Find eternity in each moment…

finally I got busy in one of my journals after taking a bit of a break from playing with Lavender (more about that in a another post)…

spending time with a creative friend really gave me the kick in the pants I needed to play again…

could it be that creativity is contagious!

I have been wanting to use the color copy above of a 5 x 5″ piece I created long before I started my blog…

happy that I took the time to scan it before I gave it away…

I found squares of the Daisy D’s scrapbook paper I used and added that to the left hand side using gel medium with tissue paper first as a foundation over both of the encyclopedia pages…

the cut off spoon handle with “HOPE” hammered on it by Mr Magpie happened to surface the other day…

isn’t it great when that happens…

I cut pieces of lace curtain gluing them on bit by bit to help soften the straight paper edges…

I like the pattern it created…

the final touches were a flattened Magic Hat beer cap (each cap has a short saying inside…this one said “When Plans Fail, Blaze New Trails”)…

I also got to use a few of the frilly pink “roses” I bought a yard of all strung together on netting…

this was my sixteenth spread so far in this journal (32 total pages) with plenty of room left to play…

some of the other pages can be found here…

21 responses to “Find eternity in each moment…

  1. Creativity IS contagious… obviously.


  2. Oh; how beautiful. It comforts me to see your creation, here, and I just love what you did with your pages. Find eternity in each moment – that is so true and I’m learning that more and more. I clicked to see more of your pages and fell in love with the page with the chair and drapery! Brilliant! xxoo


  3. Oh Patty! Your pages are scrumptious!! I just want to keep looking at them. What do you use to imprint your words on silverware? Is it the Chip Art stamps?? I just love this.


  4. It is so nice to see you are creating such inspirations. And, the pages look so therapeutic–I love all of the sayings and the way you put it all together. Thanks for your thoughts. Sometimes we just need a little push now and then-from others and ourselves. Take care and have a great weekend….beautiful creations!


  5. Dear Patty , so beautiful pages, I love the pink background, and your quote,and the hammered handle is so wonderful- so great job from your husbond, dear friend.
    Hugs and a lovely week-end.


  6. Beautiful pages…. I’m so glad you are having these moments of creativity! I’m living through you right now!!! JJJ always has done a great job of hammering those words!


  7. So glad to see you are starting to play again. Sadly, that is not the case for me. I know when I make art with someone, that “high” I get from working closely with someone who “gets it,” seems to help me excel. The feeling and energy lasts for DAYS, too. I hope that is the same for you.

    Your pages are adorable. For some reason, I never thought to add letters to the end of a spoon. How short-sighted of me. You are very inspiring.


  8. So pretty!


  9. Gorgeous playtime results! I love what you have done! So soft and feminine. Love fabric and pink rose is lovely. Fabulous!


  10. Great pages and I think that creativity is sooo catching… nothing inspires me more than spending time with my creative friends… both in person and online… this is just gorgeous and the mix of soft colour and texture is interesting and fabulous…xx


  11. you do pretty in pink very well Patty….:) loving the lacy bits 🙂


  12. Wow, Patty, such an outstanding project – really FANTASTIC.


  13. Thank you for sharing, dear Patty. I love your pages !!!
    Your imagination is endless ………
    Have a nice sunday my dear.


  14. stempelchaotin

    Patty your work is a dream.
    So wonderful new journal pages.
    Wow wow wow wow I love them.

    Have a lovely sunday sweetie. xoxo


  15. A sweet feeling through out…love it…see you soon!


  16. Gorgeous soft pages, so lovingly tended. One must photograph and scan everything one produces, you just never know……..


  17. playing with lavendar-now you’ve peaked my interest….what soft, soothing and really lovely pages Patty-it’s always such a joy to visit your beautiful posts.


  18. Patty it’s gorgeous. And Mr. Magpies spoon handle is fabulous. Love it.


  19. Lovely page. Pink is a fav of mine. I think I have one of those beer caps. I guess I didn’t realize there was something on the other side. People save unique bottle caps for me so I guess I had better check them over more thoroughly. 🙂


  20. I can only imagine how beautiful this journal is ~ even as a Work In Progress! Creativity is contagious, and wonderfully so. I’ve taken a cue as to new uses for my spoon handles ~ merci, Msr. Magpie!


  21. SUPER! Made with my favourite Miss Lily Elsie. Well done!


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