Asheville Eye Candy …

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    xxoo MARILYN

  2. Ooooh, wow, what beautiful pictures, dear Patty, fantastic

  3. What an artful city. The metal shopping ladies are such fun and that tree is amazing! Great pics!

  4. Wow, I love the urban art 😀
    It’d be a constant inspiration to just walk through that city. Maybe I should share some of our local murals too~

  5. What a special city,– Patty,dear.
    I love the big metal leave, and the metal ladies are so funny.-
    BUT I would miss a bit of romance 🙂 if living in Asheville.
    Sending you big hug.

  6. What an interesting place Asheville must be. I just love street art.

  7. Oh Patty, you were in your element in Asheville!
    What inspiration on the streets – I especially love the fashion ladies and the angel above them. To see the words LOVE and HOPE in huge letters in a public place is heart warming!


  8. Such beauty! But, that sculpture of the women shopping is just plain fun!

  9. such wonderful shots Patty! I really love the dolled up ladies out on the town!

  10. what a cool place!!! i especially love the chicken mural, the bottle tree and you and mr magpie in the window reflection….xo

  11. Thanks so much for sharing! Love it when we get to see art from places we’ve never been…

  12. I just love Asheville and really need to go up for a weekend soon. Love your pictures!

  13. Looks like a great city!!!

  14. What a wonderful street art Patty! I would love to stroll through those streets!!

  15. Dear Patty,
    thank you very much for sharing the lot of fabulous photos with us. You have an eye finding on tour the very special kind of art works, places, streets or corners with extraordinary athmosphere.
    A warm embrace to you from me,

  16. Ohhh did these photos make me smile!!! You even made it to West Asheville – you are an adventurer! It’s fun having someone enjoy it the same way I do!!!!! xo

  17. Great images! After talking to one of my clients who visited Asheville for an extended weekend, I decided that it was a must destination for me at some point in my future. Now that I have seen some of it through your eyes I am sold!

  18. I want to go there. What beautiful murals and sculptures they have! LOVE the LOVE one!!! Yippers, I love them all. Each photo was so unique. Thanks for sharing your eye candy. Could you even settle your eyes with all this around you?
    Happy October missy. I hope it’s cooled down and lovely there.

  19. was thinking about you when I ran to the store today and heard John Mayer on the radio, I know how you like him… love the red Love sign… and wonderful images, I feel like I have been there now… xox

  20. wow!! love all that awesome graffiti art! great pics- thanks for sharing! xo

  21. oh thanks for the trip back to Asheville…a wonderful citiy…love your fotos!
    Have a good weekend!

  22. Holy cow, Patty. I love these! I’m crazy about the basketballs turned into grapes and the wire leaves. I also fell in love with the three women statue. What an amazing post. I love it. I’ve never been to Asheville, so this was a real treat!

  23. This is a city I need to visit again — to see a friend and to return to Grove Park Inn and Biltmore. Those basketballs are so inventive! Love it!

  24. What a feast for the eyes. Patty, we are so lucky to have someone such as you, taking the trouble to share such amazing photographs as you do time and time again.
    I adore the women shopping, so Parisian, so much fun. In fact I have too many favourites, the leaf is amazing as is the almost classical sculpture.

  25. What beautiful photos, dear Patty. Looks as this is a very interesting city.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear. Hugs MARTINA

  26. what a cool place! eye candy is right! I love the metal sculpture of the shopping ladies with their dogs ….

  27. alteredattic

    Oh, how I long for Asheville, and Saluda, home of the fabulous Random Arts! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!!

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  29. You have such a fabulous collection of photos, do you print them all out and keep them? scrapbook them maybe? fabulous memories of such wonderful places thank you for sharing your travels again x

  30. Such colourful and vibrant photos! 🙂

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  32. OH WOW Patty.. thank you for submitting this blogpost to the BIG Road Trip Series… the photos are gorgeous and so very inspiring – that wagon, the graffiti… amazing! MAkes me wanna run to my studio and throw brigh paint on a page!

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