Tea with glimmers of Light…

thanks to Photofunia I have a very special virtual cuppa tea…

you too can have your favorite image transposed onto a pretend cup by visiting the Photofunia link underlined above…

little did we know that this photo of my Mutti (Mom) taken at our 2010 Christmas celebration would be her last Christmas…

now seems like a good time to share the last quote of the year from my “Angel Spirits” The Art of Sulamith Wulfing 2011 Calendar:

“Joy often comes in small quiet moments, unexpected, a glimmer of light within the darkness of winter.  When joy comes to you, will you open your heart to receive it?  That is all it takes – the willingness to say yes, the readiness to be surprised by joy.” ~Spirit of Joy, December 2011

wishing each of you a very happy T Tuesday

may your holidays be filled with many shimmering glimmers of Light and may you be surprised by Joy again and again…

see you next time for tea the day after Boxing Day when I hope to do a sampler of this year’s tea posts similar to what I did last year

also…the winners of my SEW Somerset Magazine giveaway are here

26 responses to “Tea with glimmers of Light…

  1. A beautiful post Patty! What a meaningful cup of tea with your mother’s picture on it! May the happy memories you’ve shared with your Mutti, during Christmas, and all year long keep you in the light and joy.

    Congrats to Trudi and Tricia for winning your Sew Somerset! xxoo


  2. What a lovely tribute to your dear Mutti Patty. Thank you for your visits and lovely, uplifting comments – they mean so much. WIshing you and yours a wonderous festive season. Fondest love, pen xxx


  3. Hi Patty! sorry I haven’t been around here much, I’m swamped with finals :C

    What a lovely tribute to your mom you did today. It sometimes seems like joy comes in little doses, but I believe it’s our work to find it in every moment. Joy and happiness are there, always, we just sometimes don’t see it because we’re too busy focusing on the bad and the sad.

    Happy T Tuesday! 🙂


  4. Patty, wishing you a Christmas time fill with joy and love 🙂

    hugs, Gio


  5. Beauitful idea Patty, a special time to share with your Mutti, such a lovely tribute. I wish you and yours all the best during this season. Mx


  6. I know this is a challenging holiday — the first is the worst, but the missing goes on. I send you love and the thought that she’s there. You just can’t “see” her. Peace for you.


  7. Yes, a beautiful post. And a lovely photo of your Mutti. I don’t think I had seen her picture before. Your quote on joy is so good….. Joy can be hard to grasp in the stress of Christmas…. but Joy is what it’s about.


  8. What a sweet photo of your Mutti…she looks so happy!!


  9. A lovely post and very nice photo of your mom. We never know when the last time will be so maybe we should live like each time may be the last. Your words touch my soul so well. Take care!


  10. Such a lovely photo Patty 🙂 So nice to have your Mom join you for tea. I always feel the joy…especially when I read your sharing and caring posts, you are so sweet 🙂
    I wish you and yours a very lovely Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead 🙂


  11. what a really beautiful post Patti , and the quote is one of the lovliest I’ve seen. A touching tribute to your Mutti.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours…


  12. Mutti has a “twin” in Michigan. She looks just like a friend of mine!

    Love the idea of cups with photos on them, so shall see about looking into that. What a nice gift for someone special.

    Have a sip of tea for me….it’s cold and snowy here today. Unfortunately we have to drive in it later on, but I’ll leave that to my husband!

    Happy Tuesday to you sweet friend.


  13. Dear Patti – thank you for all the cups of tea and the inspirational quotes and thoughts each week all year through. You have really dedicated yourself to your friends in blogland that look forward to that cup of virtual tea; I for one appreciate it and don’t tell you often enough.

    Each Tuesday, no matter how hectic, I have to check to see where the tea cup may have traveled or which interesting cup will be served to us in another lovely setting.

    Thank you and have a lovely Christmas! May your winter be filled with joy and blessings. Cheers ~ Rhonda


  14. Such a happy picture of your Mutti 🙂
    I look forward to you tea sampler, you always have such beautiful tea posts …
    Maybe I will try something similar!


  15. A very special post and a beautiful tribute to your mom. Thinking of you.
    Have a lovely Christmas and wishing you and yours all the best for the new year dear Patty.


  16. a very beautiful post Patty, and i know this first Christmas without your mum will be bittersweeet….
    wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas and New year…. xxxx


  17. Lovely post and I also enjoyed reading your tribute to your Mutti again, it was very heartfelt and touched me.That is a great picture of her and I Love it on that mug. Wishing you all a Blessed Christmastime.


  18. What a lovely tribute to your mom, Patty!
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

    Gaby xo


  19. OH sweetie what a wonderful tribute to your Mutti.
    This toched me. Love it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family ma dear Patty.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments and mails to me. This made me so happy. Thanks for your friendship. xoxo


  20. Oh dear Patty, that is beautiful.
    I think the first Christmas is the hardest time of all after they’ve gone.
    As our dear mothers have always been the focus of the Christmas time for us.

    Thank you Patty for a year of wonderful inspiration each time I’ve visited your magical blog!!

    Joyeux Noel
    Christmas Blessings and hugs
    Shane xox


  21. What a lovely remembrance!!


  22. thank you for sharing that lovely photo of your mom with us and reminding us all that we never know what the future brings… so take delight and love in the special ones of our lives…
    giving thanks for YOU this holiday season… sending love and light your way dear one… and to the rest of the Magpie Nest… xoxox


  23. Have a merry Christmas even without your mum, Patty!


  24. love your virtual cup.
    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones Patty!


  25. wow what a beautiful post … so deep and with passion …. a wonderful tribute to your mum xoxo
    I have just seen your comment over at Gayles blog … and you mentioned you are a bereaved parent too, just like me …. our son Mark was killed on his motor bike when he was 22 years of age and we also had a still born baby before Mark was born …. a long and difficult journey but I am a much stronger and better person now… more compassion and understanding … wishing you a beautiful Christmas to you and your family …. take care and live in the moment … as a fellow bereaved parent, You know what I mean, I am sure …. our children are always with us in spirit …. big hugz to you xoxoxox


  26. I’m sure your sweet Mutti is overseeing your Christmas from above. This cup of tea, although virtual, is a wonderful tribute.


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