Stone Angel Sunday 7

if you are new to my Magpie’s Nest

… Welcome …

and if you are a frequent visitor I hope you are not tired of Stone Angel Sundays quite yet…

this is the seventh Sunday of

FREE Downloads that I am sharing with my readers from our recent trip to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico…

you can locate the other six Sundays

by going to the SEARCH box on my sidebar that says “LOOKING FOR SOMETHING” 

type in the words “Stone Angel Sunday” and click on the word “Search”

the last three photos were taken by Mr Magpie

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…

they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

22 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 7

  1. More gorgeous images dear Patty… I love your sweet angels… thank you for sharing…

    Jenny x


  2. stempelchaotin

    This made my sunday sweetie.
    Sweet and wonderful angels again. Thanks for your photos.

    Have a lovely sunday my dear friend. xoxo


  3. I keep looking at these pictures, they are so beautiful. Thanks again !!


  4. The fourth from the last took my breath away. I love the pose. I could NEVER get tired of looking at these statues, even if I will never use them in my art. The sheer magnitude of this cemetery is quite overwhelming.


  5. Oh, wonderful pictures, Patty! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a nice sunday my dear.
    Hugs and wishes


  6. These Angels are Lovely, but not as lovely as the Bluebells! They are over the top for me.


  7. More lovely images. Thanks!


  8. I for one am enjoying the stone angels. Thank you for sharing them for our personal use. God bless you on this Palm Sunday, Patty.


  9. Bonnie Schulte

    Just wanted to say” Thanks again” Patty, for posting the angels. They all are just amazing. And NO I will not ever get tired of looking at your photos. Have a very Happy Easter Sunday! Bonnie in WI


  10. marmeladegypsy

    Your stone angel Sundays are becoming a tradition — almost like “church.” Thanks, Patty!


  11. You took so many photos Patty, and I can understand why. They are lovely.


  12. you know… i for one could never tire of them.. they bring so much peace and serenity… thank you …. xoxo


  13. I’ve always felt a connection with angels!
    Your Sunday angel posts are wonderful Patty, such beauty in Old San Juan.
    I grew up praying to my Guardian Angel every morning…
    “Angel of God, my guardian dear
    to whom God’s love commits me here
    ever this day be at my side
    To light, to guard, to rule and guide”


  14. Patty, again you share the most beautiful photoes with us, you are so very sweet, I already transferred a few to fabric, and can`t wait to make collages with them- Thankyou dear friend.


  15. Hope you are well and that you have had a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy


  16. Enjoying your pictures….. as always!!!


  17. More stunning pictures Patty, Thank you so much . I could never get tired of looking at these they are simply wonderful. thank you once again for sharing them they are a delight


  18. Dear Patty
    I have just come here for the first time via our dear friend Shane and so love these stone angels so much that I have already devoted a whole journal to stone journals – you may view a couple of images at the bottom of my blog of what I have created.
    Thank you so much for sharing these images with us and time you spent in Old San Juan. I already have in my mind to create another!
    Many thanks and blessings for the precious beautiful guardians.


  19. Amazing … how would you get tired of such beautiful images? Thank you so much for sharing.


  20. Not tired at all Patty! each and every one is so special, the detail in some of them is amazing! Beauitful photos Mx


  21. so generous of you to share 🙂 and nope, not tired of the stone angels. they are amazing in detail. have you read ‘the stone angel’ by margaret laurence? maybe i mentioned it already, but i think of the book each time i see these.


  22. thank you Patty for sharing so many of these gorgeous stone angels. I could never tire of them.


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