regali da Italia

…gifts from Italy…

still trying to catch up on thank you’s here in blogland…

the lovely and talented Gio from Roma surprised me recently with some handmade treasures…

I plan to take the gorgeous fabric covered notebook with me on our upcoming trip to California…

I had admired Gio’s delicate domino book (approx 1.5 x .75 inches…3.81 x 1.90 cm) long before I knew it was meant for me…

precious details both front and back…

even a lovely black swan…

she pinned a very fine assortment of charms onto a fancy pin for me to play with too!

***molte molte grazie caro Gio***

16 responses to “regali da Italia

  1. Beautiful Patty! You have a California trip coming up to enjoy! Wonderful! xxoo


  2. Wonderful treasures! And a lovely trip to look forward to … have a good start to the week. x


  3. Lucky you Patty. Have fun in California.


  4. oooooooooh……….it’s so lovely………..and so YOU!

    California? Do tell! You’ll be passing right over my head, you know!!!!


  5. Such beauties! Anxious to see what you put in that lovely book while you are in California.


  6. I love this domino book…what an incredible intimate gift to make and send to a loved one. Have fun on your journey to California! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  7. You became so lovely things from Gio.
    The domino book is awesome.

    Have a lovely new week sweetie. xoxo


  8. Funny how those swans keep popping up, amazing how many there are. California here you come! Have a wonder-filled trip.


  9. Such lovely gifts!


  10. Very nice!!!If you are in CA before the end of Oct- try to visit the Filoli Gardens in Woodbridge, CA- I think it is near the Bay area. So pretty.


  11. just beautiful… and lucky you… a trip to Ca! have oodles of fun! xox


  12. I love accordian books! This is a gem!


  13. Lucky Patty! But then also deservedly so – because you are lovely!! I have used one of your Glenwood angels in my post today and credited you with the image because I’m 99% certain it’s one you shared a long time ago! Hope I’m right!!!

    Hugs and bells,
    Rosie xo


  14. oh how beautiful Patty, so very special and so lovely of gio….you are pretty good at suprising people too …:)


  15. che belle cose!! bellissime. the black swan is so your style.


  16. You make me blushing ! 🙂


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