tag … you’re it

last year I saw an ad in a Somerset magazine about Gelli Arts and their handy ready to go monoprinting plates…

while visiting The Queen’s Ink last November it was impossible to not get excited when Patti Euler showed me what she had been doing with her gelli plate…

I treated myself to an early birthday gift and brought one home along with some of the super sized tags she sells (she has THE best ingredients at her beautiful store)…

my gelli plate got packed away in the holiday rush and is still hiding somewhere with the tags so I decided to make my own gelatine plates as shown here and here

shipping tags (4 3/4″ x 2 3/8″ … 12.06 x 6.03 cm) that you can buy by the box full make great little canvases and I found some new Lumiere paints in handy squirt bottles to use along with my cheaper acrylic paints…

my larger gelatin plate was made in a casserole dish…

thanks again to Elizabeth and Bleubeard for sharing that you can reheat your homemade gelatin when it gets tattered or cracked and start all over again…

printing on both sides of the tags was quick and easy…

I keep a stack of recycled paper handy to clean my brayer and stencils on…

the paper also helps clean the plate in between printings and will come in handy for future projects…

now my tags are ready to take to the next level with inks, stamping, collage or spray paints…

so many possibilities…

if you get a chance to try the gelatin monoprinting I would Love to see what you’ve done…

you can leave a link in the comments section of this post if you like…

28 responses to “tag … you’re it

  1. Oh my goodnes Patty , I think they are beautiful as is ,-what a fantastic bunch of wonderful tags ,you made using this method,– have to try ,when my life gived me more time to try out new fields.
    Wish you a happy week-end dear friend.


  2. WOW what a lot of beautiful Tag backgrounds, fantastic patterns! I look forward to see which you will continue.
    I love monoprint technique too, and I had made a gelly plate too, but the ready plate is much better I think? Unfortunately such practical things are never to buy in germany! I
    Dear Patty I wish you a nice weekend.
    xox Anja


  3. You have really gone to town on these tags. I’m glad you took my tip and ran with it. Did you notice how much quicker the gelatin firmed up this time? It gets even firmer the third time around and takes no time at all to firm up.

    These could make a great tag book or could be used as a basis for your Q5 group or local group. There certainly are enough there. I’ve never found those tags at our local Office Max, but I hope to run into some one of these days. As for Lumiere in squirt bottles, that was a new one on me. I really MUST get some more gelatin, because every time I see you playing with yours, I am inspired and want to play again.


  4. WOW!!! So beautiful tags and backgrounds!!!
    Hugs from Norway


  5. Patty, I love this! You create such wonderful things. It makes me want to stop everything and try this when I’m focusing hard on other projects-at least trying to focus :). I really like the way the tags turned out. Have a great weekend!


  6. You know dear Patty that you should be VERY glad that I live thousands of miles away from your laboratory as I would be breaking down your door…
    Patty,,,let me in I want to monoprint ,,,hello Patty are you there…mmmmm
    where is that girl? ooooooh in her laboratory monoprinting…DH would whisper,,,,Don´t let that girl in,,,she has already been here five days in a row and ate all our food ….she printed enough:)))nnnnoooooo way……
    this is DEFiniTeLY on my to do list ….ohhhh I can´t wait either!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration and your tags looook marvelous dahhhlink!!!


  7. isn’t this amazing, I so wish I could hop over and print with you 🙂


  8. Patty
    As they are they would make wonderful little notes, no need to further decorate merely write or stamp a message to a friend or an affirmation.
    Inspirational in your use of inexpensive items (excluding the Lumiere).
    and I could not agree more about shipping tags, don’t know where I’d be without them.
    Definitely on my To Do list.
    Have a lovely Saturday.and thank you for sharing your knowledge.


  9. This looks like so much fun! I’ve already told Elizabeth (and Bluebeard) that I’m going to have to try it! Can’t wait to see you finished tags!


  10. Your tags are absolutely gorgous, dear Patty. Wundervolle Hintergründe


  11. You can a great bunch of tags to play with now. Like E said…they’d make a cool tag book.


  12. These are SO pretty, Patty!


  13. your tags are fantastic! i love the blues!! and that mixture of purple & olive!! oo i’m loving this gelli plate stuff…so much fun! pop over if you have time today, i’ve posted about stuff i printed yesterday…on a gelli roll…tee hee xo


  14. stempelchaotin

    OMG Patty wow your work is brilliant.
    So many many grandios backgrounds.
    Wow TagTastic !!!!!!!

    Have a sunny weekend Sweetie.


  15. Looks like lots of fun!
    funny coincidence I’m also working with tags, the ones I showed you with the tea staining 🙂
    I look forward to winter break for a chance to be creative, school is draining me out of all energy


  16. this is exciting, I LOVE It!!! the backgrounds are beautiful, dear Patty!!!


  17. Always beautiful, always inspiring sweet Patty!


  18. Fantastically beautiful results, Patty! That was certainly much fun.

    Have a nice sunday, my dear. Hugs MARTINA


  19. love, love, love your pieces and the colors are soo fun! I am working on a gelli post too – printing with stencils has grown into one of my favorite things to do…I love to go back in and doodle on them. (spoiler alert! using this for our birdnest swap!)


  20. Wow, I’m missing words, you’ve created fantastic background.


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  22. Ooooh Patty, I love everything about these!! Although i will not be teaching art any longer { 😦 } I’m definitely going to make and use these gel plates. Your posts about these have me so very inspired and curious.


  23. Oh, Patty! How I love these — I have GOT to do this technique! They are amazing and beautiful. What a dose of beauty I’m getting this morning as I catch up with you. It quite takes my breath away!


  24. Funnily enough I DID recently have a go at gelatin prints – my blog post about it is here;

    The results you achieved are wonderful (so much better than my effort). I’m looking forward to having a go on my Gelli Arts gel plate, which is in the post to me 🙂


  25. Fabulous work Patty!! And very inspiring. I was doing this with Maggi at her house last week…..I’d never heard of it before till then. I will show my efforts on my blog soon 🙂


  26. Oh fun, fun, fun!!! Well I started on working on clearing off my art table, which led to me needing more room and getting rid of my albums and old stereo…. anyway, once I have room to spread out and clean up I will be doing some mono printing.


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