Stone Angel Sunday 10

the approximate number of graves in the Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazziz Cemetery

just outside the fortress walls in Old San Juan

is around one thousand…

not sure if Mr Magpie and I took a thousand photos…

with our two cameras…

we did spend a couple of hours snapping away…

***please enjoy these FREE Downloads for your personal use only…they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold***

*Blessings to you and yours*

12 responses to “Stone Angel Sunday 10

  1. I’ve really enjoyed every photo. THanks Patty.


  2. I wish I could become one of these beautiful statues.


  3. I so look forward to your Sunday blog and all the angels that surround the cemetery, angels of every age and description immaginable. Just wonderful taking this photo journey with you,week by week,such fun.


  4. I always check your blog on Sunday morning, so I can see more angels. And I didn’t see a single one that was broken this week, either. Lovely.

    I don’t imagine you know the answer, but I wonder if the black on the inside of the wings and neck of that last angel was for effect, part of the design, or if it appeared over time.


  5. How interesting… went all the way to PR and snapped a Woodsman of the World monument. They’re everywhere!!!
    Love the ‘drips’ on some of these monuments….they add so much!
    Yep, I’m betting 1000 photos. You’re ‘normal’. I love ’em!


  6. My dear Patty,this must have been a life experience of the most fantastic ones! I can very much understand if you really took that many photoes each! What a place of beauty-AND I guess also sadnes and solemnity, I think you are so lucky to have been experimenting all this.
    Thankyou so much for more gorgeous photoes.


  7. What beautiful photos, and what a beautiful day!! Thanks for your visit! Have a great week!
    ~Lorraine ♥♥♥


  8. Lovely as always!!!!


  9. stempelchaotin

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful my dear Patty.
    Love the sweet children angel.
    Have a lovely and sunny new week Sweetie. xoxo


  10. Yep, I see the broken fingers now, also. Thanks for explaining what the black was (or might possibly be). It looks like this must have appeared and accumulated over time.


  11. Sorry Im a little late , been working alot this weekend , finding it hard to keep awake even. More beautiful pictures , Im beginning to dream about this place its so fabulous. Thanks again for your kindness in sharing these images with us x


  12. All your stone angels are so incredibly beautiful Patty. I’m not at all surprised that you could have taken so many photos. I would have a hard time leaving this incredible place without catching every inch of it. Thank you for sharing your photos.


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