Biltmore Garden Tea

our recent getaway to Asheville, North Carolina

(all thanks to generous and kind friends for letting us stay in their beautiful Asheville home!!!)

would not have been complete without a visit to the National Historic Landmark Biltmore Estate  built during the years 1889-1895 by America’s leading architect of that time, Richard Morris Hunt

 still known as America’s largest home the house covers 4 acres, totaling 175,000 square feet with 250 rooms which includes 35 guest and family rooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, and 3 kitchens….

    George W. Vanderbilt worked with the best architects and craftsmen to build a grand escape for family and friends…

inspired by French chateaus but all made in America with gargoyles and all…

no one has lived in the house since the 1950’s but it is still family owned…

we got a two day ticket and spent an entire day in the gardens  tootling around just a small portion of the 8,000 acres…

on the second day we took a really nice audio tour of the inside of the house which gave insight into what it was like to live and work at Biltmore…

the fact that photography was not permitted inside the house proved to be a nice break as I can get a little crazy snapping photos even though it is something I always enjoy…

we did bring the traveling tea cup along and my pretty parasol which gave welcome shade from the sparkling sun…

the Blue Ridge Mountains make a most beautiful backyard and you may find it of interest to read a little bit about the strides in forestry that Vanderbilt started with his vision here

 the Italian Garden with its enchanting lily pools kept calling us back again and again…

it is worth noting that Frederick Law Olmsted, the founder of American landscape architecture, also designed Central Park in NYC and the US Capitol in Washington DC to name just a few of his many accomplishments…

he considered Biltmore his crowning achievement…

it was such a lovely getaway in so many ways…

thank you again Lisa    OXO

next week I have an Asheville “Trash” Tea planned to share with you…

30 responses to “Biltmore Garden Tea

  1. Oh wow, Patty! Beautiful pictures of your time! What a house!!!!!!!! Gorgeous grounds; I love the picture of you with your umbrella reflecting in the pond! Thanks for sharing so much! xxoo

  2. beautiful gardens, beautiful photos, and beautiful parasol! xo

  3. Patty, you carry a parasol! I love you **blink blink**. That just thrills me to death. That final picture is very zen, I like it. What’s not to love about such a fantastic “home”! wow

  4. Patty, A wonderful job of capturing the beauty of the Biltmore! Such a magnificent place. We’ve been many times…lots of great memories revisited through your post. Although it’s been years and years since I listened to the audio tour I will always remember being touched by the fact that Mrs. V took the time/interest to personally select gifts for each employee. Wouldn’t you love one of those walk-in refrigerators?! xo, Sue

  5. The Biltmore is on my list! My parents went many years ago and talked about it long afterwards. You have captured so many beautiful details Patty and I love that you really use your pretty parasol! Lisa is in trouble now cause the girls are all coming next time! Ggg

  6. You look so gorgeous in your parasol! What a dream come true Patty, thanks for sharing, you always take us on an amazing journey!

  7. Wow , What fabulous house and grounds , living here would be amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your travels once again and showing us a little part of the world we may never get to see for ourselves , your posts are always such a joy to read , thank you x

  8. Your photos are utterly charming, dear Patty…I felt as though I was strolling the gardens with you. I’ve seen photos of the Biltmore many times, but yours are so personal and lovely. You must have enjoyed a really great day!

  9. what a magnificent collection of photos Patty!! I’d so love to see Asheville and Biltmore one day. I loved seeing your beautiful self with your equally beautiful parasol.

  10. Yes, everyone wants to know Lisa:) Great shots of this beautiful setting.

  11. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous place Patty…..I can just imagine you drinking it all in 😉 I’m a big fan of gargoyles and those are stupendous!!!

  12. oh my, this is on my bucket list… but I am afraid I won’t do it the just that you did with your darling tea cup and gorgeous parasol… xo

  13. Thank you Patty for sharing this gorgeous journey impressions… wonderful… thank you so much- great post!

  14. Patty, your photos are amazing! As always, but your posts never cease to thrill. I can’t wait to see what the “trash” is next week!

  15. Stunning, professional photography but I do have one wee complaint – your stunning parasol and bag were proving too much of a distraction for me! Such elegance, love your style.

  16. LOVE the parasol Patty. What a beautiful place.

  17. thanks for the tour… it looks simply amazing and so glad the tea cup got to go along for the ride… great photos and collages…xx

  18. What an amazing place! Beautiful photos!

  19. Patty, can you imagine living in such style? I love the estate but have never visited at Christmas. Looks like you had nice weather which made for some lovely photos!

  20. Now I see what you mean about the Chateau Patty!
    Very grand indeed, but I do feel it would be lovely to know it was being lived in by someone who loves it.
    Your parasol is wonderful – I’m sure you received compliments about it too!
    Shane ♥

  21. I was transported to Dreamland…
    I love it when you share your traveling impressions with us.

  22. Those photos are spectacular – you really captured it ! Those lily ponds look so inviting to explore. You’ve captured the grandness!

  23. Wonderful pictures! And, I, as well, love you with the parasol!!!

  24. I have SO been waiting for this post. Your photos are lovely — it’s so elegant! What a wonderful spot for a garden tea! And yes, the parasol is terrific!

  25. Better late than never! I Love to see your parasol and teacup show up and I Love searching for it! Love you more!

  26. Dear friend,
    this place must be the most perfect one ,for a cosy tea. The beautiful buildings and gardens are fantastic, and I am sure you so enjoyed to settle near the ponds to have your tea.
    Biltmore surely is a most fabolous place and you looks so lovely on the photoes.

  27. I would have spent a day in the gardens too! I’ve heard of this estate but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any pictures of it. Overwhelming comes to mind. Thanks for the virtual visit!

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  29. Can you imagine having 43 bathrooms to clean 😉 😉 (I guess the family had people doing that for them). What an overwhelming house and what a delight it must have been to stroll through the garden on a nice autumn day

  30. Hello Patty, superbe séjour dans un lieu mythique, qui me fait penser à nos châteaux de la Loire. Les jardins sont fabuleux et ressourçants, quelle poésie sur cette photo où on te voit sous ton ombrelle devant ta tasse de thé, bravo le photographe.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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