working last minute on this little canvas to take along to California may have been why I forgot to pack the traveling tea cup…

still wondering HOW we missed that…

oh well!

there was a point when I did not think the canvas would materialize in time to take on our trip…

you really can’t force creativity…

can you…

it either happens or it doesn’t…

I rescued some sweet smelling pink roses that were decoration around our niece’s wedding cake last October and pressed them with thoughts of making a first anniversary card for them which turned into this canvas instead…

I wrapped it in wax paper tied with baker’s twine just in case as it took lots of layers of gel medium to embed the roses and leaves…

hoping it holds up over time…

“You are an artist of the spirit.  Find yourself and express yourself in your own particular way.  Express your love openly. Life is nothing but a dream, and if you create your life with love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

29 responses to “L*VE

  1. Patty! This canvas is stunning to me – truly. I so love the inclusion of the sweet and lovely roses! I guess I’m confused – I thought you already went to California. Sorry for my confusion – things have been a little hectic, here, I’m in process of having to place my mom in a nursing home, here, and it’s been rough. My mind is a bit in a fog.

    I wish you a safe and wonderful trip! Love, Marilyn xxoo

  2. LOVE this – so much detail and such beautiful colours. Lots of work and a great result x

  3. Fabulous piece of art work Patty…. beautifully created. Such a lovely gift to treasure x

  4. This is lovely! Never thought about embedding dried flowers in gel medium…

  5. Where there is a will, there is a way! You always seem to stretch the imagination with your crafting, Love this canvas you’ve created. Also Love this quote.

  6. Oh it’s so beautiful! Love the layers and movement of the piece as well as the thoughtfulness that you put into it.

  7. What an incredible gift, Patty. She must have been simply stunned. It has such energy. I know it will be a forever-treasure.

  8. I absolutely love your creation! I, like some others, never thought of embedding dried flowers. I love the look it added to the canvas. Your creativity was working just fine, girlie, girl! Hugs

  9. Truer words……..but apparently your canvas had TOP priority over the traveling cup. And it’s a beauty, my freind. I think Jeanie said it perfectly: it’s a forever-treasure.
    Happy Saturday.

  10. I LOVE the color scheme of this piece and the texture is fantastic. I also think the spiral design elements work very well to unify the piece. Beautiful.

  11. This is really beautiful – I love the color combinations, the background and the roses!

  12. This is beautiful, and I think it’s a very good excuse for forgetting the teacup 🙂

  13. beautiful art, Patty!!! love the colors and the details…oohh the textures too…

  14. So much better than a card!!! A treasure!!! Love the wedding pix in your previous post.

  15. A lovely rememberance for your niece…I am sure she will cherish it
    Love the fotos below this post too. Have a good weekend!

  16. Absolutly stunning, Patty!! I love what you did with the flowers and the color mix. Lovely!!! Your niece will love it!!

  17. It will surely be a treasured gift. You do the nicest things!

  18. Your canvas looks fabulous,Patty! I just love all the textures, details and your color choices. I’m sure your niece will love it!:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Patty, this is totally divine …. I cant take my eyes away from it … super awesome!!!!!!!

  20. Oh wow Patty this is brilliant.
    So wonderful piece of art. Love them. xoxo

  21. so sweet…what a treasure!!

  22. Patty,
    I really love this. I was hoping it would be a gift (since you took it with you). I know it will be treasured!

  23. Amazing concept… hope it survives. Wonderful image with all those textures.

  24. Oh my stars.. Everything about this is AMAZING… I ADORE IT.. You are one talented lady Patty!!
    Jan x

  25. Beautiful texture and colours Patty, I love the flower touch! Mx

  26. Such a wonderful canvas, it looks great.
    Wish you a nice trip.

  27. Love your canvas. 🙂 So pretty!

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