Wordless Wednesday … Isla del Encanto … Puerto Rico

30 responses to “Wordless Wednesday … Isla del Encanto … Puerto Rico

  1. fantastic impressions Patty!

    xxx Susi

  2. wow I am loving these fotos you are showing of PR….I think the tourist board needs you:)

  3. You make me want to go to Puerto Rico:)

  4. Oh , you have the power to bring me for a moment in these incredible places.

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  5. These photos are fabulous Patty! My favorite is the one with the candles! WOW! Thanks for sharing so much of your trip with us. I feel like I’ve been there through you and Mr. Magpie’s journey. xxoo

  6. Every photo so far increases my desire to visit this enchanted island.

  7. These photos just get better and better and even better. I’m Loving my morning travels with you and Jimmy.

  8. I’m sitting here with the sun coming up and chilly outside my window…loving the photos of your vacation! My heat is on…and I can pretend to feel the warmth of your Wonderful photos!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip…I’m enjoying it! :c)

  9. Beautiful images! I want to go there, too! Who drew in the sand above??? (Lord Jim?) I love those windows!

  10. i see jamaican patti, lord jim, a beautiful BVM, a heart, some sweet tiles, wax stalagmites, and a wrestling mask for hubbie’s halloween…perfectly wordless…i see you…xo

  11. oh Patty! these photos are gorgeous and so inspiring! I’ve been dreaming of going to PR ever since I have been frequenting these posts of yours! it looks right up my alley….

  12. Linda ~ the ashtray is at a wonderful hotel El Convento, we guessed they had a metal ‘stamp’ that made the hotel’s logo in the ashtrays…butts never looked so good tucked in those hah

  13. So much to see here and I love the balcony Dawn xx

  14. So loving seeing all of your beautiful photos of PR!! Thank you for sharing your fabulous trip!

  15. Patty my friend I make a journey over the world with you.
    Thanks so much again for this wonderful impressions. Love it.

    Have a lovely day sweetie. xoxo

  16. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful Puerto Rico photos. Great impressions.

  17. def not in kansas anymore…. love the dripping candles…. xoxox

  18. again, loving all the beauty of this place, but I have to say that the art that formed by the melting wax is magnificent!!

  19. What an incredible variety of photos! The candle shine is amazing. All those beautiful drips built up over time.

  20. I want to be there too! These photos are so important. They are packed with art and art potential……oooh, lovely!

  21. Gorgeous Patty- and these pictures really are worth a thousand words- even if they are silent today! Thanks for this glorious photo album of Puerto Rico’s delight!

  22. I would have been here sooner, but we got rain and tornadoes last night. I was in the middle of it all, too. I love the photos you took looking down. Loved the sand ashtray. And of course, the Jamaican Patti. If only they had spelled your name correctly (grin). It’s so much fun to see all these lovely sights.

  23. i’ve so been enjoying your photos of puerto rico. i was there about 12 years ago now (wow, that long really?) and i can still smell the air through your photos! the ones you posted of those colourful houses in a row brought it all back. thanks for sharing so much of your trip, i’ve been following along and enjoying every bit.

  24. These are really great photos — such diversity and color. I think I would like Puerto Rico very much!

  25. Oh the photos are amazing !! I feel like going back there immediately!

  26. Lovely photos Patty! Lucky you for having a holiday there!!

  27. Wow! Such beautiful photos! I especially love the one of the melted candles, awesome!

  28. You really have an eye! I LOVED the blue brick in PR and took a few photos myself 😉 I did not, however, notice small plants in PVC pipes! Or the super candle shrine! Hans and I are really enjoying your photos!

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