some mail days really outshine others…

our mailbox was pretty darn amazing yesterday…

thanks to my sweet friend Linda in Texas for some really special surprises……

AND to Stampington and Company for publishing one of my fabric pieces in the Gallery section of their Winter 2012 issue of SEW Somerset…

as I pulled the plastic wrap off the magazine I wondered what  it might be…

then I saw this…


oh my gosh how exciting…

but I had absolutely no clue what it might be…

often I will look at magazines beginning at the back…

not this time…

I started carefully at the front…

at one point thinking ‘oh my this must be a mistake’

finally on the very last page of the GALLERY section…

page 139…

there she was…

my “Cherry Pie”  sweet Paper Whimsy girl fabric and paper creation (the PW credit along with a couple of other sentences were edited out of my description)…

did I mention that I was opening the mail in the car while Mr Magpie was in the coffee shop getting fuel for our day…

we were headed over to Maryland to spend a Hobby Lobby gift card that I won…my first time ever setting foot in a Hobby Lobby…

next stop since we were in the neighborhood was to visit Patti Euler’s amazing store in Savage Mill, Maryland…

The Queen’s Ink AND she just happened to have some hot off the press SEW Somerset’s on her extensive magazine rack…

more on the amazing new toy I bought there in another post…

everything has a story…doesn’t it 🙂

after a little checking when we got back home I found that I had sent this piece to Somerset back in January of this year…

no wonder I forgot about her…

a lot has happened since then…

featured in this issue are three very talented and special blog friends of mine each with full articles in the magazine…

Belinda in Luxembourg

Giovanna in Italy

and Caterina in Michigan

 lots of gorgeous creativity…

it really is a very nice issue if I say so myself…

wait I’ve already said that haha…

check back soon as I will be giving away a copy of the magazine to celebrate…

and again I must thank the sweet and talented Estivalia in Chile for helping me get the new Published Widget on my sidebar…what a doll she is always!!!

41 responses to “Surprise…Surprise!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your SURPRISE. Now that is a wonderful way to start your day, isn’t it? You never know when Stampington is going to use what they have been sent, do you? But CHERRY PIE is red and cheery and so YOU! Love it (and the other girls). I like that SEW magazine…it always has beautiful art pieces.

    Bravo Patti.


  2. er, that would be PATTY. Gotta do something with my fingers…….:(


  3. Congratulations Patty! Oh; this is so exciting and I’m so happy for you. This is so well-deserving with your beautiful creation – it should be showcased! Wonderful! I’m doin’ the happy dance for you! xxoo


  4. Oh wow Miss Patty!!
    Your art work looks amazing – CONGRATULATIONS from me too!
    I would love to see a full article of your work in Somerset – maybe next time!
    You’re such an inspiration to me and so many others.
    I hope my store gets this magazine – they are very hit and miss so fingers crossed!
    I’m gradually getting back into things again but still limiting my computer time – fingers get stiff and sore….. I need them more for creating things (Christmas upon us and parcels to be wrapped and posted to strange lands on the other side of the world)!!!


  5. Congratulations!! what a fantastic surprise! and a nice way to inform you (with a complimentary copy of the magazine). I can not believe you have never been into Hobby Lobby!!! my word, lady you may never be the same ;-).



  6. Congratulations on being published. Your Cherry Pie looks really wonderful.


  7. CONGRATULATIONS Patty!!!!!! Happy dance! Happy dance!
    Believe it or not, I have never looked at a copy of Sew Somerset (if it doesn’t come to my mail box, I don’t see it– I don’t get out much!)

    The mail IS getting good. So much excitement with the holidays coming. 🙂


  8. what a great story!
    honestly, I wouldn’t mind a WHOLE Patty magazine. 😉


  9. Congratulations! Sew Somerset is my fave of all their publications. I don’t subscribe…guess I should… but I’ll be heading to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to see if they have it!! I love happy mail! I got the best mail from YOU yesterday! I will blog about it soon!


  10. Congratulations, dear Patty, that’s wonderful


  11. Congrats!! What a fun surprise for you.


  12. Congratulations dear friend…….not at all suprised that your art landed in this publication….keep it coming. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU & YOURS.


  13. That is fantastic! It’s a beautiful piece. Congrats…


  14. how wonderful!!! congratulations, dear patty!!!


  15. Congratulations on being published, and it sounds like a small part of a great day 🙂


  16. Woweeeeeee! How exciting, mutti! Congratulations! Xoxo!


  17. Lovely piece you had published!! Congrats!…love all your turquoise below tooooooo!


  18. CONGRATS!!! Patty!!! I must say it does look like a fantastic issue with Cat and the rest publishing their work too.


  19. Congratulations 🙂 I’m so happy for you. Your entry is gorgeous!


  20. Once again I’m impressed with your sewing. And once again I can congratulate you on being published. AWESOME!! I knew Cat was in this latest edition, but I was thrilled when I read YOU are, too. Way to go!! Have I mentioned how excited I am for you?


  21. Awesome congratulations… I am rushing out to find my very own copy! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Peace, Mary Helen


  22. Oh wow Congratulations sweetie.
    Your published work is so wonderful. I´m so happy that you in. xoxo


  23. Congratulations Patty! She is beautiful!


  24. That’s really cool–what a great surprise in the mailbox. Congrats!!!


  25. Not only you write me an e-mail giving me this wonderful news, but I can sharing this wonderful experience with you. More then ever it’s an honour to have met you in bloglandia, I’m still wearing a smile on my face from yesterday, I have to stop it! 🙂

    Your pieces is wonderful, well deserve it!


  26. OMG.
    The piece is awesome, you really did a great job.
    You are truly deserve it.


  27. congratulations Patty! That´s great! wonderful piece from you in the magazine!

    xxx Susi


  28. Congratulations!


  29. What a wonderful piece- Yeah Patty! So glad your work was noticed and set out into the world for everyone to enjoy!


  30. congratulations, dear friend! you are so deserving of this and more!
    Your little girl is precious and I love the cheery cherry print fabric! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, dear Patty!


  31. Congratulations Patty!


  32. Congratulations Patty – this is a beautiful piece!


  33. Big round of applause!!!!!!! Congratulations Patty, this is a beautiful work of art, why wouldn’t they publish it ?


  34. Congratulations Patty!!, so exciting!! and Hobby Lobby as well, what a fab day! Mx


  35. congratulation Patty! I can imaging this is so exciting, chapeau!


  36. Congrats on being published!!! And a Hobby Lobby in Maryland?!!!! My absolute alltime favorite craft store! Did they have fabric? That is one store I really miss!


  37. Patty! Congratulations!!! How very, very exciting!! Did you autograph copies at your friend’s store? And, also what a great day to get to Hobby Lobby. I love that store. Do you know they aren’t open on Sundays and yet they are successful and have continued to expand?


  38. woohoo!! congratulations on yet another fabulous publication!!! you get your free issue early, still waiting for mine. got a .pdf of the article, but it’s always different to see it in print. thanks for pointing me to the issue, hadn’t seen it online yet. we are so glad you always have a story to share 😉 keep enriching our life. haven’t been online in a while, life takes its own turns. but we try to keep smiling, don’t we!


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  40. How absolutely wonderful, I’m soooo soooo happy for you all, and how awesome that you and Belinda was published in the same edition!! How brilliant is that!! I just Love your works and you getting published is soooo very deserved, You always inspire me!! Awesome!!
    hugs, smiles and applause!!


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