Stone Angel Sunday 9

back in Old San Juan…

with still more statuary to come…

each of the images can be clicked to enlarge them…

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

12 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 9

  1. This has to be the most picturesque cemetery I’ve ever seen. Love the angel with the headache…lol.


  2. I find myself looking forward to your Stone Angel Sunday, The angel holding her head beats all! That is quite a cemetery, it must be enormous.


  3. That fourth photo with the overall view of angels and the sea in the background, is breathtaking. I would have been overwhelmed in this cemetery since cemeteries are places I love to visit when I go to a new city or when I travel.


  4. thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!


  5. I can never see enough of these beautiful statues, and the view of the glorious ocean behind them makes it even more special. Thank you.


  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photos, dear Patty! These are fantastic!


  7. It’s a lovely place to “rest in peace”, don’t you think, Patty?


  8. Those angel photos are fantastic, Patty! (as all the others) Thanks for sharing them!


  9. Beautiful again!!!


  10. stempelchaotin

    So beautiful again Sweetie.
    The ocean in the background and wonderful place.
    Thanks for sharing this photo´s my dear friend. xoxo


  11. Dear Patty,
    thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, they are mind- blowing!
    Wish you a nice week,
    xox Anja


  12. Thanks, Sweet Pea. These are lovely jubbly!!!
    You are so kind to share.


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