birthday wishes…

to celebrate the day my dear Mother/Mutti was born…

MagpiesNest Postkarte

I would like to share some vintage early 1900’s postcard images with you…

MagpiesNest A Happy Birthday

our scanner has been broken for months…

MagpiesNest A Happy Birthday.1910MsLindaMyers

so I hope you can make these PDF files work for you…

MagpiesNest FromHelenToLillian Rook

just click on the underlined links twice (once here and again after that…sorry) 

please enjoy them for your own personal use…

Magpies Nest 5532Marguerite

they are not intended to be included in collage sheets or for sale…

my Mom was quite a baker…

here is one of her wonderful cakes

* Happy Birthday Sweet Mutti *

we miss your sweet smile and warm hugs

~* Josephine Mahoney *~

19 March 1931 – 8 February 2011

22 responses to “birthday wishes…

  1. Your Mutti looks so sweet and lovely! I am sure she can still feel the love. Josephine is my favorite name. =) The birthday postcard is one of the sweetest I have seen in a while and I love Marguerite! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I shall forever think of your Mutti and this picture when I sing Happy Birthday. I feel so special to have something special made by her hand so long ago and purchased long before I knew you and your family. The Lord works in mysterious ways .


  3. She was so loveley, dear Patty.


  4. Gone but never forgotten XX


  5. Not long ago on a day when I was especially missing my dad, a friend shared a quote with me…it immediately became one of my favorite quotes. Today I share it with you, dear Patty.

    “When someone you love dies, you don’t lose them all at once. You lose them in pieces over time, like how the mail stops coming.” Adult Joe Wentworth – from the movie “Simon Birch”

    I watched the movie after my friend shared the quote…it’s worth the time.

    You dear mother had a beautiful smile and twinkling eyes…and that cake looks scrumptious.

    oxo Judy


  6. Congratulations to your dear mother, dear Patty! She looks so happy at the photo. Very nice!

    (When I look at the cake, I’m already fat from watching :-))


  7. what a great birthday tribute, I imagine she still smiling and giving you warm hugs… xoxox


  8. Happy Birthday, Mutti. What a lovely smile she had and look at that dessert in front of her. That would make anyone grin!

    Patty, you were so lucky to have such a great relationship with your Mutti. And how happy YOU made her, too.

    Warm hugs and chocolate cake all around!



  9. Sweet memories!!! Enjoy the day………. and pretend she’s helping you tend the boy!!!


  10. what a loving tribute to your mutti – I love how her shines comes thru in the birthday picture.


  11. Your Mutti was so beautiful! Obviously she was a wonderful woman as she raised wonderful you! Blessings, Tammy


  12. A lovely way to remember your beloved mother. Happy memories Patty.


  13. Dearest Patty
    I don’t believe it – 19 March is my birthday too!!!
    Saint Joseph’s day and I took Josephine for my confirmation name……
    what a lovely co-incidence to be associated with your very special Mutti.
    She will be up there smiling at you – I just know…..
    Yesterday was a BIG milestone birthday for me!!!!!!
    I will so enjoy looking at and saving your precious postcards thank you Patty.
    love and gentle warm hugs
    Shane x


  14. Such an adorable picture and sweet tribute of remembrance to your dearest Mutti, Patty! Her accomplishments/expertise in so many different pursuits is so inspiring. Sending you extra hugs of comfort as you continue the long journey of missing someone so special. xo, Sue


  15. What struck me was how happy your Mutti looked, Patty. That is something that shows with age. No anger in her lovely face, that’s for sure. Blessings to you on this special day. What a wonderful tribute you have presented in honor of her life.


  16. I now understand why you are such a kind and warm person with a generous heart. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  17. Happy Birthday to your dear Mutti …. wonderful images Patti


  18. Patti,
    Thinking of you and your precious Mutti. I love seeing her picture with her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. May your grief lessen over time, dear one!


  19. stempelchaotin

    Sweetie I´m sending you a lot of HUGS!!!!!


  20. marmeladegypsy

    It’s lovely to see this beautiful picture of your Mutti. I sent you warmth, joy and many good memories on this day.


  21. Oh, Patty, she did have a beautiful smile. I know you miss her keenly. It has been 21 years since my mother’s death. Every now and then I think of something I would like to know about that only she would know, and it hurts all over again. this is a lovely tribute.


  22. what a sweet face… 🙂


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