Dedicated To Art tea …

the very talented and lovely theresa mARTin was selected to be part of a special art exhibition called “Crossing the Line”  along with 26 other Corcoran College of Art + Design alumni…

the Corcoran Gallery of Art founded in 1869 is in a handsome marble building

across the street from the Old Executive Office Building and around the corner from the White House in Washington DC…

(photo above courtesy of the Martin’s)

we had a really fun evening at the opening reception getting to spend time with Marlynn, Theresa and her husband…

there was tasty food and drink…

the music was ‘bumpin’

artwork was also being displayed from the Bachelor of Fine Arts class of 2012 with a wide range of art mediums…

that exhibition is called NEXT

our photos do not begin to do the energy of the evening justice, it certainly was a night to remember…

we felt a bit shy taking photos not wanting to use the flash…

the artist we could not wait to see is holding our traveling tea cup in front of two of her amazing pieces (Direct Line at the top and Bloodline at the bottom)…

again I apologize for the quality of our photos…

it is an entirely different experience being at the Corcoran seeing everything in person…

the exhibition will be open until 20 May…

here’s hoping your Tea on Tuesday is a good one…

20 responses to “Dedicated To Art tea …

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! It is fun to see the talent of young minds. Happy T Tuesday – I might not get time for tea today :(.


  2. You live in such a wonderful locale…. so much to see and do!! Cannot believe you took your cup and saucer! tooooooo funny…. Off to click on the links! Happy Tea Tuesday!


  3. I bet that was a great event. Her work looks wonderful! Have a great rest of the week! Tammy


  4. Patty, this must have been a fabulous evening, judging from your pictures. How refreshing to see the creations of young fledgling artists. This takes me back to my days at U of AZ working on my Fine Arts minor and the thrill of displaying our gallery-worthy art. LOVE that Miss Tea Cup could join you! Have a beautiful week, my friend.


  5. Thanks for sharing your evening at the Corcoran. It’s inspiring to see the talent and creativity of your and not so young artists. I think it’s great that your traveling tea cup was also in attendance. Enjoy your day-hope it’s cooler today. oxox


  6. HMM! I never use my flash. I find it just doesn’t work, no matter where I am. But I see with your camera, you may need to use it, although I quite enjoyed the photos you took. Had to laugh at your mention of the photo quality. So much better than anything I take!! Loved seeing the traveling tea cup, too. There sure were lots of people there. And of course I had to click onto Theresa’s web site and got lost in her art. Love it ALL. you have a great eye for talented artists, that’s for sure.


  7. Tnkx fot sharing, it s looking great!


  8. So happy you had the teacup with you – it was an honor to hold it! And that music WAS “bumpin’ – perfect word for it. Thanks for this post and for coming to the opening.


  9. Bumpin’ music, Theresa’s art, good food, gorgeous setting…..sounds like the perfect evening. Oh, and good friends. Thanks for sharing Patty!


  10. I think your pics are pretty 🙂 but if you’re worried about taking better ones, maybe bring a tripod or a flash diffuser next time, to get better lighting 🙂

    Or hold your breath and stay very still while taking a pic. I do this too. Lots of times xD


  11. That’s a great looking gallery Patty. Love all the work.


  12. Sounds so cool Dxx


  13. Hi Patty! Thanks for sharing your evening! Looks great!
    Hugs from Norway


  14. How exciting! I’ve never gone to anything like that.


  15. I love art dates … It is always so inspiring!
    Your Cororan Gallery looks really cool – I love the lion out front
    I know what you mean about seeing it all in person. I think music is the same way – and beautiful cities too – there is so much to take in

    Happy Tuesday Patty!


  16. Art dates are just about the coolest, most inspiring thing aren’t they… I always come away feeling so refreshed and ready to get working… thanks for sharing this with us because the work looks amazing, and so glad the tea cup made it in there…xx


  17. stempelchaotin

    Oh sweetie thanks for sharing us this event.
    This looks interesting.

    Have a lovely new day my dear friend. xoxo


  18. looks like a really interesting art exhibition 🙂


  19. inanoctopusgarden

    Looks like a fun evening and some wonderful art work. There is something so special about going into these old grand buildings, they give off such an air of importance just looking at them.


  20. What a fun time you must have had, I feel like I was along for the ride, bumpin music and all the interesting art work and the terrific buildings make such a grand setting for this event.


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