Margaret’s Zine

earlier this year the QB5 swap group I’m part of started a zine round robin…

more info on what we are up to along with photos of the beginning of my Medieval Thymes Zine can be found here

*Patty’s Medieval Thymes pages above*

back in April I worked on Linda’s Grandma’s Photos Zine which was lots of fun…

then it was time to play in Margaret’s cool themed zine…

*cover above made by Margaret*

there was so much I could have said about my Love/hate relationship with bras that I found myself stalled for a good long while…

I gave up on the idea of using fire in my pages and finally got busy 😉

Madonna had come to mind originally so I went with an iconic image of her from 1990…

Margaret included some great magazine snippets and other bits which is where I got the words “It’s more serious than they’ll admit”…

 the card in the glassine envelope was inspired by something I learned to make back in the early 80’s…

you can find out more about that here

hopefully you’ll be amused and not shocked…

I wanted to link a video showing how it was done but could only seem to find a couple with music I really did not care for…

I enjoyed collaging scraps of paper with gesso and paint around the Bingo sheet that Margaret had added to the right page, using bits of yellow lace and a new black bra strap…

two more zines left for me to work on in this Queen Bee swap rotation…

we are moving slowly on this project with no set deadlines…

23 responses to “Margaret’s Zine

  1. really fabulous teamwork!


  2. Fabulous work!!?


  3. Your art work is always inspiring to look at and I love the group work you do. Your all such talented women ;0) Dxx


  4. oh I love “no set deadlines” that is just wonderful. your “bra” pages are great, I too have a lot to say about them, bet most of us do… xox


  5. So wonderful teamwork


  6. great work! and I completely remember about the Land O Lakes knees! ha! xo


  7. Patty! LOL! About the butter packaging!


  8. I love this. Never heard about the butter box thing!!!! I feel so “in the know” now! I’m commenting from my phone so I am not sure I typed all my info in properly! Loving Margaret’s zine!


  9. Wonderful Round Robin`s sneak peaks, dear Patty,-I love your Medieval one , and what a fun butter box thing-I was there to see the “box-bra” LOL and what was inside ,hehe-
    How is your rabit? still not eating your veggies ? mine does eat all our peas!!! 😦
    Hugs and xx


  10. Love how your collage all comes together Patty! It’s so nice to have an exchange with no pressure isn’t it? I’d never heard of the LOL trick before-too funny!


  11. A fascinating project Patty. The collaboration is working well, and your pages are great.


  12. I lol’ed with the butter label trick : D
    Your page is great, so full of depth and little details~


  13. Fabulous pages Patty…What a great and fun swap!!
    LOL at the butter packaging!!
    Jan x


  14. Sounds like fun!


  15. Love/hate relationship with bras? Mine is pretty much totally hate. Why are there no pretty ones for people of a ‘certain’ size? AND the person who invented those extreme instruments of torture called underwires ought to have been shot at dawn. (Hey – THAT would make an interesting twist for a journal page!)


  16. stempelchaotin

    OMG this knock me out my socks Sweetei.
    This Madonna page rock. So so wonderful work. Love them.

    Have a sunny weekend my dear friend. xoxo


  17. Brilliant Patty, your pages in my journal look so fab thank you! can’t wait unitl these gals get home, I do hope they cover up for Customs!! Mx


  18. Great teamwork!!! Love the projects! Have a faulous weekend!!! ~Sophia


  19. Several years ago I hosted a “boob” swap. We made tip-ins based on bras and boobs. I wish I’d known about this technique back then. It is a hoot!!


  20. Carmen Dyson

    I think you have hit on something here. Isn’t it nice to express your feelings thru art. That is a lesson too.


  21. Ha, ha – this must have been great fun to do – love that theme!


  22. Oh how funny! Love the bra that rewinds time, although I absolutely hate the damn things! Were they invented as a form of torture?


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