‘Grandma’s Photos’ Zine

Linda’s zine was already wonderful when it arrived here in Virginia…

it’s first stop was to Margaret in Switzerland

I had such a lot of fun with it…

thanks to my friend Judy Post for sharing a 1930’s School Memory book with me a while back…

the bits I used for the left hand side are original pieces from that memory book…

Linda had already worked on the right hand page above…(vintage metal Kodak film clip, rubons, old negatives and photos, muslin bag, torn card from the mail that day)

I could have kept on going with this theme…

turns out I have quite a collection of faux relatives as I seem to be very drawn to old photos…

the thin piece of 8mm film strip I used above is a precious ingredient from Nathalie’s Rubyfloy shop

even the greeting card above had photos on it…the zine is already on its way to Carole in New Zealand…

I used the quote below on one of my pages and realized that it helps explain my long time fascination with photography…

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” ~Dorthea Lange

24 responses to “‘Grandma’s Photos’ Zine

  1. I love what you’ve done! I love it all……… the little fan of negatives is exquisite! Love the metal clip, etc…. I will be re-examining it during the day, you know! ha The cloning card is hysterical…perfect. I do love old school pictures…… and the one of the girls posing together is the kind of thing that makes me weepy! I may need a Vol II of this!! Maybe go into specialties… school photos, farm pictures, b&w city shots, etc… getting excited! Thank you!!!


  2. Thanks for giving me a laugh & inspiration with my morning coffee Patty. The sheep was such a fabulous surprise and your work as always is wonderful! xoxo


  3. These are wonderful, and I love the way the sheep snuck into the passport photo strip 🙂



  4. These photos are lovely, and some of them are just plain funny! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I too LoVe what you’ve done and I’d Love to see it up close and personal. And the Oh, Sooo PerFect QuoTe to go along with it …. gotta copy that one down. A great endeavor.


  6. P.S. That quote also made me think of all the photos I’ve had a chance to look at of the space shuttle Discovery as it made its final voyage to Dulles and its new home ….A great little quote!!!


  7. P.S.S. Oh my Patty, I just had to Google Dorothea Lange. That’s a great read too. She was quite a lady, makes me appreciate your blog and her quote even more!


  8. Love what you have created! Your sense of humor is on each page – which I love – I am still LOL. Have a great weekend and once again great time with you, the Mister, and Theresa last Saturday. Hugs


  9. what a lot of fun that is! I love the school picture of the sheep with glasses 🙂


  10. Lovely work Patty. ‘Vintage’ film strip makes me feel old… I have boxes full of them.


  11. looks like great fun especially with faux relatives!! xo


  12. Oh Patty! What a wonderful job you’ve done! The sheep is hysterical!!


  13. Fabulous pages dear Patty… just love what you added to the zine… and the quote you chose is just perfect…

    Jenny x


  14. OK, I must be slow on this evening, because I had to read it three times before I got the cloning error. I always love your work, find humor in it, but also enjoy how diverse your pages are. From the sheep to the Lange quote, I enjoyed it all. Hope your weekend is perfect.


  15. The quote is dead on perfect! I am so glad that I get a copy of this zine when it’s done!!!!!! Your pages are so fun– the sheep is a hilarious surprise!
    I can’t wait to work Linda’s zine. So many ideas!


  16. stempelchaotin

    Wow wow wow wow !!!
    Wonderful pages and so fun Patty. Great work as always. Love them.

    Have a sunny weekend sweetie. xoxo


  17. Dear Patty

    I ALWAYS love your work – co creative again!
    All the old Kodak stuff is great isn’t it? That seems like a long time ago now – well it was last century!!!!!!!
    Not like us thoroughly modern misses!


  18. Oh, this is great, Patty! Love the photos and especially the sheep with glasses 🙂
    Have a nice weekend my dear.
    Hugs and smile


  19. inanoctopusgarden

    fun project Patty, love the quote! (may have to borrow it !)


  20. Wonderful work. I have just spotted the sheep! 🙂
    Regards Florence x


  21. wonderful is this Patty!


  22. I like that quote – one I haven’t seen before. Seeing the last picture you posted reminded me of all the old negatives that were thrown out many years ago. Too bad I didn’t keep them!


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