ….poisonous !lol

  33. having lived on the californian coast, i always enjoy seeing the picture. never seen such fabulous wood art before, quite a picture! look forward to the new pictures from 2011.

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