Wordless Wednesday: Paso Robles Wedding

19 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Paso Robles Wedding

  1. What a wonderful green house. Congratulations on the wedding ;0) looks like you had a lovely day for it Dxx

  2. Such beautiful photos Patty! Thanks for sharing them; what a special wedding in a very special surrounding! xxoo

  3. What a beautiful wedding in lovely surroundings. The young couple look so happy and I LOVE the cutting of the pie and the message board

  4. I am enjoying both your tea post and Wordless Wednesday Wedding pictures all together this morning and Loving all your wonder-filled pictures,I’ve missed you Dear Friend of Mine.

  5. I am sensing a WESTERN theme here. The traditional wedding dress next to the WEDDING PIE is certainly noteworthy! These two know just who they are, don’t they?
    Such pretty photos. A Hummer, a heart rock, a sa-weet little house (do tell), the ocean. No wonder you like the area.
    Happy Wedding to those two….may they reach old age together with a YEE-HAW!

  6. What a lovely couple and such beautiful photos Patty! This is really a good time …

  7. Beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  8. AH…so sweet. I love the non-traditional reception. FUN! That hummingbird resting it so cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one not in flight!

  9. Eileen Sullivan

    Beautiful photos of a beautifully simple wedding. Very sweet!

  10. Truly enjoyed the photos of this lovely wedding. Wishing the best life to this beautiful young couple. God bless you for all your days.

  11. So sweet, so magical! I love love love weddings!

  12. There’s something about CA weddings. It has to do with the various places you rent, I think. Not YOU, but the bride and groom and such. This was a cute and clever place to have the dinner. The wedding couple look very happy and the pie looks good enough to eat!

  13. Lovely. I love that you always find the heart shaped rocks. The hummingbird photo is amazing and I think it’s fabulous that they broke with tradition and had a wedding pie instead of a wedding cake. The little house is precious, too. Makes me wonder who lives there.

  14. Oh what a wonderful post sweetie.
    A really happy wedding couple and so wonderful and sunshine photo´s. Thanks for sharing us. xoxo

  15. Looks just lovely, Patty! What a sweet bride and groom. I’ll bet you had a wonderful time.

  16. “Play” doodling, tea, travel, lovely art — all these things I see as I begin to catch up with you after too long an absence, a serious lack of blog visiting. It’s nice to see what you’ve been up to — this lovely wedding is just perfect! Welcome home!

  17. Lovely photos Patty….but OH that front porch!!!! I can but dream…. 🙂

  18. ooo how fun!! i love it that they had pie! yum! and all those antlers on the wall….ggg….love the one holding the lizzard…what a FUN wedding!!!

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