surprise tea…

very glad you could stop by for tea today…

on a recent visit to my acupuncturist she recommended that I drink some medicinal tea every day for 4-5 weeks to help balance the medication I need to be on for an extended period of time…

one patient’s reaction to the taste of the Dandelion Tea was that it was “like licking the bottom of an ashtray”


even after that less than tempting review I still wanted to give the tea a try before resorting to taking another pill as the dandelion root does come in capsules as well as tea…

I am VERY happy to report that it is not bad at all …

I found it to be more like the description on the box:  “A pleasant roasted taste, sweet and slightly bitter.”

just fine with or without honey…

different strokes for different folks I guess…

I’ve had some other very nice surprises recently as well…

imagine my delight when this beautiful swan book arrived all the way from Singapore…

 Steph of Purple Lotus Art creates THE most beautiful collages and sketches and more…

I have already carefully soaked the lovely postage stamps off of the envelope to use in collage…

another wonderful surprise came from Judy of Apron Strings

she was offered a free magazine subscription and signed me up  to receive a year of Vegetarian Times…

SO thoughtful and generous and much appreciated…

I have received two issues so far and each one is packed with information and inspiration which will definitely help me be a bit more creative in the kitchen …

WordPress also surprised me and all of its customers with this generous gift…here is what they said:

“To celebrate the New Year we’ve decided to offer you more space for your precious media.

Your space upgrade has been increased without any additional cost for you as follows:

5GB -> 10GB

Your total available space has been automatically updated and as you can see in your Media Library.

You now have a total of 13GB.”

isn’t that great…thank you WordPress…you Rock too!!!

wishing you a very happy T Tuesday full of sweet surprises…

28 responses to “surprise tea…

  1. What lovely surprises you’ve had this week, dear Patty! Isn’t it great when we get to weigh in on something and discover a more pleasing result?
    I wish you well on your homeopathic treatment…after visiting Germany, we’ve put efforts into following a more chemical-free lifestyle. Everything is better! And your gifts are lovely! Have a beautiful week.


  2. Well, I dare say you are a brave woman. I am not sure I wold have been ready for the tea after that description. But, we all know, people are different. I am glad you didn’t mind it..and to do it without sweetener, yep, you’re a trooper. (maybe it was the pretty cup you drank from, lol.) I hope you get good results, xo.


  3. Golly, you had a ton of great gifts this week. Love the book from Steph. She is SO good with collage. And those stamps will be very useful, too.

    The thought of that taste gave me a chill. I can’t possibly imagine. But I like the looks of that cauliflower on the front of the magazine you now own. Here’s hoping all you are doing goes well for you as you continue to battle whatever ails you.


  4. What wonderful gifts to receive! So glad you did well with your tea- honey and cinnamon or vanilla usually help teas that don’t taste quite how I would like. Wishing you a wonderful week! And- yes, what great postage stamps as well!! xo


  5. Dandelion tea? I remember my great-grandfather making Dandelion WINE!!

    Our library gets that magazine so I read it regularly. There are some really good recipes inside and not that complicated or strange!

    Hope your new tea therapy is helpful, my sweet!


  6. I was just in awe of the stamps. The book is lovely, too, and was such a nice gift to send. Good luck with your new tea. I hope it helps. Today is an ice tea day here. Have a great week and a very nice tea.


  7. Hi Patty, It is so very true that everyone’s tastebuds are different. The more tastebuds you have, the more things seem odd or sour or strong. My son is like that which is why he doesn’t like veges. And I, his mom, am a vegetarian. ha! I would love that magazine for sure. My girlfriend, Mona, who lives in Lebanon, goes around collecting all sorts of flowers and herbs for drying. She gave me dandelion “tea” once. It’s supposed to be good for all sorts of things. I tend to like things that most folks would find unusual. Since I gave up all the processed food and started reading labels, I feel like my tastebuds really changed, for the better. Hope you are having a good day. Best wishes, Tammy


  8. Thank you for sharing your positive post with us Patty! You had lovely surprises and so well-deserving! That tea pot is absolutely gorgeous!

