rainbow “tail” …

does it ever happen to you that while you are looking for one thing you stumble upon something altogether different…

that is exactly what happened when I was searching for my black gesso this weekend…

Saturday was a lovely rainy day…

these Dye-na-Flow paints jumped out at me which was very timely as I had been planning to play with some seam binding that I ordered recently…

thanks to Eileen Hull and her ribbon dying how to…

I have dyed silk ribbons and linens and bleached trees in our kitchen sink before and enjoyed that very much…

the idea of popping some lengths of ribbon into a plastic baggie and adding drops of color to saturate the ribbons appealed to me as it seemed quick and easy…

sometimes I wet the seam binding first…

other times I started with it dry adding drops of color and sprinkling drops of water if I thought it would help move the dyes…

it didn’t take long to zip through a 100 yard roll of seam binding…

my ribbons were hung to dry on a wooden rack out on our back porch…

an especially nice spot while a long needed gentle rain misted us all day long…

I had the idea to put our Boston Fern out into the garden to get a little shower…

heading toward the corner of our covered porch I got a BIG shock and surprise…

I could hardly believe my eyes…(see that tongue moving!)

I found out that snakes must NOT have ears otherwise this black rat snake (totally harmless unless you count the pounding of your heart and erratic breathing!) would have high tailed it as soon as I spotted it as I let out a VERY loud shriek…

back in August of 2010 I accidentally stepped on a black snake with my barefoot out on our back porch…

I can say that more calmly now but at the time it took weeks to get over that squishy feeling and fright…

 there was no time to grab the camera that day as I surely startled that snake and he slithered off quickly…

this guy was bigger (guessing almost 4 feet…1.21 meters) and way too comfortable and in no rush to leave…

thanks to our telephoto lens I was able to keep what I felt was a safe distance between me and that tubular and I admit when he slithered down onto the concrete I stepped up onto a chair for a safe view of things…

this was a lot more excitement than I had bargained for…

I do enjoy nature but prefer it not being underfoot or in our living spaces…

back to my pretty ribbons…

the sun is shining beautifully today…

turns out some of my ribbons will be a nice match for my new monoprinted tags…

and I did find my black gesso…

more on that in a future post…

31 responses to “rainbow “tail” …

  1. Lovely ribbon results – such pretty colors. Yikes about the snake!


  2. Patty, they turned out so beautiful! Snakes-not my favorite things in life. Had a friend to call yesterday–she found a snake curled up on her dryer in their basement. They have lived there more than 30 years with no problems. It would have taken me more than weeks to get over stepping on a snake if ever.

    I think your ribbons will go nicely with your tags. Glad you got rain! Take care!


  3. oh oh oh your tags and ribbons will be so gorgeous!!! you’ve inspired me to find my dynaflows!!! i’ll have to find something to dye though…beautiful photos of the drying ribbons, i’ll pass on commenting on the snake…ew


  4. ooh patty, your ‘livestock’ love your garden 🙂 that was scary,i wouldnt have been to good 😦 love love those ribbons too….what a lovely day you had…


  5. ok…I was happily reading along admiring that fabulous ribbon and then BOOOOM….that SNAKE..omg…unreal. I had no idea Virginia had things like that in back yards. I thought it was only out west or something…omg,,,I still can´t believe it. Girl, don´t walk around out there in your bare toootsies….ggggeeezzzz. I am looking under my desk right now..eeeeeks!!
    Ok back to the ribbon………………I love it!!!


  6. Woohoo!! no rats for you! It is always a bit startling to come upon a snake that has obviously been sitting there watching us be-bop along and then Ahhh! I always laugh at myself for being so unaware, lol. Glad your heart is in good shape and that you got some wonderful shots of your guest.


  7. Your ribbons are lovely! I know it may seem weird, but I think the snake is beautiful!


  8. When I saw the snake, even before I read the post, I thought about your other snake incident. And here I was thinking hail and tornadoes were bad!

    I went to Eileen’s blog and saw her post. I got a big kick out of “old hair curler.” My hair is so curly and short, I’ve never owned one of those things in my life!

    I actually think I have some of that Dye-na-Flow that I got for my birthday one year. I think it was in an “Exciter Pack.” I may have to check that out. I have a TON of OLD seam binding, but it isn’t flat. It is sort of double, but there is a crease on each side. I noticed yours is rayon, and I think mine is cotton. I think mine was made by Wright. Like I said, very old. From the thrift store, old. However, I may try dyeing some using my trusty Staz-on and alcohol. What a fun post. You are SO inspiring!


  9. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow your ribbon is a color fest for my eyes Patty.
    So great dying work. Love them.
    The snake OMG I hate snake´s, than I have fear. Ooohhhhh you are so brave my friend.
    Have a wonderful new week Sweetie.


