Marit’s “Quirky Dutch Summer #1”

if you don’t already know Marit you will definitely want to stop by her blog for a visit…

she is a powerhouse of ideas and inspiration and even has her own magazine called “FEATURING” which is all about art journaling, mixed media and more… 

here is what she says about her latest project…

“As of June 12, there will be an inspirational post on my blog every Tuesday this Summer. This will go on for 10 weeks – posts handling a theme or a technique or…  let’s say: ‘something’ that can be used as an inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. I will think of fun, small challenges to go with it, and you will probably have the possibility to leave your link with each post when you played along.”

Week #1 Fear of the Blank Page

I am in the process of cleaning/clearing my art room which is a daunting and long overdue task …

I just had to stop for some playtime…

some of my favorite journals are old encyclopedias which are a bit of a rescue mission since everyone seems to be getting rid of them these days…

each of the pages in my 1931 Funk & Wagnalls, Volume III Bart-Book measures 4 x 6″

I received a free Blue collage sheet in a recent ARTchix Studio order and that is what got me going on these pages…

you can see some of the other supplies I used above including an old Star Trek View Master disc …

the magical lady with her blue wings is layered on a piece of parchment paper that came in between packaged cheese slices…

I stamped the face on the back of a plastic tomato ‘carton’ top as the Lady Moon Organic food logo always speaks to me plus the produce is very good too…

oftentimes a quote or words are my spark for starting a page…

but this time the Lord Byron quote came last…

I do Love quotes and all shades of blue…

Oh! `darkly, deeply, beautifully blue’, As someone somewhere sings about the sky.” ~Lord Byron

I am looking forward to Marit’s Tuesday prompts and her Quirky Dutch Summer

23 responses to “Marit’s “Quirky Dutch Summer #1”

  1. beautiful! blue is my favorite color
    how creative to alter an old view master disc, I loved those things when I was a kid 🙂


  2. Wow Patty, it’s always amazine to see you working in blue… I love your page and the old encyclopedia shining through – but you knew already I am a fan of old books and old bookpages… and a fan of you of course! Thanks for playing along ‘sis’


  3. This is such a great project. I really like the View Master disc idea.


  4. I also love the blue work!!! And glad you are cleaning your art room…. I’m going to do better about that…….. help me remember.


  5. There’s nothing blue about you. But your blue pages fit quite nicely with your blue period (grin).

    Seriously, I found a view finder disk two nights ago and decided I would use it in an upcoming altered book lesson. Truly a beautiful way to go. I can’t believe great minds and all!


  6. stempelchaotin

    OMG a fest in blue my sweet Patty.
    Wow wow wow wow it is glowing. Absolutely devine my friend.

    I wish you a sunny weekend sweetie. xoxo


  7. Oh Patty, such a beautiful blue!


  8. Oh Patty…beautiful blue pages…loving the items you have used …especially the view master disc! Great quote …I do love a quote too!
    Now I really must sort my art room, but am easily tempted by a little play-time instead!! would rather be sploshing a little paint about than tidying!! LOL 🙂
    Jan x
    p.s. I’ve started a new blog,
    I’m no longer blogging at Jansartyjourney anymore..


  9. love, love, love blue so this speaks to me! looks like you had fun and remembered to play!!!!! happy cleaning! 😀


  10. I do love blue! And your pages are gorgeous! I started trying to art journal yesterday — wanted to start drawing and journaling about my days, but I tried a few times, and just couldn’t get what I wanted. Will have to keep working at it. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Best wishes, Tammy


  11. Blue…..for years it was NOT a color I liked. Or so I thought….then I looked around my studio/quilt room and realized how much of that color I had. And at this moment, I’ve owned 2 blue Subaru’s. Your pages are blue-tee-ful, Patty. How clever to use the ViewMaster pieces (I have the entire set with 2 viewers and slides inside a plastic case in attic) on your pages.
    As always, your art is so inspired and beautiful. (thought I was gonna say ‘blue-tee-ful’ again, huh?)



  12. WOW!! Gorgeous!


  13. This is indeed lovely and such a fun challenge! Like you, blue is my color! I wish I could find the spot in my world to create every day…


  14. Oh, this is fabulous. Love the colours, so inspiring and beautiful.


  15. that is absolutely gorgeous… I am such a sucker for blue but my geeky sci fi loving heart skipped a little beat at the star trek viewmaster… if it has be used in art work I am glad it is by someone I like so much!!!! awesome pages and I loved the quote… heading over to check out Marit’s blog…xx


  16. Wonderful, love the blue 🙂


  17. I will defo be going to the king you suggested. I love your blue pages ;0)


  18. Someone somewhere singing about the sky – how lovely!!


  19. It’s a whimsical, blue, magic page. I love how you incorporate things from everyday life and you turn them in pieces of art.
    Always inspiring.
    Happy Sunday, Gio


  20. Patty do you know how many encyclopedias I gave away. But I tell you none of them were as gorgeous as yours.


  21. Oh this is gorgeous Patty! I love the Viewmaster slide! I remember those! 😀


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