Silent Sunday: San Luis Obispo, California

17 responses to “Silent Sunday: San Luis Obispo, California

  1. Beautiful photos Patty! They really take me there – thank you! xxoo

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful trip! You saw so many charming places…do we ever tire of California? Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.

  3. I have never been to California and am never likely to but the atmosphere just oozes from these beautiful photos…… thank you for sharing. I love the MUSIC quote as well.
    Hope you are having a restful Sunday xxx

  4. Beautiful! What fun store photos!!

  5. Patti,
    Those are fantastic. I love the woman with her hands outreached. i also love the papel picado. i would love to own some. What I see on etsy is muy expensive, but then it is also muy ornate! We are near you but I am feeling the need to stay with Jud who is speaking at a conference. He had some trouble walking up a small hill…just feel the need to be near. He was so determined to do this.
    Love and hugs,my friend!

  6. Gotta love that tree sweater. And of course, you took me back to a trip I took one year up the California coast, when I visited over twenty Missions. This one was especially memorable. Thanks for the photos and the memory!

  7. oh my goodness so many beautiful images…think my favorite is rthe first ….xxlynda

  8. Ah, mission bells AND a yarn-bombing all in one place!

    Such a quaint area of the world. Love the diversity!

    Happy Sunday my sweet……

  9. A beautiful Sunday to you Dear Patty, Love all these pictures and the music quote is oh so quotable.

  10. Beautiful photos, Patty! Makes me really miss California! Enjoy it and keep shooting!

  11. What a variety of gorgeous pics! Loving that knitted tree!!
    Jan x

  12. Such a beautiful part of the country. I’m glad you can enjoy it!

  13. Some very interesting photos here, thanx for sharing xx

  14. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what my neighbors would say if I put knitted wraps on my Sweet Gum Tree? hmmmmmmmm….

  15. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos full of sun.

  16. Hi Patty,
    These are just beautiful shots..what a great town that is…hope all is well in your world!

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