Aylesbury Tea Room

one of the things Mr Magpie and I did to ring out 2011 was to go out for tea to our favorite local tea spot in nearby Leesburg, Virginia…

they serve THE hottest cups of delicious Yorkshire tea thanks in large part to Mrs Busy B Jessica’s hand stitched tea cozies

their scones and tea sandwiches are perfection as well…

Mr Magpie and I dove right into the sandwiches on the top tier so no photo of those for you here…

but lookie look who was there to greet us…

I have featured Aylesbury on my blog before here and here … it really is the best spot for a proper traditional tea in our immediate area and for a really fair price

here’s wishing you a Happy first T Tuesday of 2012…

be sure and visit Kimmie for more tea stops…

“Happiness is a place between too little and too much.” ~Unknown

20 responses to “Aylesbury Tea Room

  1. What a lovely spot to bring in the New Year Patty! Oh; one of those scones would go good right about now! 🙂 xxoo


  2. Happy New Year to you and your family! What a lovely spot to spend the last hours of 2011.


  3. Anne Bennett

    Happy New Year. Thank for the trip to such a lovely tea room. I’m sure the scones and cakes were as good as they looked. xxx


  4. Such a lovely visit you have shared and how nice it must have been for the newlyweds to drop by.


  5. Well! you sure did it up right. That looks like a wonderful way to say good bye to one year and hello to another! I love that you ate up a layer before you could get a photo! sounds like me!
    Happy New Year Patty!! looking forward to more tea and creativity with you throughout this grand new year!


  6. I am so glad you and DH got to bring in the new year with Kate and Wills….what more could you ask for??? Happy New YEAR PATTY!!!!


  7. Oh, tea with Will and Kate, what better way to welcome 2012? :p Happy new year to your family! 🙂


  8. So very lovely and charming Patty ~ So glad to meet you for tea here each Tuesday! Have a wonderful week! ~ Katie


  9. You are so lucky to have tea with Kate and William! Did you get their autographs? I actually have a blog friend in England who sat next to Kate’s biological family and got a smile from Pippa!
    Thanks for your lovely, lovely words, Patty. I need to get off the couch and go pack for Mayo. And on we go, huh?
    Hoping for a better year for you…
    Big hugs,


  10. Such a lovely place. Nice that you and Mr. Magpie can share it together.


  11. Too funny Patty, when I saw Aylesbury and Yorkshire tea I thought they can’t be over this way again, they never said!! How lovely to find a slice of England on your doorstep and Wills and Kate to greet you! big smile! Mx


  12. yummie yummie post, what alovely place to drink your tea.


  13. oh how fun, I need a cuppa right now! and a little nibble would be lovely!! xox


  14. Your Mr. Magpie is a sweet date to take you to a tea room 🙂
    And you got to meet Kate and William too 🙂
    Looks like a fun time and a great start to the new year 🙂


  15. Oh what a lovely room.
    So gorgeous. Love the photos sweetie.
    Thanks for sharing. xoxo


  16. oooh lovely Patty, Jenny and i often visit The Rose Emporium which has a lovely atmosphere and lovely chais too….


  17. What a Lovely teatime you and your sweetie had. Did get he make a little dollar bill shirt for your server? Just Thinking Out Loud! I just Love that little tea shop and they are always so gracious too. Happy New Year to One and All!


  18. Oh, I envy you your proper tea spot! The only decent tea I get at local places here are at Chinese restaurants (unless I drive an hour to The City). Other places serve their tea tepid. Disappointing! No amount of pretty atmosphere can compensate for tepid tea!

    Your Mr. Magpie is a prince for going to a tea room with you. My Mr. wouldn’t consider it. It’s 11pm, but your post is making me want a cup of tea!


  19. What a charming tea shop! And you were indeed in good company! Oh, longing for a nice teashop. Somplace. Anyplace!


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