Wordless Wednesday: relaxed ‘black friday’

21 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: relaxed ‘black friday’

  1. Wonderful photos Patty! Thank you! Have a lovely day! xxoo

  2. Neelansh itkan

    woww! i jst love it..

  3. I LOVE these photos….makes me want to be there right away….

  4. FABulous!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Lovely photos! Have a lovely Wednesday!

  6. Well done Patty. That is more my taste of Black Friday.

  7. Lovely photos from Middleburg, who needs words!

  8. Middleburg does know how “to do it!” Love the photos. xoxox0

  9. I do love pretty pictures, but that dog & jockey is sooo cute.

  10. Fabulous photos, my friend! I love the jockey riding the dog!

  11. Dear Patty,
    your photos are so beautiful, love the christmas feeling. I enjoy them all, cause today November 30. is my birthday.
    Big hugs Anja

  12. What fun!! The dog looks like a corgi I think. The markings on a corgi’s nape of the neck said to be from fairy’s riding them….so the story goes. My psuedo-SIL has one. 🙂
    Also…are those radishes between the champagne flutes??

  13. Thinking I should just say 🙂 for wordless wednesday but- if i were to say a word- beautiful!!!

  14. Oh wow Sweetie so wonderful photos.
    Thanks for sharing us.
    Love them all. xoxo

  15. Once again I’m late to the party. Seems I can’t catch up, either. Your photos of Middleburg are AWESOME. You are going to have to explain about the dog (grin). That last photo of the Red Fox Inn is breathtaking. It was the perfect time of day and the lighting is super.

  16. gasp!! I rocognise those chins!! rofl… brill pics Mx

  17. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  18. Love the champagne pictures! The “inn” with the lighted trees is so inviting! Great pictures.

  19. oh my that dog! lol thank you for this wordless post, i couldn’t not say anything though.

    thanks for participating in my final dive. and for always being such a support! happy travels, happy birthday!!

  20. All lovely. I didn’t venture out on black Friday, apart for a quick trip to the pet food store. But had I seen these displays, I may well have been in a bit of trouble!

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