Color My Tea …

Easter seemed to come and go so quickly…

I did get to play with some snippets from the garden and tried my hand at using some natural dyes this year…

it was a bit fiddly to try and keep the pieces of fern and grass in place while wrapping with pieces of nylon…

the dandelion flowers are pretty but did not really work for me…

I was most excited about the rich golden color the Turmeric powder gave...

I use it in the kitchen for a favorite Tofu Taco recipe of ours so I knew to be very careful handling it as it colors anything it touches…

I did like the patterns left by the greens very much…

a simple crayon makes the perfect dye resist…

the reddish egg below was done with dandelion greens under nylon using red boiled beets and greens for the dye…

the brownish egg at the bottom of the platter was done with blades of grass with yellow and red onion skin dye…

the Turmeric egg is off to the right at the bottom…

I was excited and did not leave those in the dye long enough…

the blue/green eggs were done using old fashioned food coloring that was still kicking around our kitchen…

I must admit I had the most fun with the fabrics not wanting to waste any leftover dyes…

it is a lovely sunny but cool day today just right for a hot cup of decaf Darjeeling tea or two…

Happy Tea on Tuesday to you…

26 responses to “Color My Tea …

  1. Love the colors you got with the dyes…..the fabrics came out divine! And the eggs? Anybunny would love them! Hoppy Easter to the Magpie family


  2. such pretty colors! and great results! what great idea to use turmeric! I love the look of the natural dyes …. I meant to try using red cabbage this year to get a pretty indigo color – but with kids it seemed too fussy. They like the pellets and buckets and wire dippers. Can you believe we died 36 eggs?! I will be sorry when they’re too old and not interested any more.

    Happy Tuesday Patty!


  3. Wonderful photos, love the bright colors 🙂


  4. And now you can use the egg shells in your art, too! I MUST get some tumeric. It sure brightens up any fabric. And wrapping the eggs in nylon was a brilliant idea. I may have to try that next year, although if it was fiddly for you, it will probably be improbable for me! You have a fantastic tea post this bright and beautiful Tuesday.


  5. great colors, I love dying them with natural dyes, onions and celantro and thyme… just gorgeous colors! hope you had a happy one… xoxo


  6. Just love the patterns and colors you achieved on the eggs Patty and the fabrics- gorgeous! =)


  7. beautiful eggs! and those fabrics are gorgeous!! such happy, springy photos! it is very cold here today, frozen temps last night…but very sunny & blue sky! happy T day, dear patty!


  8. Playing with color is so much fun. Why do I wait to do it once a year? The eggs and fabrics are beautiful! I am having water right now but maybe some green tea later. Have a wonderful Tuesday tea!


  9. A beautiful collection of eggs and fabric, Patty. Hope you had a Happy Easter.


  10. What a neat way to color your eggs. I know the lethal dying powers of Tumeric….heavens I had yellow jaundice looking hands for over a week and that was just from making rice….I love the dyed fabrics…the colors are gorgeous!


  11. Turmeric…why do I always “proofread” AFTER the fact…I will never know…


  12. Gorgeous colors. I didn’t do my natural egg dyeing this year. Ran out of time I guess.


  13. Dear Patty, your coloured eggs, are fantastic, Love the ones where you have put the greens on, and the Turmeric ? egg, is so beautiful.I would also like to try out different things to colour fabrics, -yours have been gorgeous in all the colours you used for your eggs! Thanks for showing.


  14. Those eggs are just simply fantastic… the last time I attempted dying with natural stuff I had to go to a corporate dinner with splotches of colour up my arms where it has gone over my gloves… was very pretty I thought… The turmeric is a great idea though and that colour is amazing… great post….and happy Tea day…xx


  15. so lovely! i like how you used all different types of dyes. and crayon as a dye resist… well of course! thanks for teaching me something new (even if it should’ve been obvious!).


  16. stempelchaotin

    Oh what a spring tea party.
    So lovely and great dying my dear friend.


  17. I am soooo late for tea, I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland! But like most tea parties, you’re never really late cause it’s just a good excuse to make more tea! I adore the fabric colors you achieved with your leftover dyes, such a nice idea. I should have given that a try. There is always next year. I think my favorite photo is the last one with the plate of crushed shells!
    Happy T on T on Wednesday 😉


  18. This is so cool. I love all the colors. Thanks for sharing.


  19. that looks like a fun project! 🙂 glad to see you had a good Easter~ (mine was uneventful, but good)


  20. I Loved your dyed eggs and best of all the ones with bits of fern on them, very cool and I hope I remember and try that sometime. Doesn’t even have to be at Easter. And the plate at the end, is fitting, egg shells! Thanks for sharing.


  21. Ooo la la – what fun you’ve had over Easter Patty!!!
    I love the idea of using fern leaves for patterns and crayon for messages on the eggs – so cool for the “little ones”, mine would just love that, so I will give it a try when I’m playing with them!!!
    I’ll file this away in my ‘Easter’ file – thank you dear Patty!

    You did so well with your dying techniques too – I’ve used fruit teas for a rosy pink, which was quite successful on muslin – I think Carole taught me that!



  22. Beautiful dyes! You always have the most fun! I’m so out of the creating loop these days…….. maybe tomorrow I can escape to the art room abit… you continue to inspire me….


  23. Beautiful work Patty, love the combination of colours, the yellow is so rich and lively! My fav has to be the turquoise , no surprise there! Mx


  24. what pretty colors-those fabrics are beautiful!!! and now I have another reason to buy turmeric powder. I only yesterday found an article about using turmeric powder to make your own tea-it’s known to be a great natural anti inflammatory,so I wanted to try it out.


  25. The joys of Easter time :-)…. I bet your house looked lovely Patty!
    What an amazing spice turmeric is; I recently found a recipe for a creamy turmeric drink (very good for you). Let me know if you want the recipe!


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