“Cloud Terrace” Tea

after receiving the nicest message from Stephen Jerrome, partner with Andy Cao & Xavier Perrot, of Cao | Perrot Studio along with some brilliant photographs (see below) I thought I would do a follow up blogpost to my last week’s “ten thousand crystals tea” post…

*photograph courtesy of Stephen Jerrome, Partner and Photographer Cao | Perrot Studio*

Stephen mentioned that the pool and gravel area under the Swaroski ELEMENT Crystal Cloud were also part of the design for the new installation at Dumbarton Oaks…

*photograph courtesy of Stephen Jerrome, Partner and Photographer Cao | Perrot Studio*

we would have never guessed that it wasn’t always a part of the terrace area…

*photograph courtesy of Stephen Jerrome, Partner and Photographer Cao | Perrot Studio*

truly a magical addition to the landscape

*photograph courtesy of Stephen Jerrome, Partner and Photographer Cao | Perrot Studio*

for a wonderful look at other designs created by Cao | Perrot Studio you can click on each thumbnail here

and for those of you dreaming of a beautiful crystal cloud in your own backyard be sure and have a look here…

for more tea stops visit Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons

23 responses to ““Cloud Terrace” Tea

  1. Beautiful – and cool that he wrote to you!! who wouldn’t want a crystal cloud out back!!! Drop by for tea, if you get a chance!

  2. I loved your cloud photos on your first post Patty, what a treat to see more, The first one through the gate is my fav, and the second to last is also fab, it looks like a shabby chic shawl! beautiful Mx

  3. wow, that is some serious work and dedication. A beautiful outcome 🙂 and how cool that they wrote you 🙂

  4. How did you know that was my back yard in Malibu, complete with children (grin)?

    These are gorgeous photos of the Cloud Terrace. You were so lucky to have gotten information and photos from the photographer. I suspect you were surprised and excited, too. Of course, I think YOUR photos were equally lovely from last week, too. What a fun and enlightening post. Have a super tea today!!

  5. So stunning…..the terrace is beautifully done and contrasts well with the crystals. If I EVER get back EAST, I would love to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  6. A truly magical courtyard. I’d love to visit this every day just to sit an read and enjoy the atmosphere. Where were the photos taken?

  7. WoW!!! How cool is that!! How nice he wrote you! I DO love this and think it would be awesome in my new backyard….. (just in case he’s reading and wants to come to Texas)!!!

  8. oooh I love this crystal cloud,,,must be magnificent when the sun shines through it and casts all those crystal rainbows everywhere….wow…
    as you can see I am leaving a comment so I guess things have remedied themselves:)….I am glad…..have a great day…

  9. That is wonderful that you got a response. The photos with the colors glinting are really neat. If I didn’t know they were crystals I’d have thought there were strings of mini-lights in the wire cloud.

  10. I just loved that post – and these follow up photographs really show off the color in the crystals! It truly is a beautiful installation!

    Happy Tuesday dear Patty!

  11. Thank you for getting the photos! This must be my favlourite installation of all time. Soooooo beautiful, and by far their best work in my opinion.

  12. Oh Patty, your last post of those crystal clouds, just took my breath away, and seeing those photoes you got from S.Jerrome, makes me sigh once again- the second last close up one, is magical-
    Thankyou dear fro also showing those .
    How are your eye doing? are you beginning to use it more ? I hope so for you.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  13. just when i thought it couldn’t get any better….wow…i am blown away by that and can only imagine how beautiful it must be in person…thanks for sharing, dear…xoxo happy tuesday

  14. so glad you re visited because I have been thinking about that gorgeous crystal cloud all week… thanks so much for extending my pleasure and wonder at this…xx

  15. These crystal clouds again make me breathless… soooo magical and wonderful and dreamy and strong at the same time. Thanks for showing more Patty, I love it!

  16. that is really a very special decoration, I never knew things like this even existed 🙂 Must look wonderful with sun shining through.
    Hope your sight will be back to normal very soon.
    xo Dymphie

  17. It really is beautiful! What will they come up with next! happy tea day.

  18. Magnifique.

  19. So beautiful; made me feel peaceful. I’ve missed you, your posts and your art; trying to catch up on the things I’ve missed and enjoy. Now that my husband is home, trying to take some time. xxoo Marilyn

  20. How wonderful Patty!

  21. So very beautiful, Patty. The Crystal Cloud is….beyond words. God bless.

  22. Patty, thank you for more gorgeous dreamy photos of sparkling clouds to make wishes upon. Your link to Stephen Jerrome was a real treat as well. I don’t have a back yard but if I did, I would love to have that radiant lighting over a lovely table- sitting next to you- sipping tea from one of your beautiful china cups! Ahhh, now that would be heaven. xo

  23. stempelchaotin

    Thanks my sweet Patty for more photos from Fairy Land 😉
    This is amgical place. Love it. xoxo

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