Stone Angel Sunday 6

the photos keep coming from our February visit to Old San Juan

and the Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazziz Cemetery…

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…

they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

remember you can click each photo if you would like a larger view…

“A pillow for thee

will I bring,

Stuffed with

down of angel’s wing.”

~Richard Crashaw

13 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 6

  1. stempelchaotin

    Oh Sweetie these are wonderful again.
    You make grandios photo´s from Stone Angels.
    Love them.

    Have a sunny sunday my friend. xoxo


  2. Hello,
    Superbes photos, sublimes anges.
    Bonne journée.


  3. The angels keep coming and I keep loving them. I am in awe of these and only one has a broken hand this week! Beautiful ART you made with your camera!!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous angels Patty… I don’t see alot of them here.. what a beautiful blue sky..
    Thank you…


  5. How pretty…even with missing limbs…these angels are. THANK you for sharing, Patty. We don’t have anything like this in our area, either!

    Happy Sunday.


  6. San Juan is definitely on my bucket list.


  7. The schulptures are fantastic, dear Patty, and it must have been a stunning experience to actually be there and see them first hand!–
    Thankyou for this new beautiful post with gorgeous angels, you are so sweet to let us use them in our creations.
    Hugs, and smiles


  8. more beautiful images-thank you. I am especially drawn to the first two stone angels…I just may have to do something with them. Something to represent my love of “super soul Sunday”…enjoy the rest of your day.


  9. Bonnie Schulte

    Thank you again for these beautiful angels. I wrote before to tell you I used one of yours in a sympathy card. I love every angel you give us, and will enjoy them in my keepsake box, where I keep my “holy” cards, (From grade school). Even at my age, 72, I really appreciate and remmember all the good from those “old” days. Your photos bring back a softer time…


  10. you are so generous to share these! they are so gorgeous!!!


  11. Well it is Monday Patty, but I am just now enjoying the display of Sunday’s angels and they are a delight to the eye and the soul. Thank you.


  12. Thank you once again, another stunning set. Its hard to believe how many beautiful statues there are in the one place.
    Every week I just cant believe it , they seem to just keep on getting better. Thank you for sharing these treasures , they are breath taking x


  13. I just love your images. The contrast in colour between the angels and the sky is just amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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