local “what do U see” swap for Sandy

this is the last round for our local “what do U see” swap…

Sandy’s acrylic tag  and ingredients gave me pause at first …

as with most any project once you begin things start to fall into place…

each player received a similar array of items to begin with…

I wanted to leave some open space so the acrylic could be seen…

the “fly” text stamp is from Catslife Press

I added the Italian paper at the bottom along with the Cavallini bird sticker and butterfly postage stamp from my stash because it all just happened to be handy on my work table…

 a torn piece of my Citra Solv treated National Geographic with a wooden dragonfly clip along with another postage stamp…

because parts of things would be seen from both sides it meant lots of flipping and trying on for size before attaching things permanently…

I stamped some random text on the back of the flower too…

it was a fun creative stretch…

“You can’t stop time. You can’t capture light. You can only turn your face up and let it rain down.” ~Kim Edwards “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

22 responses to “local “what do U see” swap for Sandy

  1. I just love looking at your ‘What do you see’ swaps with your friends.. They are amazing..


  2. I love what you did with all of these inspiring inclusions Patty! Awesome! xxoo


  3. I love your work but even more I love your “Word of the year”. It is a word that has a lot of meaning for me too.
    Your work is authentic.


  4. What size was the acrylic tag? Is it purchased or cut from acrylic?

    Wish you had shown the back side. Interesting project.


  5. I’ve seen people use those acrylic tags to make scrapBOOKS, but never altered art. I know they say (on a PBS show I watch) you need to use similar size photos for the flip side of your tag, but I was especially impressed by the way you made all the lovely elements work to your advantage. Super job!


  6. stamping the petals was inspired… xo


  7. Oh my gosh! You did this so well! Having both side be meaningful and lining up so perfectly. WOW!


  8. this is very interesting to send things like that and then go for it…wow, love the creations toooooo. Great quote at the end too. Have a good weekend!


  9. It all turned out so great. I haven’t stretched myself in a long time. You inspire me to go upstairs and sretchhhhhhh! Hugs!


  10. I haven’t worked on acrylic pages for years, but I remember how fun it looked when the book comes together and shows underlaying pages…. you made a wonderful piece! Love how the flower looks from both sides!


  11. This turned out brilliantly, it all works so perfectly together.


  12. You really took these lovely ingredients to the next level, Patty….so forward thinking!! You continue to inspire me!


  13. It certainly would be a stretch for me, but you breezed through this challenge with flying colours. Good onya Patty


  14. You did a beautiful job with pieces that would have puzzled me. I love the Citrasolve pages. Magic, for sure. I have heard in one site that the mags have to be in the last ten years and in another that they must be old National Geographics. What say, Patty?
    Big hugs,


  15. purplelotusart

    I love things transparent and these pieces are beautiful….nice collages , dear Patty..


  16. Wonderful things Patty for swap.

    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend. xoxo


  17. Sooo beautiful, dear Patty.

    Have a great weekend


  18. What fun. I SEE a lot of creativity here Patty !


  19. I love this idea for a swap — you were creative to the max and it is just lovely!


  20. The swaps you girls do are always full of fun and plenty of imagination loving the fly stamp too! Dxx


  21. Dont you love it when i comes together? love those citrasolve papers, they are pretty spesh too…love your acylic page too…


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