tea from far away…

recently I received some lovely gifts from a very thoughtful and sweet friend whose plants I was minding while she traveled across the globe to Korea and China…

gorgeous hanji which is handmade Korean paper…

I have heard about the health properties and goodness in Pu’er Tea but I have never seen or tasted any tea quite like this before…

you know I swooned over the wrappers too…

I carefully followed the instructions to enjoy my cup of exotic tea…

pouring off the first cup of water to rinse the tea…

then I got to savor the rich full bodied and not at all bitter taste which is a tip I will use in the future for brewing green tea…

adding water again and again with no need for cream or sweetener…


another lovely surprise from sweet Susan was THE most beautiful and delicate paper parasol in a pretty hand stitched fabric carrying case…

extra special because other parasols I have are not waterproof or this special…

each time I use my pretty Wisteria parasol I will be imagining far off places and the journey it took to reach me with special thanks to such a thoughtful friend…

Kimmie has the list of other Tea on Tuesday bloggers here...

Susan has joined in for tea today too…

“If you are cold, tea will warm you.  If you are too heated, it will cool you.  If you are depressed, it will cheer you.  If you are excited, it will calm you.”  ~Gladstone, 1865

27 responses to “tea from far away…

  1. So happy to see you are enjoying your tea! It was wonderful to have such a kind friend to watch over things at home while we traveled. Please let me know, as I would be happy to return the favor anytime! xoxo


  2. What lovely gifts from your friend, Patty. I’m in love with the parasol!


  3. Beautiful gifts Patty.. that tea sounds wonderful.. I didn’t realize you should pour off the first water.. good to know.. that parasol is gorgeous….
    Have a great day!


  4. I saw some of that Pu’er tea at The Spice Merchant, but it was very expensive and the owner told me it was not the best quality, but all he could get. I first saw it on Stephanie’s blog, so that’s why I asked about it.

    You got some really awesome gifts, including that adorable parasol. I sure hope you enjoyed your tea. And am I imagining, or does that look like a swan on the tea package?


  5. Patty, what a beautiful parasol and lovely looking tea! Have a good Tuesday tea!


  6. Pu’er tea is amazing for it’s complete lack of bitterness – you just may be hooked now 🙂 …. I thought it was candy with those colorful wrappers! Lovely gifts Patty … I’m late for tea today … but gifts are a theme for me today as well 🙂


  7. OMG that parasol is wonderful!! what a nice bunch of gifts from a friend. Nothing better than that.
    Enjoy your wonderful tea day and thank you so much for your kind words on my post today.


  8. what really lovely gifts Patty-that parasol is exquisite!! The Asian countries really do have some of the most beautiful papers.


  9. Wow… that parison is amazing! It’s truly beautiful… I’ve never had pu’er tea, but I will have to try it. Such lovely gifts! You are very lucky indeed…


  10. what a gorgeous parasol!! Lovely gift for a lovely person.


  11. what a beautiful gift! that parasol is gorgeous!!! i like the idea of tea rinsing…i’ll have to give it a try! happy tuesday, dearest


  12. What beautiful gifts! How wonderful to take the time to create a tea “ceremony”. We are so fast and busy most of the time- chug a lugging coffee at a rapid fire pace. Love that you shared these with all of us- a meditative and peaceful vision Patty!


  13. What unique tea wrapping. Haven’t seen those before. I do love green tea, more than any other … nothing added, just as is. That parasol is absolutely beautiful. I have a handpainted wooden one bought on a trip to Thailand. Wishing you a lovely day. Tammy


  14. Great gifts! The tea wrappers look intriguing! I adore the parasol… can’t believe it’s waterproof! How awesome!


  15. I really like your gifts that parasol is stunning such a wonderful pattern & colour. (And I am not a big lover of the orient). But your green tea & yummy Parasol are winners for me ;0)


  16. the packaging had me swooning as well… haven’t tried that tea though it is in all the tea shops here at the moment… I may just stake the plunge, but will remember the tip about pouring the first cup off… have a great week…xx


  17. ooh, the parasol looks really beautiful!
    In my country, there’s a chain of stores that carries home decor stuff that’s also present in my city. Their notebook section is cute too. Around this time they sell mini-umbrellas. Every year I pass by and never get one, because it’d mostly collect dust here. Then I get soaked on the *one* day it rains.


  18. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow so lovely gift from your friend Sweetie.
    Wonderful little orient tea party.
    Thanks for sahring my dear friend.


  19. Wonderful gifts and a lovely tea party! Enjoy your tea.


  20. What beautiful gifts, Patty! I like this parasol!!
    Have a wonderful week my dear.
    Hugs and wishes


  21. what a gorgeous parasol Patty! Lucky you! It would come in handy outside with this heat! So pretty!


  22. My goodness – I thought those were chocolates and had no idea they would be tea….what fun!


  23. What lovely gifts and a very interesting blog entry to read. I especially love the “Tea Quote” at the end. Thanks for sharing …


  24. Quels merveilleux cadeaux, si délicats comme tout ce qui est asiatique.
    Merci pour l’explication du thé, à retenir.


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