Dawn’s Journal Journey #10

Dawn’s art journal challenge for July is “Paris”…

I took this as an opportunity to start a new art journal all about France…

each page of this Dollar Store book measures 8.5 x 7 inches (21.59 x 17.78 cm)…

I plan to alter the covers above when my inside pages are complete…

the pretty lady is from my postcard collection and was from a piece that I created awhile ago…

I almost used the original but decided I needed a smaller version so I scanned it and printed out a copy to play with…

many thanks to Karen of The Graphics Fairy for the lovely French images that I used in both of my pages…

years ago I took a solo nine week trip to nine different countries in Europe…

it was a time of brilliant adventures…

I was lucky enough to spend nine days in Paris…

I really did not want to leave…

as it happened it rained on the day I boarded the train to Madrid which made it a little easier to say adieu…

one day I hope to return to France with Mr Magpie…

for now I have plans for more pages in my travel journal…

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” ~Author Unknown

p.s. for a great ‘visit’ to France including lots of time in Paris stop by The Marmelade Gypsy, Jeanie has some wonderful and informative travel posts!

26 responses to “Dawn’s Journal Journey #10

  1. This is beautiful. I’m hoping to get a Paris page done myself x


  2. Dear Patty, you cover creation is magnificent, love you use for the collage. A beautiful combination and so many to discover.
    Have a nice day,
    xox Anja


  3. Oh how beautiful, I adore Paris its my favourite place to be , I was going at least once a year and never got tired of it but havent been for 2 years now and miss it terribly. I think id like to make something like this i may have to start looking for the right images and get started. Ive just blogged a Moulin Rouge picture that ive been making for a friend. Thanks for the inspiration , xx


  4. Lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing it completed!


  5. Great pages, Patty! Love your composition. Just lovely! I’ll be on the lookout for these books in the dollar store!


  6. Dear Patty, you cover creation is gorgeous! So beautifully created (as always). Love your style.
    Have a nice weekend my dear
    Wishes MARTINA ❤


  7. So romantic and beautiful, dear Patty.

    Have a lovely weekend


  8. Oh la la! Gorgeous page, Patty! 🙂
    It must have been an amazing experience to visit Europe! I’ve only left my country once, in 1997, when we went to the States :p


  9. So lovely french ephemera and beautiful papers, dear Patty,-I have been to Paris too,many years ago, and loved it too- your art journal, will be so wonderful, and even bring memories from back then! I hope you will show more ,when finished?
    Hugs and kis, from Dorthe


  10. oh patty your journal pages are beautiful, what a great little book to turn into an art journal too:)


  11. Nine countries in nine weeks. I would be in heaven. I bet you hated to come home. What an adventure you must have had. This is a wonderful way to relive that memory. I look forward to many more pages in this book.


  12. I forgot to mention that I’m not sure what the fabric was in my quiltlet. I suspect it may have been a type of batting, but felt a bit papery. That was why I added all the stitches to it, so it wouldn’t fall apart. Great eye, as always.


  13. beautiful french pages Patty!!!


  14. stempelchaotin

    I´ve missed my words Sweetie.
    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow your pages are a dream.
    So so beautiful work. Love them.

    Have a sunny weekend my dear friend. xoxo


  15. a beautiful book in the making! don’t you just love creating them? Gorgeous work, as always…


  16. Beautiful, Patty – I adore anything France and lived in the Parisian suburbs for a while… it’s my favourite theme 🙂 Hope you do get back there one day. I’ll be there in a few weeks but it’s much easier from this side of the ocean x


  17. oh don´t you love the Dollar store:) and I love what you are doing with the inside of the pages…I can´t wait to see the covers!! Happy weekend to you!


  18. Fantastic, I’m really missing words.


  19. Oh I love your travel story (you lucky thing) My husband and I dream of travelling Europe. I adore the pages and they truly have a French feel. I am delighted you have decided to do a whole Journal on France and I can’t wait to see all it’s delicious pages & covers. Thank you for joining in with Journal Journey’s again this month. Love Dawn xx


  20. c’est magnifique Patty!! J’adore votre pages-bien fait!!


  21. This is brilliant!! I so look forward to seeing your Paris pages ❤
    I LOVE the fact that you travelled solo ~ what a brave and adventurous spirit you are!! In my youth I travelled around the world for 10 weeks, visiting 16 countries. A great experience and many treasured memories from that.


  22. Beautiful French flair, Patty, I love your subtle colours and the images are wonderful, really pretty. Mx


  23. Such lovely… your blog always inspiring to me.
    I’m left blog land some time and I’m slowly return to this land.


  24. Love the idea of that solo trip. Inspired to do an enire French journal is a cool idea. Your blog is lovely. Nice to meet you through Dawn’s monthly journal challenge.


  25. Oh Patty this is lovely. You lucky thing to have been to Paris!




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