however you say it…

for some time now I have been drawn to turquoise

the color and the stone…

back in my hooker days…

RUG hooking that is…

my Mom and I collected loads of good quality second hand wool skirts…

I ripped them apart and dyed the wool for hooking …

I hooked this pumpkin mat some years ago and have also used lots of my wool in various applique projects…

in the process I amassed quite a nice dye selection which has been waiting patiently in a box while my creativity has taken me in lots of other directions

most of the dye packets are in alphabetical order…

that was back in my more organized days when life seemed a little simpler…

when I came upon some little white trees on sale recently it struck me “wouldn’t these be great in turquoise...

last year this twinkly turquoise tinsel tree (try saying that five times quickly)…

jumped into my shopping cart and quickly became my favorite holiday deco…

our son was greatly amused each time he came into the kitchen which is fairly often for a young strapping fellow …

there I was throwing another piece of white doily or

linen into the tofu bucket…

I found that pure white fibers with the turquoise dye gave a better color than with off white or natural fabrics

note the unbleached muslin pieces on the bottom two rows of the drying rack…

white silk ribbon that I’ve had for some time now was beautifully transformed…

I used up every last drop of that dye batch…

another batch would surely be a little different since I got excited and didn’t measure anything…

amazing what starting out playing with some white trees led to…

Love my Turquoise forest even without the added touches I still have in mind…

don’t hold still too long or I may think you’d look good in turquoise too  oxo

Happy World Philosophy Day

31 responses to “türkis*turquesa*turchese*turkus*turkoois*turkos*turkis

  1. ohh, I love turquoise! 🙂
    it looks like a pretty and original color for the holidays~

    I too have a bunch of supplies from crafts past, but I hold on to them in case something creative strikes me sooner or later, something that’ll put the stuff to good use.

    I think you did wonderful! 🙂


  2. Oh my, I just love what you are up to! The tinsel tree is something I have lusted after for years. My aunt had a silver one when I was a girl and I was always fascinated with it. All those dyes and lace….I would be in heaven! I can hardly wait to see what else you are do with all that treasure!
    Have fun today Patty!
    Tina xo


  3. Oh Patty! Turquoise is my favorite and, actually, I am wearing a turquoise corduroy shirt from LL Bean. When I order, from them, I’m at a point where I don’t have to put in color – they know it will be turquoise!

    Gorgeous post, here, and I love your turquoise-dyed fabrics, laces, etc. The little white trees turned into turquoise delights – and I love your hooked pumpkin piece – just spectacular.

    Thank you for a beautiful and artful start to my day today.

    xxoo Marilyn


  4. that’s ok, throw me in, i look good in turquoise…ggg…


  5. Oh yes I remember this little tree from last year and I Loved seeing your little hooked pumpkin again. All beautifully done. Lennie


  6. It’s a wonderful colour, more spring than summer to me. The colours on your fabrics are beautiful, and the trees are superb.

    I’m glad you added the qualifying statement about the hooker – I thought for a moment you played rugby!



  7. Great post- and love to see and hear your stories of the old wool skirts you bought. Beautiful turquoise in everything you are showing- and do love your color chart as well. You are so talented!! Not so sure, but i may like myself in turquoise- think it would be a nice skin tone on me- a nice contrasting shade to my blue eyes!!! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.


  8. When we met a Leslie’s for mixed media, turquoise Christmas trees were discussed….so ESP was in the works.
    Cushing must be all purpose instead of ‘fiber reactive’ like Procion. I wonder is Procion has a ‘shelf life’…what I have left is ancient.
    Wish you were near for some of my girl’s turquoise eggs.


  9. You dye like a champ! rofl I love turquoise, too… And I am lusting after that pumpkin mat. I have the supplies needed and my plan is to do hooking in my latter years! hee hee! I am so impressed you have all those supplies so organized. Now I want to dye things…you are not a good influence on me this day…..


  10. Since I decorate my home each year with trees, I love these. White or turquoise, it doesn’t matter. They are all super. I’ve never heard of that dye, but I sure like the results! Lots of lovely pieces you created.


  11. Turquoise would SO look good with my red hair!

    I know what you mean about that color…….that’s why Santa Fe draws me to it! Turquoise ‘pops’ in any project, doesn’t it? Recently (it will be on the blog soon) I did a swap thinking I’d use sepia tones or black and white. Although those colors DID appear, TURQUOISE made the hit list…….with threads and sparkles and rub-ons. Who knew?

    Oh, the link to Dharma shop for the ribbon didn’t work….but I have them in my favorites so will go over and shop later. I love their products.

    We’re headed out later and I do believe I am going to put on my turquoise earrings today. For YOU!


  12. Everyone looks good in turquoise! Those little trees are a great find Patty.


  13. Eileen Sullivan

    Beautiful, Patty! I love your stuff!!


  14. You can never have too much turquoise. Can’t wait to see what you do with those trees.


  15. Aaahhhhhhhhh my favorite color.
    Sweetie you have amazing stuff. Love them all.

    Have a lovely weekend Patty. xoxo


  16. beautiful stuff Patty! xxx Susi


  17. i DO love turquoise! and i DO look good it in it, whatcha gonna make me? 😛

    you’re so creative.


  18. Turquoise is a favorite of mine, too — I love it on the trees. It’s time for me to start bleaching trees and then dying them! Love that you found the white ones first! And the pumpkin mat is lovely. Don’t know much about hooking — You make me think maybe I missed something!


  19. It must be something in the zeitgeist—I’m using more turquoise in my work, too!

    I got the AtT book yesterday—have been having lot of fun studying the examples to see how I can use the ideas…Thanks so much! It was a thrill to win the drawing.


  20. How much fun did you have?!? I’m totally like you…throw a little of this, little of that….oh like it…wish I had written it down… I often do that when cooking. I’ve made some really great dish then tried to do it again and it stunk. I don’t learn from my mistake though. 🙂


  21. the turquoise transformations of your fabrics are just GORGEOUS!! the color adds so much to them… i always left aside laces etc at the flea markets… maybe i should open my eyes!


  22. It’s all lovely. I especially like the twinkly, turquoise tree. I may have to put up a tree this year myself. I love the aluminum ones and will have to go in search for one. See you soon. xoxox


  23. Awesome! Turquoise is my second favorite color after purple! And they look fabulous together! Your doilies and laces and trees are fabulous!!!


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  25. gorgeous! totally! xx


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