February Heart Journal 2012

it was an amazing beginning for the Heart Journal monthly challenge last month with super participation and fabulous creativity…

this month’s February challenge is to stamp into air drying clay or polymer clay and use it on your heart…   

an inspiring tutorial is offered on the challenge blog again this month…

I headed to Michael’s to pick up some clay and came home with the least expensive air drying kind made by the same people that make the cardboard heart shape above…

the international packaging sealed the deal for me…

the Lisa Pavelka border mold was on sale so that came home with me and worked nicely for making the “stamped” accent strips for my heart…

it dried overnight sticking to my paper heart shape without adding glue…

then it was ready for some layers of color…

it still needed something so I grabbed some shredded book text that I had handy and cut it into smaller pieces sticking them in place with gel medium…

this month’s challenge got me to stretch out of my comfort zone a bit…

I’m not unhappy with the final results…

soon it will be time for the March Heart Challenge…

I have not yet decided how I will turn my hearts into a book at the end of the year…still ten months to go

here is my January heart

47 responses to “February Heart Journal 2012

  1. Quite a project there Patty. It will be interesting to see how they are all presented eventually…:) Jo

  2. So beautiful dear Patty…. I love the gorgeous colors you have used… and the shredded book text is fabulous… I have never played with air drying clay… but would love to one day… it looks like lots of fun :))

    Jenny x

  3. Oh; how I love this Patty! I agree; the shredded book text is incredible – beautiful colors! Gorgeous clay heart! xxoo

  4. Yeah you found your air dry clay! Lovely heart…will be so much fun to see the completed project at the end… Love the use of the shredded text.

  5. Well, that turned out great! I do love air dry clay! Looking forward to more heart challenges!

  6. Hello, ton interprétation est très originale, J’aime beaucoup les tis papiers autour. Bizzz

  7. Gorgeous, Patty. I love all the shine!How do you make a book out of something that is 3-D like the heart? Would the book close?

  8. This is fun — I really like working with paper clay, though I don’t play with it nearly enough. Enjoyed your heart and all the pretties you included in it — plus, it’s blue. I’m a sucker for blue. Sounds like a fun challenge!

  9. God bless your sweet heart…may we all learn to live a healthy heart life!!! Priceless. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Your purple heart is amazing Patty. Love them.

    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend. xoxo

  11. What an amazing idea all those small pieces of paper!!! I love it, as well as the blue color of your heart!!

  12. Hi patty!! very happy to cross your way on February too!! i have put your name on the link roll ,
    What a beautiful heart this time again!! love all the pieces of paper, it make your heart awesome!! and lovely!! see you on march!!

  13. I like very much your heart very beautiful imprints and these small papers make a beautiful effect.

  14. Beautiful..I love how you have added the shredded book text. Loving those shimmery paints too! Looking forward to seeing what you do with March’s Heart now Patty 🙂
    Jan x

  15. magnifique et original !!

  16. waooouuu really very pretty and the dée of small serrated words it is great bravo!!

  17. A very beautiful heart !
    Catherine from France

  18. this looks like such a cool project! I bet with stamping on clay one could do pendants and that sort of things 🙂

    I love the colors you used for it too, not your traditional first choice when thinking of hearts, but fitting nevertheless 🙂

  19. great idea the small pieces of paper !

  20. you always use the most interesting mediums in all of your awesome creativity Patty! xo

  21. Toujours très originale ! bravo, j’aime
    désolée mais je ne parle ni écrit l’anglais 😉

  22. A blue heart… it is gorgeous but I do hope YOUR heart has another color right now!

  23. waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh magnifique, j’adore ce bleu et toutes ces petites découpes, un sacré travail , bravo
    oxo mamypassion

  24. Trés jolie interprétation ,ce coeur est merveilleux.

  25. Voilà un coeur très original !! belle idée les petits papiers collés partout !!

  26. Beaucoup d’originalité pour ce coeur tout bleu.Superbe

  27. love it, fun idea, beautifully made!
    So love gel medium and acrylic inks… always reliable for great artwork.xx

  28. Love your heart! It looks antiqued and intricate and just fabulous! Love your colours and the shredded paper is a brilliant idea. Must say, I have fallen in love with air dry clay!

  29. i loved your january heart and this one is awesome, too! i am curious what you will do with them… i could imagine them exposed as a grid on the wall also…

  30. Such a fantastic idea, your heart looks wonderful.

  31. superbe et très original

  32. C’est très original !!! Bises

  33. i love your blue heart and the pieces of paper which look like little messages …

  34. Oh ce coeur est vraiment très original et le bleu jean est majestueux.
    C’est chouette tous ces petits mots comme autant de souhaits.

  35. Whaouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, j’adore tous ces mots. I lova all these words in your heart….. gorgeous….. very beautiful….

  36. What a work ! I am admiring!!! Bravo it is magnificent !

  37. Patty
    I adore your heart! Thank you for sharing the process. I have seen the air clay? at Michael’s and wondered what the heck you do with it. Now I know. Got quite a few links to check out here on your page….and daffodils? Seriously?? That will be months before I see those here…mild winter or not! 😉

  38. Really gorgeous Patty ! A lot of poetry . You had a very good idea with the edge of the heart. I understand you to be satisfied. See you on march.

  39. That is quite a heart you have made and I so Love the final touches of the clipped snippets of book pages, what an inspiration.

  40. I can’t believe I missed this post. And to think so many other people have been here before me. I have never worked with air dry clay before, just polymer clay. I really, really like that heart mold. It is great! You certainly did it justice.

    As I was typing, I was thinking about how to assemble your book. May I suggest that you adhere them to file folders that have been cut to approximate size. Be sure you leave the folders intact, so you can use both sides. Leave enough room at the seams so the book can be turned properly. Then, you could bind them together using one of your famous stitching techniques.

  41. What a beautifull heart ! I love the pieces of book pages !!! so lovely ! ( sorry for my bad english … ) I seems like lot of thinking we have in the heart… so inspired !

  42. Patty just wonderful!!!!! Thank you very much for making me know Lisa Pavelka, I’ll order the mussels, they are super nice.
    Your little papers all around, outside, they remind me of a famous French song that has now become a classic:

    The small papers
    On the occasion
    rag paper
    May they one evening
    blotting paper
    comfort you

    The small papers
    Rice paper
    Or Armenia
    One night they can
    paper corn
    warm up

    A little love
    velvet paper
    And aesthetics
    music paper
    It’s grief
    drawing Paper
    before long

    will slide
    sticky paper
    it impresses
    carbon paper
    But it is the wind

    Machin machine
    paper machine
    Should not s’leurrer
    gold paper
    What affects one
    Is half crazy

    It’s not brilliant
    Paper money
    It is not given
    Paper money
    Or one dies
    Paper flowers
    Or who cares

    The small papers
    On the occasion
    rag paper
    May they one evening
    blotting paper
    comfort you

    The small papers
    Rice paper
    Or Armenia
    One night they can
    paper corn
    Warm up ….

    Kisses and see you soon ^ – ^

  43. Mervalous blue, Klein blue ?????
    Mirevan from Chambéry

  44. J’aime l’opposition des mots en vrac et des moulages disposés de façon très symétrique. C’est très original.

  45. très original bravo

  46. waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh il est top beau
    bravo md

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