traveling tea…

back in Virginia now after a wonderful getaway to the west coast…

California certainly is a most agreeable place to visit…

it is easy to entertain thoughts of moving there…

before our trip I received a lovely surprise from the sweet and thoughtful Jan in the UK

when the mailman delivered this smooshed box to our door all I could think was oh oh…

looks a bit like an elephant sat on it…

but what to my wondering eyes …

there were three perfect pieces of Jan’s Mum’s English Bone China each carefully wrapped in bubble wrap tucked in with pretty linens and fancy paper napkins…

surely Jan must have waved a magic wand over the parcel before it made it’s journey from the UK to Virginia…

sipping a cup of the delicious vanilla and honey tea with heartfelt thanks to Jan…

still pondering our recent travels and how to find balance in this life

travel is one of my all time favorite things…

it is such a free feeling with small demands like “what would we like to see today” or “where should we eat”

now I am trying to get back in the swing of things with cooking and other household tasks calling me along with trying to make some time to play and catch up in blogland too of course…

a big part of me is still on the central California coast…

quite by accident my traveling tea cup and saucer did not make it into our suitcase…

I didn’t realize it until a couple of days into our travels…

nice to be back and wishing each of you a happy T Tuesday

27 responses to “traveling tea…

  1. What a beautiful gift!!!
    Check my tea post – to figure out what style and shape you have!!!!
    Yes, CA is addictive……..don’t go!!!!!!!! LOL


  2. what a lovely way to enjoy T Tuesday, with the gift of a friend from far away 🙂

    maybe soon the mailman will drop you something from this side of the world 😉


  3. So pleased that you’ve had a lovely time away Patty. Hard to come back to ‘reality’ but nice to sit and muse over your holiday with a cup of tea!
    I have to laugh every time I see that parcel…. I can’t believe that nothing was broken!
    So, ENJOY! I’m glad that you like it.
    Jan xx


  4. That’s what happens when you wait till the last minuet to pack (grin). But leaving the tea cup behind may have been for the best. Glad you had a good time on the left coast. It has a very magical air about it, especially if you are not from there.

    I can’t believe those gifts made it so far and didn’t get broken in the process of being stepped on. Looks like Jan did a great pack job. Happy Tea today.


  5. Wow…Jan is a true treasure!! What a great gift! I know you DO love to travel…. too bad you have to PACK to do it… Maybe you should just start going with a backpack and shop there? haha Glad you are home…. but, yes, California is a great place to visit… just expensive to live there!


  6. What a wonderful gift ;0) and I am super glad it arrived safely. Loving the heart shaped stone, I do hope you picked it up and took it home. there is something about walking on the beach, i always bring something home ;0)


  7. Oh, you found a ‘heart’ rock, too. How special they are!

    Jan (the other one!) surely knows you well. Teacups and tea. And what a beautiful pattern on the cup/saucer. It’s quite lovely.

    Confession: I have never been to CA (unless you count the time we had a layover in SanFran on the way to Hawaii). I don’t know where you were, but it sure looked peaceful and pretty. And there is alot to be said for not cooking for thinking about what we left at home. I’m so happy you had a great time, although you were missed.

    Warm hugs dear friend,
    Jan (the other one)


  8. So glad you had a good California time! Hubby and I were, there, for two and a half weeks a ways back and we’ve never forgotten our time! Wonderful photos here. Love the tea cup!

    Welcome back! xxoo


  9. Did my ‘fast fingers’ type in the wrong email addy? Scheez….sorry.


  10. Sorry you left your travelling cup, but then, maybe some lucky someone will give it a lovely home 🙂 and….you have a new one in that beautiful package–who knew! Lovely photos, that beach is one that calls out to you 🙂
    happy t day, good to be home I’ll bet 🙂


  11. hi patty…mmmm what dreamy shots of good old California…beautiful.
    lovely china place setting…wow….I am glad you are back:) now go do some laundry and wash that kitchen floor………….


  12. wonderful photos, especially those west coast waves & beach stones…glad you made it back safely. happy tea and art!


  13. Oh my…that package does look like an elephant might have sat on it! amazing that the contents survived!!! Lovely CA photos. I think I could get used to beautiful weather and the sound of the ocean.


  14. oh you could never get me or mr la dolce vita to go back to CA to live…. visit yes, but live nooooo! looks like a lovely visit though and what a pretty gift, amazing it was in one piece! xo


  15. What a relief to find the china in one piece! A miracle to be sure! What a lovely, thoughtful, generous gift. How do I get on Jan’s mailing list?. 😉 heehee

    I agreee about the heart shaped stone. So pretty! The bluish coloring is perfect (so you!)


  16. Happy to hear you had a nice trip and wonderful time… ooh, those waves! Waving to you from far… enjoy your tea!


  17. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I have to photograph my new demitasse cup form Barcelona. Gift from Jud.
    So glad you are back. I missed you. We are off to Mayo in an hour or so!
    Big hugs,


  18. Yourfist photo looks like La Jolla – but that’s southern california. I never have seen much of the central coast at all – but it sure looks beautiful!!

    What a thoughtful gift from Jan. her mum’s teacup will live a long and happy life with you 🙂

    Welcome home and happy tuesday!


  19. Welcome back! I am so glad you had a great time and what a wonderful surprise. The tea set is absolutely delightful.


  20. Oh Patty, that coastline picture is calling me!


  21. Glad that you are back…have missed seeing you here. Very beautiful cup &
    saucer that you received from UK. Your picture by the ocean was magnificant…..thanks for sharing.


  22. Welcome back Sweetie.
    I hope you have a wonderful time.
    Amazing picture´s. Thanks for sharing. xoxo


  23. pretty tea cup and so thoughtful!
    glad you had a nice time in CA! the photos look great. I lived there for a brief time and it can be quite lovely, but let me tell you, I’m here in sunny Buffalo today on November 9th and it’s another 60 degree day so I’m happy! Enjoy your week Patty! xo natalea


  24. Let’s go back…I left something there!


  25. Glad the parcel was not as damaged as it appeared.. lucky you.


  26. Just now catching up on blog visiting. The china is beautiful!


  27. What a wonderful trip Patty! perhaps your cup was waiting at home for the arrival of Jan’s box! I’m soooo surprised her gift was in one piece after the squashing it clearly had!! What a beauty! Enjoy Mx


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