Wordless Wednesday: Cabbage White Butterfly



28 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Cabbage White Butterfly

  1. Just beautiful Patty.

  2. Such beauty, enjoyed your last post too, I so enjoy seeing your fairy garden and your beautiful flowers all blooming way ahead of mine 🙂

  3. Your photography is wonderful Patty! Have a great day. xoxo

  4. Superbe, un vrai don pour la photo.

  5. gorgeous! Lovely! i am so happy you dropped by my little place today, you make the place brighter 🙂

    happy wednesday!

  6. also, i can not find a way to comment without it linking me to my old blog space. i’m sorry, i’ve tried removing the link altogether but it wont let me comment. i’m sure it’s all on my part, but just so you know 🙂

  7. Wonderful butterflies and great pics of them

  8. Lovely photos–almost like a beautiful menagerie or sorts. Very cheery!

  9. Oh; how stunning! xxoo

  10. It’s a beautiful butterfly really, elegant.

  11. So pretty. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one of those before.

  12. beautiful and inspirational photos here, as always! your garden spot looks serene and relaxing…

    what a lovely butterfly. Thankyou for alwayes showing such special nature photoes- it is a delight to visit you sweet freind.

  14. beautiful photos Patty! what are you using for those frames, they’re fab! mx

  15. thank you everyone it is always such a delight when you stop by to visit and take the time to say a few words…I really treasure that …

    Margaret I used the easy peasey Pixlr-o-matic


    there are three different things you can click to alter a photo from your files…the frames are available by clicking the yellow portion of the “meter” on the right…it is SO easy and fun with more possibilities than you can shake a stick at oxo

  16. Stunning! what gorgeous photos and a beautiful butterfly!

  17. WOW Patty… such gorgeous photography… your photos are beautiful…

    Jenny x

  18. such beautiful pics patty, im going to check that pixlr out 🙂

  19. stempelchaotin

    So so beautiful sweetie.
    I love butterflies. Fabulous. xoxo

  20. Hi Patty… just hoppin over in a ‘lost minute’ (I don’t have much of those lately) to see if you’re still here… aaahhhh – relief! You’re here, and you are still creating. Hope you are well dear! Big hug from a busy friend on the other side of the ocean…

  21. just beautiful! I’ve been seeing several pairs of these butterflies lately.

  22. You see the best stuff!

  23. marmeladegypsy

    You need no words for this. Beautiful in every way.

  24. Thank you for sharing these beautiful butterflies!!! Have a great weekend!!! ~Sophia

  25. I stopped by earlier, but I was disconnected due to a power outage. Not my finest hour, I might add.

    These look digital. I know you don’t do digital, but they are so well done, I was blown away when I first saw them. Everything about these photos show how much thought you put into each of your pieces of art. And believe me, they are true works of art! Very, very impressive.

  26. Beautiful!!
    Florence x

  27. Wow! So beautiful…thank you!

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