Treasure Tea…

as I keep mentioning we found Puerto Rico to be a true treasure and enjoyed everything about our time there…

Old San Juan is a very popular cruise ship stopover…

Mr Magpie and I have never been tempted to take a cruise

as being free to wander is more our cup of tea…

while in Old San Juan we were happy to find two junk shoppes…

one quite near our first hotel where I picked up a couple of Madonnas and a deck of cards…

and then we found Franky’s…

he is quite a character with great stories to tell and he even knew The Gallery Inn having sold them antiques in the past…

I spied a couple of small containers full of broken jewelry bits on the floor and got totally distracted…

we were happy magpies…

no photos can really convey the eclectic array of ‘treasures’ to be found there and we just scratched the surface…

I was tickled to find that vintage hat with lots of flowery bits falling off just begging to be used…

we are not big shoppers but coming home with these trinkets really did give me a thrill…

here’s wishing you a Happy T on Tuesday and I cannot promise that I won’t be taking you back to Puerto Rico for another time or two…

Enjoy Your Day!

31 responses to “Treasure Tea…

  1. Love following along with you on your adventures! I’m still laughing at the little sign in one of the photos….”Shoplifters will be beaten to death”…lol
    I know you had a Wonderful the trinket goodies….wow! Beautiful scenery too….


  2. What treasures and what an amazing place – Puerto Rico and your finds …. enjoy your tea!


  3. I know exactly what you mean about being free to wander. I can see you have had the most fun and rummaging is a wonderful activity. All that jewellery…thanks for the wonderful pictures too!


  4. What a wonderful trip for you and Mr. Magpie. I so appreciate you sharing the photos. I just would LOVE that treasure shop! xxoo


  5. What beaut bits Patty! It’s a bonus to bring home some recyclable stuff. I just love your photos of PR… it’s on my ‘bucket’ list.


  6. Des endroits superbes *
    merci pour ce beau reportage


  7. So you bought all the stuff in those last 3 photos, right? Love it!!! You are the best shopper ever!


  8. Patty, what a fantastic city, and what gorgeous finds-wow I would have been distracted ,too 🙂 Such a great shop to spend time in- I could have looked there for hours,I think.


  9. One of our teachers is American/Puerto Rican. She teaches my 11th grade son Spanish. I love seeing photos of your trip there. My husband keeps talking about taking a cruise, but I’m not convinced. I much prefer to keep my feet on terra firma. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy


  10. I had a great little holliday thank you for that asnd enjoy! xox


  11. YES please! I want to walk in your footsteps, bask in the sunshine inspired photos, and read your awesome words. Keep those PR posts coming, please.

    Like you, I’ve never wanted to take a cruise. Although I am a good swimmer, cruises simply scare the kapouty out of me. Not my cup of tea, either.

    I think my favorite green tea is jasmine flower. I’m not a big green tea drinker, either, but I bought it so I would have a wide variety of teas for Tuesday Tea. In fact, have a great one, yourself!


  12. oo what fun! your jewelry bits are so interesting! i have gobs of old jewelry bits and never tire of poking about in them…and that hat!! good eye!! you are convincing me that i would like a trip to OSJ…happy t day, dearest


  13. Hello, superbe reportage, et toutes ces babioles que j’aimerais bien posséder.


  14. Superb! seconding Linda’s, you bought all that stuff and you’re going to use it in the next QB5 RR right!! Mx


  15. Oh Patty, thank you for the tour and the shopping !! Oh and I so enjoyed all those beautiful, beautiful angels in your last post as well. What a fabulous place, I do almost feel like I have really been there, well sort of , thanks to you and your wonderful photographs. I love all the trinkets you have brought back, I bet there will be lots of very clever creating with those bits and pieces. I love the dress form with the skull at the shop counter, the ‘Day of the Dead’ one, my daughter loves all the ‘Day of the Dead’ art work. I had to laugh at your comment you left for me, “it’s all good”…oh, young people say it all the time and I really have a problem with it lol, because it’s usually said by them when something really bad has happened and they try to make light of it. We would probably say something like “oh, it could have been worse” or ” it’s not all bad” ha, ha, sorry about my little rant, it did make me laugh the way you wrote it. xx


  16. oh my! did not have time to do this while we were in PR, looks like you found some treasures! happy tea day! xoxox


  17. that looks like such a blast! I love love love junk shops that are far from home – your trinkets are the very best sort of souvenirs! I am so glad you are sharing your adventure with us! it makes the gloomy skies outdoors seem very temporary and fleeting 🙂

    happy tuesday!!!


  18. I would love to visit that junk store… so many treasures and I love seeing those vacation shots… it looks so beautiful…xx


  19. Oh wow what a store and wht for findings in it.
    Wow thanks so much for this great photos my dear Patty.
    The heart in the sand, so lovely.

    Have a lovely day my dear friend. xoxo


  20. oh my you must have been in seventh heaven Patty with all thos goodies…. im enjoying being on holidays with you….


  21. Oh my goodness~ What treasures indeed. That place looks amazing!


  22. really glorious photos Patty! I am so enjoying my trip to Puerto Rico thru you-beautiful treasures! I just found out another art friend I follow was in PR and has pics on her blog too..I guess I never thought of PR looking like this so thanks for opening my eyes.


  23. what a great trip! I can’t imagine what you’ll be doing with the treasures you brought back, but I’m sure it’ll be fascinating 🙂


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  25. your “picks” at Frankies are de-lic-io. Pretty sure that’s a Spanish word.


  26. Oh my goodness! A junk shop like that on vacation in a foreign land…wow!


  27. What fabulous finds Patty, Id have been over the moon to find a shop like that , brilliant photos it all looks very lovely 🙂


  28. Oh what a fun trip! Hope you got to bring home the wings! I love old jewelry! I’m a homebody but you make me want to travel with all your beautiful photos!


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  31. María Alba Negrón

    Hi Patty,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments about my Country! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip and will like to say , come back any time. We are a very hospitable Country, I don’t think that with the time constrictions that these cruises have, you were able to see other parts of the island, I hope that you will be able to come again and enjoy our museums, the Rain Forest and other sightings. Until then be well and take care!

    María Alba Negrón
    San Juan, Puerto Rico


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