Art Things in Annapolis

on a recent day trip to the historic town of Annapolis, Maryland to meet relatives visiting from California

we stumbled upon a wonderful art shop…

Art Things has been in business for at least 40 years but was new to us…

their Mona Lisa sign out front really caught my eye…

these photos show a small part of the fabulous homage to Mona inside…

they have so much good stuff on two floors with something for everyone…

we are happy to have a new “must stop” shop whenever we are in the Annapolis area (no affiliation, just a happy customer that likes to support small businesses)

today I am drinking a cup of Chocolate Pu-erh

notice the two tea tags …

each was used in a cup of tea days before and together they made one more cup of tea which is something I frequently do for myself …

then I dry out the bags and use them for art projects 🙂

19 responses to “Art Things in Annapolis

  1. I love discovering new art shops! This is amazing! So glad you have a new place to check out. The Mona sign would have caught my eye for sure. Your tea sounds yummy and I love the fact you use them in your art! xxoo


  2. What a wonderful art shop! Nathalie would have never left…. I can imagine her sleeping on their porch!!! Love your two tea bags…. great idea!!


  3. You are one thrifty tea bag lady, I Love it and what a great idea. Love that art shoppe also, impossible to see it all, even in the photos, there is so much to see. You are the greatest.


  4. you have me thinking i need to try the printing on tea bags soon!! your excursion looks so very nice! what a great shop!!


  5. Looks like a lovely art store. Happy Tuesday!


  6. This brings back good memories! We went there last year. A beautiful place:)


  7. That looks like a very interesting spot. I love discovering your area through your pictures. Seems like there’s always a new thing to discover over there 🙂


  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures with us, dear Patty. I love art shops too


  9. You do go to the most interesting places Patty. When do you find time to make art?


  10. Patty, the shop looks like the perfect place to find so many great things to use. I hope your week is going well. Take care!


  11. LOVELY ship….or is that a boat???

    Oh, Mona Lisa is immortalized so nicely in that SWEET shoppe! How great that you found it, too! I can see you spent some quality time there ~ I know I would have been!

    The day was just ‘ducky’ for your visit. Kismet!

    Jan xoxooooooooooooooo


  12. What a great store- I could spend days in there!


  13. So supportive of you to mention this art shop, it looks such fun.
    How wonderful that you manage to get another cup of tea from those bags. Not forgetting their re-cycling purpose beyond the cups of tea.
    Have a creative day Patty.


  14. Gorgeous photo of the ships in Annapolis!! How lucky for you to be in such close proximity to so many great places, including that wonderful shop!


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  16. Wish we had shops like that in our area (but then again, it would be hard on my wallet if we did).


  17. I loved the tea post, and the shop you visited. I’m a BIG Mona fan. As much as other people like Frida, I like Mona. This shop would be the perfect place to explore. Thanks for having tea on Tuesday, too. It’s still my one day I won’t give up.


  18. I think if I’m heading there, I should just take out the loan before I leave town!


  19. Wow, this brought back memories ~ my first “love” was a midshipman at Annapolis! Such a quaint town and so historic. Your pictures are lovely and the captions so charming! Enjoy your respite, dear Patty!


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