  10. Yikes! That would be a fright. Your ribbon looks so beautiful! Sounds like you had a productive, exciting day. 🙂 Best wishes for a great week. Tammy


  11. Omg …wasn’t expecting that snake in your post today!!…I also give out a little shriek (maybe not as loud as your one Patty…. LOL!! 😉
    LOVE LOVE LOVE seam binding…and what a beautiful array of colours you have made….the pics of your ribbons are gorgeous!!
    Jan x


  12. WOW to the snake and DOUBLE WOW to the lovely colored seam binding, what a Labor of Love! Looks almost as good as a rainbow.


  13. Glad it was a harmless snake … all the snakes here are poisonous! LOVE your ribbons; they are beautiful … =D


  14. I am trying hard to concentrate just on your beautiful ribbons! The snake would have done me in ! Just seeing those beautiful strands on the drying rack was a work of art! The snake not so much:(


  15. Dot Ferrero

    gorgeous colors! Love seam binding.

    When I was refilling the water container in the ‘girls’ r
    un, I found a young black snake…guess he found a cool place to rest a while. For years I’ve found the discarded skin of a mature black snake on the front gravel path. Guess some offspring have found the cooler chicken yard.


  16. OMG! So much beauty and then that sneaky little (actually quite large) middle part. I am so scared of snakes and am very impressed by your composure to be able to get a camera! If those gorgeous ribbons are still out and you find them missing today I swear I will return them after I hold them just a little while.=}


  17. Carmen Dyson

    The ribbons are beautiful! Treasures for sure.
    Those black snakes do lots of good they say. I say they can do their good in the woods.
    Didn’t get to Dunbarton Oaks. Too cloudy. Someday.


  18. Eeeeek, snake! :S So weird to find that on one’s yard.

    I love your rainbow of ribbons. Have a wonderful and creative monday~


  19. Oh, oh … this fellow looks so much bigger than they ones I find in our garden from time to time …I probably would have run a mile!
    Your ribbons are so lovely and beautiful and I would also run a mile but more to get a closer look (lol)


  20. Your ribbons turned out fabulous! But yikes, I can;t understand you had the nerve to takes photos, I know for sure that I would dare to do so!! How cool of you.


  21. Hello Patty
    One word of warning ….. this becomes addictive!!!! I use homemade spray inks or tea or coffee or a little combination and it becomes that you cannot stop dying seam binding – you have been warned lol.
    An ear piercing shriek, I don’t know if I feel sorrier for you or the snake!
    As a child I was walking in the countryside (my Dad at my side) and as we strolled alongside a burn on this beautiful day I was one step away from making contact with an Adder. Fortunately for me it only wanted its own company that day and slithered off. Nobody believed us assuming we had created the tale for a bit of fun.
    Anticipate what you create with your dyed seam binding.


  22. No My hubby is my big strong man but if it came to a snake I have to say the rolls would be reversed as I am not scared of them at all. Fab photos and love all that lush ribbon you have made. You should share your crafty space where do you put all the lush stuff you make & buy? Dawn xox


  23. Your ribbons are gorgeous Patty and the perfect match for those beautiful tags you printed. That was a BIG snake you had there….drawn to the beauty of your back porch ❤


  24. Dear Patty, that must have been SOOO frightening to actually step on a snake with bare fets, OH MY- and also to suddenly see this big one in your garden. So happy it is not dangerous.
    Yiour seam bindings are totally stunning colours, I love them -and they looks fantastic on your wooden rack, my dear.
    Hugs to you and hopefully the rest of the week,without snakes 🙂


  25. what a beautiful,beautiful rainbow of ribbons Patty!! It’ll take me a long time to try out all the really wonderful ideas you present here 🙂
    So glad the snake was harmless-but it’s still a SNAKE-eeeeew!!!! So brave of you to take pics!


  26. Fantastic colorful ribbons.


  27. Patty, you are haveing just too much fun. Love the vivid colors of your binding. And now you know why I vcated my chair. Have a great day.


  28. Pingback: Love more … Fear less | Magpie's Nest ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

  29. Très jolis rubans, un vrai trésor pour des créations futures.
    Quant au serpent, je ne les aime pas mais ils ne me font pas peur, je ne connais pas le serpent noir et je ne veux pas le connaitre lol.


  30. I love dynaflow and have done a lot of scarf dying but duh! Never thought of ribbons! That’s perfect. They look so pretty! And about that snake? I truly appreciate your presence of mind for staying and taking pix. I would have hightailed it out of there pronto!


  31. OMG, that is a huge snake and I would have screamed too. WOW, you got a lot of pictures of him too, I’d be running back into the house!! Now I feel like a real sissy with my tiny gardener snake, ha!
    How colorful and pretty your bindings are, love this idea. Funny how things just jump out at us when shopping for something totally different. Glad you could play and have fun.


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