just a peek …

here is a sneak peek at a little something I made out of wool using some of the fabrics I dyed recently…

with BIG thanks to Fran and Leiann in our local altered arts group for bringing in their die cutting machines and some of their fab die collection to share with the group…

almost makes me think I NEED one of those machines but I am trying to resist temptation…

wish now that I had cut out more pieces…

when all of the ornaments reach the Queen Bees I can show you more…

before November leaves us…I also wanted to share this month’s quote from my “Angel Spirits” The Art of Sulamith Wulfing 2011 Calendar:

“The world and its peoples are blessed with infinite diversity, infinite manifestations of wisdom and spirit.  Open to my teachings, expand your vision and your comprehension of the sacred.  When you keep an open heart and mind, there is no limit to your understanding.” ~Angel of Understanding, November 2011

~* Happy Weekend All *~

19 responses to “just a peek …

  1. Thanksgiving blessings to you dear Patty ~ your “peek” looks lovely! The quote is wonderful ~ Love, me


  2. Lovely fabric ‘things’… I look forward to when all will be revealed. At the moment am intent on ‘expanding my vision’


  3. Oh, my gosh! That is simply glorious!!!

    I wish I was in your group!!!


  4. Love your peek and the wonderful quote, dear Patty!
    That probably has to be a great group!

    Have a nice weekend my dear friend.
    Hugs and more hugs


  5. A wonderful peek of that fabric, dear Patty.
    Thank you for your visit.

    Have a lovely weekend


  6. The peek was definetely enough to peak my interest 🙂 beautiful and so are the words of your calendar.


  7. Oh; I’m lovin’ the sneak peek! Beautiful colors! xxoo


  8. Lovely quote and the piece looks like it’s quite fine too….


  9. you’re turkoois post made me laugh, you must have lots of fun transforming all those whites into that lovely color. The peek in this post makes me more curious than is good for me…
    have fun
    xo Dymphie


  10. The sneak peek just makes me want to see more! You’ll show the entirety later on, right? Please?


  11. Oh very interested!! Anxiously awaiting the big reveal.


  12. Oh!!!! Excitement building! I can’t wait!


  13. The slightest peek leads to such anticipation! Can’t wait — you all do the best stuff!


  14. Wonderful quote and a wonderful peek at your latest adventure . Happy weekend to you too.


  15. I’ve used my friend Kathy’s die cut machine. I often feel the same about wishing I had made more before I have to leave. I wait with great anticipation over these pieces. And I see hand sewing, too!


  16. The peek is gorgeous! Will be watching my mail box!


  17. Aren’t those die cutting machines awesome? I need to get busy and so some cutting myslef!!!


  18. Patty! I got your little package today- the contents all ethereal, frothy, yummy, goodness. SO beautiful!


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