    Thoughts of you always! xxoo


  9. Lovely photos 🙂 I love honey! on or in anything especially a teaspoon full in my mouth, haha.
    I hope the tea helps 🙂 it all does, in one way or another.
    My blogger isn’t working properly so I can’t always see or leave posts, but I am here in spirit with the tea bloggers 🙂
    Minus 27 this morning, but sun is shining 🙂


  10. Enjoyed your stories today, glad the tea was better than expected! It is so cool that you received “free” extra space for your blog because it is “truly valued” by all of us!!!


  11. I have taken Dandelion capsules…not sure about the tea, though. I think with enought SPLENDA it would be fine. rofl Happy Tea Tuesday!


  12. Oh….. forgot to say… Love the swan book!!!


  13. Oh Your tea for one is very pretty!
    I have never tried dandelion tea…my sister was drinking it like mad for about 2 weeks and loved the taste. I have heard that if your body needs it, it tastes good…maybe???
    Lucky you to receive such a beautiful Swan book!


  14. You probably have a special appreciation for herbs and teas and unique flavors like that – I think if someone is not used to that and say they drink diet coke all the time, dandelion tea would be a strange switch. Hope everything is ok regarding ailments and meds and such. It sounds like you’re on the right track with it.

    Right now I’m having an apple cinnamon tea – it’s a little overly sweet to my tastes – but it is a good warmer on a day like today!


  15. Dandelion tea – hmmmm – I’m not at all sure I could handle that one, but there are likely worse things. Love your pot/cup combo.


  16. Mmmmhhh yummy yummy tea sweetie.
    Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing my dear. xoxo


  17. Ha ha Patty, your first quote about the dandelion tea what I was looking to say last week!! glad you proved it all wrong! Mx


  18. what? why are you taking a strong medicine? did I miss something? I hope you’re okay :C

    dandelion tea seems really odd. I rarely stray from black tea myself (it’s the most consumed here in Chile), my DF enjoys green tea, but I tell him it tastes like cat pee (not that I’ve ever tried cat pee, lol)


  19. Patty,
    That is a beautiful, beautiful piece…with such a lovely swan! I can see why you love it so. I read about your medicine. Yikes! I was concerned. That sounds like pretty powerful stuff! I am sorry….but I am glad you can manage your tea!
    I still have to send you your swan. We just returned from South Dakota and are recouperating from the memorial service and events surrounding it. It was very poignant, sweet and sad…he was a great friend.
    Sending love, missy!


  20. dandelions are so precious to me…i hate it that they have such a bad reputation in the suburban U.S….i love them…and your tea cup is beautiful!!i hope you share some of your veggie recipes, i’m slowly getting back to meatless… boys love meat but i am the cook! so they are getting less and too bad if they don’t like it! so there!


  21. I do love each and every tea post — I think they’re the best!


  22. A great read for me today as always, even a day late! I am so behind, but hopefully I’ll get caught up soon. Glad your tea was better than expected, love that sweet teapot too.


  23. Haaa… licking the ashtray? I rather fill it, while drinking earl grey tea! Your teapot is wonderful Patty, it looks like ‘Delfts blue’ (you know that?)


  24. Well Ms Patty, what a wonderful day of gifts and surprises!
    I’d try the tea (I have had dandelion wine before-some bootleg concoction hubby’s great aunt used to make-reminded me of cream sherry). I’ve learned that one person’s taste and description isn’t necessarily one I always share after trying.I’ll have to check out the mag you mentioned.Since last year I’ve been changing my habits for health reasons too and feel so much better in doing so, along with medication if needed.
    Your swan book looks so beautiful and I’m :):):) cuz I take postage stamps off my envies to reuse too.


  25. I have always wanted to make dandelion tea, from the ones that grow outside!!! Lots of good things come your way – because you are an inspiration!!!
    I may have to find my way back to wordpress- not happy with blogger lately……


  26. Hi Patty,
    Totally missed tea this week. Playing catchup now. I have a detox tea that has dandelion in it…not my favorite but I do drink it occasionally when I’m feeling the need. I also will use milk thistle supplements and magnesium sulfate cream for detox. I have a good friend who uses the cream on her ADHD kids with great results. Am thinking of trying it on my DD.


  27. hey patty, you were brave to tackle the tea…;)

    Steph does such beautiful work, , its very beautiful….


  28. Oh I had a subscription to the magazine for almost a year. So informative and such great recipes – I tried quite a few and loved all of them


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