Stone Angel Sunday 5

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

you can click each photograph for a closer view

“How wonderful it must be to speak the language of the angels, with no words for hate and a million words for love.” ~The Angels’ Little Instruction Book

14 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 5

  1. Again, it is so nice to see your photos of the angels frozen in time, placed there to bring us peace and to watch after those who have gone on. They make me question if I am ready. Take care and I hope the remainder of your weekend is filled with goodness!


  2. more gorgeous snaps….thanks! What a nice little book that must be for angels and their instructions. Have a lovely Sunday Patty!


  3. Thankyou again dear Patty,
    I hope your son does feel better, and that you have a beautiful sunday.
    Hugs from here.


  4. Yes…hope your son is doing well today and not terribly frustrated. Be strong! I especially like picture 4 above….the simple window inside the room.


  5. Gorgeous… the bird and that doorway!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Patty. It is like I was there with you (!).



  6. These stone angels all carry a beautiful spiritual energy and your photos of them are equally beautiful.Thank you for sharing them.


  7. Gorgeous angels Patty.


  8. Thank you Patty , another stunning collection.Thank you for sharing them with us. They are an incredible collection of pictures . Have a lovely week hope you get to do something nice , Thanks again Jaqi x


  9. Beautoful serie again Patty. On my blog is now a piece wth ons of your stoneangels. Thanks for sharing them.


  10. lovely pics again Patty….


  11. stempelchaotin

    You find the wonderful angels in stone Patty.
    These are again a dream. Thanks for sharing us my sweet friend. xoxo


  12. What a beautiful collection! Gorgeous pics, Patty! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Have a lovely week!


  13. beautiful quote, Patty! as you know, i just love this series of photos! thanks for sharing!!!


  14. OMG, how did I miss these? You are sent from heaven. I adore those hands!! You know I might just have to download them, since my Hands AB is still not finished!

    I also like the photo of the crypts(?) behind the arches. Your camera is amazing. The way you handled the light and dark aspects of that photo is so well done, it should be entered in a photo contest.


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