… Love … Sweet … Love …

popping in to say I am thinking of you while we are traveling…

“Love is the medicine that accelerates healing. 

Love yourself,

love your neighbor,

love your enemies,

but begin with self-love. 

You cannot love others until you love yourself. 

You cannot share what you do not have. 

If you do not love yourself,

you cannot love anyone else either.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Happy “would have been” 30th birthday to our Alex

wishing each of you Love and more Love all ways

I look forward to visiting with all of you again toward the end of this week  OXO

35 responses to “… Love … Sweet … Love …

  1. Love is the answer for sure Patty. A beautiful post and Happy Birthday to Alex – thoughts of you and yours. Enjoy your travels. xxoo

  2. Dear Patty…
    Hugs Aplenty!

  3. And may all the love you give out come back to you doubled. Wishing you a Happy day wherever you are ~ Blessings!

  4. And of course, I love those hearts! I stopped by earlier and tried to leave a message, but my computer froze and I was left in the cold (more so than you can imagine since winter has finally set in). I hope you are having a good time and silently celebrating Alex’s birthday with thoughts of love, sweet love.

  5. Thinking of you today and your sweet Alex. Hugs!

  6. Happy birthday to Alex ! I love your hearts and more the green one !!!!
    Have a nice day !
    Mirevan from Chambéry

  7. Two simple words…love yourself. I am so moved by these small but so powerful words. I am sending you loving hugs on this cold winter ‘s day! You are so loved! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Happy birthday for your Alex!
    Your hearts are just adorable, dear Patty!
    I’m with you in my mind!
    Love and hugs
    MARTINA ♥♥♥

  9. I love you, too.

  10. beautiful hearts Patty, the top one has such a beautiful color!!

  11. Love your post on love. All those beautiful hearts and inspiring words. Happy traveling Patty. xx

  12. Beautiful post, Patty.

  13. Another Love-ly post 😀


  14. Happy and safe journey to you my friend…

  15. Happy Birthday dear, sweet Alex! And hugs to dear, sweet Patty, and Mr. Magpie as well. You are loved. How can it possibly be 30 years?

  16. Happy Birthday to your Alex my sweet Patty.
    Here comes a warm and big HUGS for you.

  17. Beautiful post dear Patty, beautiful art, beautiful words, and happy birthday for your beautiful Alex… sending BIG hugs… and warm wishes… happy traveling…

    Jenny xxx

  18. You will always have the love Patty, and the memories. Sometimes life can be very cruel, but we are amazingly resilient. I know Alex is still in your life in so many ways.

  19. Sending love, hugs and blessings to you! Tammy

  20. lovely heartful post..love to you too Patty

  21. thinking of you too… just returned… hope you had as much fun as I did! xox

  22. It’s a wonderful post 🙂

  23. Thank you, dear Patty, for such a lovely post. Happy Birthday to Alex. You have walked a long hard path and some day, I believe you will see him again.
    Much love to you, too.

  24. Hello, magnifique ces coeurs, il y a tant d’amour dans cet articles, une pensée pour Alex bien sûr. Bon voyage.

  25. wishing you more love than you can easily hold in one heart …. and happy you have a mr. magpie to share in that task

    enjoy your travels … e n j o y

  26. Sending love and hugs on this beautiful day…Happy Valentines 🙂

  27. Beautiful post, Patty!
    Sending hugs and love to you,

  28. Wonderful post…So many beautiful hearts…but you have the biggest Heart dear Patty!! Thinking of you! Big Hugs! Jan x

  29. beautiful hearts))
    I hope you had a happy valentines day:)


  30. What a beautiful collection of hearts. And as always, your choice of words is perfection!

  31. Sorry I’m a week late but I just wanted to say I’m thinking of you Patty. Your hearts (and words) are precious.
    Sending love and hugs
    Linda xx

  32. Happy Birthday Alex, and sending you hugs Patty! Love all your beautiful photos of hearts!

  33. Each and every one of these was a gem. Filled with love. Indeed, I’m late, but still here!

  34. A beautiful post, Patty. So meaningful and what better way to honor your always precious Alex’s birthday than to speak of love. The timeless wisdom of your words are powerful. xo, Sue

  35. Thanks for sharing Patty, beautiful post xox

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