2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Mr Magpie (best friend, husband, father, collaborator, photographer, driver… the list goes on and on ;)) and I made a day of it in nearby Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia last Sunday…

Rinda of Gallo Organica is having her Second Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt…

the idea thrilled me instantly thanks to Jo’s post...

we had a wonderful adventure in and out of the rain all day checking off most of the 21 items on the list…

 here is Rinda’s list with my photo offerings and underlined links if you’re interested in more background and often really good blue sky photos included in the links as well…

(all photos can be clicked for a closer view)

1. A pier

The Awakening at the National Harbor in Maryland…

when it is not raining there are always people climbing all over this popular sculpture and playing in the sand…

2. A clothesline

part of my handkerchief collection hanging out in the sun…

the last item to be checked off the list…

3. A border

we crossed three actually…

this was taken leaving National Harbor in Maryland heading back home to Virginia…

4. A roadside stand selling something

near Union Station, Washington DC…

5. A train

inside Union Station

and an overhead view of the Amtrak trains from the parking garage…

6. A historical landmark

outside Union Station

the Washington Monument which is temporarily closed to visitors because of structural damage from an earthquake last year…

one of my favorite places in Washington, DC is the United States Botanic Garden…

special and beautiful in every season and all kinds of weather…

7. A person playing a musical instrument

this fellow plays the Banana Song Day-O on his 40 pound tuba walking up and down the side of the road near George Mason University (Virginia) during rush hour for exercise...

8. A person dressed as an angel or a statue of an angel

part of a lamp post from outside the Library of Congress in Wash DC…

wonderful patina…

9. A fountain

the addition of the fountain and some lights to a neighborhood pond was a great touch…

and this grand Neptune fountain in front of the Library of Congress was amazing…

Bartholdi Park just behind the US Botanic Gardens has a beautiful cast iron fountain…

here you can see the National Museum of the American Indian in the background…

10. A horse

 this flying horse in front of The Lab School in Wash DC said pick me pick me …

a wonderful copper, brass and stained glass mosaic created by Cheryl Foster at the National Harbor in Maryland just across the Potomac River from Virginia …

and this local horse head that is in our daily stomping grounds…

11. A shadow

 a couple of sunny day photographs for a change…

12. A maze, labyrinth, or trail

the neighborhood we live in has lots of nice bike paths

perfect for walking…

13. A library

here we are looking out from under an umbrella while guarding the camera lens from raindrops and snapping a photo…

we realized that neither of us have ever been inside the Library of Congress and must remedy that soon…

the exterior of the building was amazing 

with its fabulous Italian Renaissance architecture…

and here is one of thirty three different ethnological head ornaments that are keystones over the first story windows…

14. A person playing with a ball

an informal Sunday soccer game in the neighborhood…

15. Someone dancing

we could not believe our good fortune to come upon these girls filming an anime video at the US Botanic Garden … 

they are the characters from Japanese Anime Sailor Moon and caused a stir wherever they were…

we kept crossing paths with them…

16. A bride

you have to use your imagination on this one and imagine all of the brides that visit this bridal shop in Georgetown

it immediately came to mind because of the sweetest bride that took me there when she tried on her wedding dress last October…

17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple

we considered showing the magnificent Washington Cathedral in Washington, DC but then decided this was the perfect opportunity to drive by the little wooden church that Mr Magpie and I were married in back in the early 1980’s…

it was a beautiful sunny day on that April 11th…

18. A movie poster

19. An outdoor stairway

this stairway in Georgetown, Washington DC was made famous in the  1973 horror film The Exorcist

we have walked up the stairs before but not this day as we had places to go and things to check off our list 😉

20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)

this was one of the last half dozen things on our list discovered while taking a short cut through a nearby neighborhood…

21.  A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation

my back is to Union Station with the American flag in front of me looking toward the United States Capitol Building…

even though these photos would be so much better with sunshine and blue skies I cannot tell you how much fun we had on our scavenger hunt mostly in the rain…

thank you again Rinda for the chance to play along

19 responses to “2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hello, belle chasse aux trésors, de belles découvertes pour moi.


  2. So much fun. I enjoyed following along with you two.


  3. These are all fantastic! I hadn’t realized where you lived – I love that part of the country. The anime dancers are my favorite – I love how people “stumble” upon scavenger hunt items. The horses are amazing, and what a sweet swing.
    Thanks so much for playing along,


  4. gorgeous impressions and so wonderful new artwork!


  5. Wow! You and Mr. Magpie certainly outdid yourselves!! That was quite a scavenger hunt and your pictures are so fun and beautiful. Just love all your hankies and the angel photos are just divine! xoxo


  6. What a photo treasure chest! Love your photos, always so telling and full of life.


  7. What a feast for me and a feat for you and Mr. M. I for one, can appreciate the time and effort you put into this list, and the way you detailed each photo. I’m truly in AWE.


  8. What a fantastic tour you and your husbond have had participating in this scavenger hunt- taking wonderful photoes .
    I love the angel, and beautiful stone heart-and all your sweet hankies-and so romantic to revisit your church where you were merried..
    Thankyou for your great pictures, dear Patty.


  9. Oh Patty! What a wonderful collection of photos. Love them all but the shadows of the table, the copper horse, your handkerchiefs, and the guy with the tuba are my faves.


  10. Ok…you win the prize…or maybe we should give it to Mr. Magpie for the grand adventure. On my way to workout this morning, I saw the veggie stand in town and thought…”I should really bring my camera one morning.”
    Amazing job with the scavenger hunt. I totally want to take part in something like this sometime!! Too much fun!


  11. marmeladegypsy

    How fun — and what a great challenge! Love it!


  12. Very fun and loved your narrative!


  13. These pictures are gorgeous! Beautiful impressions, Patty. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Love your your handkerchief collection!

    Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!



  14. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your tour – that was such fun. I can just imagine the fun you had, of course with Mr Magpie at your side.
    My favourite is the clothesline as I have an aversion to paper hankies always using a cotton handkerchief. Until recently I was using ones which had belong to my Grandmother and also my Great Aunt.
    Wonderful photograps.


  15. What a great time you must have had and these are wonderful photos.


  16. WONDERFUL post, Patty! I really enjoyed it. I love, love the little church where you were married.


  17. Wonderful group of photographs for the Scavenger Hunt. I absolutely adore your washing line of beautiful hankies! Irene


  18. I think I’ve enjoyed checking out other peoples photo’s as much as I enjoyed taking my own…they afford me a peek into the different lives we all live! I have never visited your corner of the world, so your photo’s were especially absorbing…thanks for sharing! 😀


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