“heart” story tea…

last Tuesday was moving day for our youngest son…

he is now back in his favorite college town where the pace is a bit slower than here in the DC Metropolitan area and hopefully a job will be a little easier to find…

seeing him drive off with all of his belongings stuffed into his car was bittersweet while knowing that it was time for him to move forward…

about an hour after I was rattling around here in the empty nest (mind you we are each enjoying our new freedom) the postman knocked on the door and delivered a package…

the always thoughtful and sweet Sue of My Arts Desire (who I REALLY miss in blogland) totally surprised me with special {heart} gifts and I wanted to share the beautiful story and gifts with you today…

I sat down with my cup of tea and the camera to see what Sue was up to…

her notecard was written on “Jan. 13, 2012”

here is a recap of some of what Sue wrote:

while she was rummaging through a box of goodies she had stuffed away she came across something she’d purchased earlier in the summer to send to me…

she wrapped the framed piece (reveal to follow) in a piece of wonderful hand stitched quilt top and tied it with some pretty hand dyed ribbon and promptly got distracted by her day…

you know how it is…

you pass by the kitchen sink and decide to take care of the dishes…

then the dog needs some outdoor time and so on…

 in the middle of that Sue felt the urge out of nowhere to visit my blog …

she hasn’t posted on her blog since last summer so this was quite significant too…

it happened to be the day of my “13” post remembering our Alex

Sue has a heart of gold and said how moved she was by the Tracy Chapman song and what I had shared in my blogpost…

she figured out that the swan she picked up at a great bargain (25% off the lowest price…that’s why she left the sticker on) was about 200 days before…

so what were the chances that on this day …

well you know

we both believe there really are no coincidences in this life …

to quote Sue just a bit here: “…In my world and way of thinking it happened for a reason.  I would like to believe it was a message sent straight from heaven to you, from your precious boy, Alex, saying “I miss and love you too…”


Yes and thank you both for touching my heart and Mr Magpie’s SO sweetly!!!

wishing one and all a really special T Tuesday…

be sure and visit Kimmie for not necessarily just tea

25 responses to ““heart” story tea…

  1. It’s all a path isn’t it Patty? I got chills reading this post and the beautiful gifts bestowed upon you with a message from Alex through your friend Sue. How beautiful and thank you for sharing it. xxoo


  2. o my, she has touched my heart as well…sweet sweet sue, sometimes people are vessels of heaven….xo


  3. What a moving post you have here, Patty. We do know there are no coincidences in life. How wonderful that Alex sent you and the Mr. a message coated in love. Hugs,


  4. What an amazing post. I would have commented sooner, but I got caught up in Sue’s blog. Then I saw the framed swan she sent you and thought it must be handmade paper.

    It seems Alex truly HAS found a way to send a message of love to you through your friend Sue. What wonderful photos and awesome words you have bestowed upon us this T Tuesday!


  5. Beautiful sweet post Patty, such a precious gift in so many ways. Mx


  6. You have really touched my heart with this posting-and I so needed it. No coincidences are really happen chance the way I see it. Ooooh, goosebumps! Have an extremely wonderful tea day Tuesday! What a blessing and good luck to the one who has left the nest.


  7. What a blessing Sue sent to you!!! That was all so beautiful. It’s so awesome how God uses us to bless one another….. and I hope “the boy” is doing fine in his college town and gets a great job soon! Hugs on Tea Tuesday!!!


  8. Beautiful. Happy tea day!


  9. What a heart-warming post Patty…A truly Beautiful Gift!!
    Jan x


  10. The only word I can think of for your post is KISMET.

    Swans a swimming and love abounds…………sweet.


  11. I don’t believe things like that are ever a coincidence. What a beautiful package of thoughtfulness!


  12. Everything really does happen for a reason and when we listen with our heart, we are able to connect all the dots to the blessings that await us. Such a lovely gift of friendship and love. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy


  13. what a gem she is……such a beautiful suprise 🙂


  14. Wow is right Patty! what a special connection – THAT is the real gift!
    What a sweet reminder of PURPOSE in even the simplest of things ….

    Happy Tuesday!


  15. I don’t think it was coincidence either, Patty. How wonderful that Sue not only listens but acts on the promptings she gets from God. What a thoughtful gift!


  16. There’s no doubt in my mind that this wasn’t just a coincidence. God works in ways we can’t begin to understand and I feel certain that he spoke to both you and your friend.


  17. Oh what a lovely post sweet Patty.
    You are a lucky girl. So lovely gifts. A great suprise for you. xoxo


  18. Oh you sweetheart, Patty! A little email told me I’ve been “tagged”…look at you doing all kinds of techie stuff on FB! In so many special ways your heart and art have touched my life more times than I can count. So happy that I was able to touch yours too! Xo, Sue


  19. This is very touching Patty, a Lovely post with a Lovely story to tell us. Your mail is very inspirational, both for you and your readers. Love it.


  20. Oh what a wonderful post! Don’t you just love it when fate steps in?


  21. so much thought and care all bundled up. and the story that went with it! … very sweet and special.


  22. That is just the sweetest thing, you are truly blessed with thoughtful friends 🙂 gorgeous, gorgeous package. I love your ‘nice’ cup of tea 🙂


  23. Here I am again this morning reading your post again and seeing more than I did yesterday. Oh my! Love that she sent it off to you on the 13th and I am also Loving your word for 2012! My word is Joy! Lennie


  24. such a beautiful post. Don’t you just love these intended moments, and how they transpired?


  25. I think you summed it up very well when you said “Wow.” Nothing like a lovely surprise to help the empty nest feel as though a friend is right there!


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