Blooming Ice …

we are in the midst of a VERY hot and humid stretch here in Northern Virginia …

many parts of the United States are suffering with the heat and damage from fires and storms …

I picked some Borage and Thyme blossoms along with a few snips of Lavender and a Chamomile flower too from our herb garden as my thoughts went to something cold even though I most often drink cold drinks without ice …

the Lavender ice cubes gave the water a pleasing, delicate and refreshing flavor …

here’s hoping all is well in your world…

you can visit Kimmie at her Art in Red Wagons for more of what she likes to call “loose” Tea on Tuesday with no rules, just whatever you might like to share …

won’t you join in …

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” ~Henry Miller

29 responses to “Blooming Ice …

  1. The Lavender ice cubes and thyme blossoms look beautiful, what a cool refreshing idea.
    xox Anja

  2. Those look wonderful.. would be so pretty to see one of those floating in my water.. love it.. thanks…

  3. How wonderfully cool ~ what a delightful inspiration! Hope you’re staying refreshed during this hot hot summer!

  4. Patty, how refreshing-and sharp looking! We finally did not reach a record high… Hope you are having a very nice holiday week as much as possible with the heat and storm aftermath! Take care and try to stay cool!

  5. I am going to “borrow” your idea of lavender and thyme ice cubes! They look so refreshing. Just got our power back here in Great Falls after 3 days anc many, many still without so we are lucky, now to begin to really clean up, do laundry, you name it! Throwing away so much food! Happy to be cooling down! My new word is “derecho”, what an experience! A Happy and Safe 4th of July to All!

  6. I’m so glad you have power, Patty! It’s so rough for so many people right now.

  7. Such pretty ice cubes! Those borage flowers are beautiful! Happy Loose Tea!

  8. How lovely Patty, great for a party too. We are also having the heat and humidity in my part of Ontario, I was worried you were one of the people in your area without power, so glad you are ok, must be just horrible when you can’t get any relief.

  9. Great Idea, dear Patty, the ice-cubes are looking fab

  10. This is something I need to try-I have lavendar and thyme and do love them. I had to smile about the ice- I very rarely drink anything real cold-and I especially don’t like ice. I’ll make an exception here-these cubes are too pretty. So glad to know you’re OK-so sad hearing of all the devastation all over the US between storms and fires. Have a happy and safe 4th my friend!

  11. the flowers look so pretty suspended in the ice!
    today is a very cold and overcast day here, I wish I could send you some of it to cool down.

  12. What a good idea Patty. You could put mint, small bits of lime or lemon, anything, in your ice. Hope you manage to miss out on all the extreme weather the USA is having.

  13. Patty, love the Borage flowers, I wonder if they will ever show up this year..I love to use them in salats ,too- the lavender cubes I can imagine taste lovely. Couldn`t help laughing about your christmas answer to me, here I walk, thinking we are two allike ,LOL- and then you tells me it is almost by mistake..tehehe.
    I could still use some warmth from you my dear.

  14. the lavender we just planted is not edible (says the label), guess i’ll have to visit the plant center again 🙂 No summery temperatures in our neck of the woods thus far…


    Power and phone out from 10PM Friday til 9AM Sunday. Return of service made us REALLY appreciate it. Really was a dazzling display of lightening Friday night. Fireflies returned last night so a full array of effects.

  16. Very pretty! I’ve seen them with berries, but never with flowers. Lovely idea.

  17. oh these look so beautiful patty, what a good way to keep cool…..hope the fires abate soon, we have been seeing lots of footage, they are just devastating…;)

  18. I like your blooming ice! You are always up to something!

  19. Oh what a wonderful idea! I’ve seen bits of lemon rind in ice cubes – but flowers? oh so pretty! and the herbs must offer just a hint of something special …. I will definitely be trying this – when it warms up here. Still too cool for ice in the glass.

  20. love this idea Patty! stay cool! xo

  21. stempelchaotin

    Oh what a lovely idea my sweet Patty.
    Blooming ice is perfect.
    Have a lovely day my dear friend.

  22. Your ice looks very artful! Stay cool.

  23. Looks so refreshing! I planted borage once many years ago when I read that it was a great companion to strawberries. I hit soooo many flower shops trying to find it. That was when there were a lot more shops and I had a lot more time to go looking. I don’t remember if it was an annual here or not. My strawberries were dug up to renovate and plant a new bed and I have yet to plant more. I miss them too.
    Another pretty and refreshing use of lavender!

  24. it´s so wonderful! It always makes me happy to come here!

  25. Such a luvly idea. You’re full of them. xoxox

  26. I was wondering if you were sweltering out by you. Lavender water sounds perfect to me. Love your little trees too. Where ever did you fine them?
    Have a fab 4th Patty.

  27. What beautiful delicate images, you always have such fabulous posts they are a joy to read, thank you x

  28. love this idea such a nice touch to a cold water ;0)

  29. I love flowers and fruit in ice cubes… it just screams summer to me and these are such perfectly summery colours… just gorgeous…xx

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