stormy skies in the Virginia countryside…



34 responses to “stormy skies in the Virginia countryside…


  2. Love the photos!!! (Manassas Bull Run Battlefield, right?)

  3. LOL – I know those “cloud people” — believe it or not — our flight on Monday from Cleveland was literally flying right below those black ominous clouds. Getting under them was another story all together. Had a young Marine going off to boot camp who had never flown and he looked at me and said, “I’m an adrenaline junkie” …… Trust me, it gave me comfort – ROFL However the weird part was to look out the plane’s windows and literally see those clouds right on top of us. These are, as always from you, beautiful photos.

  4. How beautiful! The contrast between the sunny part and the storm are so gorgeous!

  5. LOVE the photos! They are so atmospheric and the colours so intense. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What beautiful atmospheric pictures! Hope you didn’t get too wet:)

  7. gorgeous images. nature is full of surprises even in unsavory circumstances.

  8. These are breathtaking I should try taking photos when it is about to storm!

  9. That’s some storm Patty, hope it wasn’t as bad as it appeared…..beautiful photos tho’.

  10. O wow, those skies are impressive!

  11. Wonderful photos, can feel the storm.

  12. Wow, gorgeous but eerie…

  13. Incredible photos…well captured.

  14. Great photos–great contrast! I love to watch clouds…

  15. These really are amazing Patty. They look surreal. Glad we had clear skies today. It was so much fun! =)

  16. LOVE…LOVE…the photos!

  17. Amazing photos of an amazing sky! Beautiful!

  18. Love em!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. WOW Patty – Those are fabulous shots!
    I’ve got this thing about taking photos of sky and clouds – I took heaps in France and they all thought “Mina’s gone loopy”.
    I think you like doing it too!!!! Makes me feel better!!!!
    I’m sending you an email!!
    Shane ♥

  20. Thank you all for leaving such nice comments as always!
    The only thing I did to my photos above was add a border and my name, thanks to Pixlr. Nothing else.
    It was thrilling to be driving down the road with those dark ominous clouds on one side and bright skies on the other.
    It hardly rained at all.
    Mother Nature is so amazing!

  21. Those are fantastic! I feel like a tornado is just around the corner.

  22. wow, scary but beautiful pix. hope the storm didnt do much damage.

  23. very pretty though! reminds me of wizard of oz! fall is gorgeous in all of it’s different weather. have a great day Patty! xo

  24. Utterly gorgeous photos. Super impressive, especially the last one. And I swear I thought the first one was a painting when I first saw it.

  25. What breathtaking photos Patty- and how blessed we are to see such beauty in nature.

  26. I love the atmosphere of these moments (having been in similar times) isn’t it wonderful when the sun is shining and you can feel the energy of the coming storm the contrast of light is magnificent

  27. I adore these photos. These would be great cards. Ya know? Like…when the storms of life gather, etc, etc….. I really love clouds!!! Excellent catch, Patty!

  28. Soooo striking!

  29. These are just beautiful. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and we have returned to my hometown to retire. But I spent the middle 35 years in Virginia and miss the skies like this. Do you sell copies of your photos? Thank you for sharing your talent and God’s glory.

  30. Beautiful!

  31. big drama in the sky! gorgeous photos!

  32. Those skies are amazing. These really have such drama and energy. Lovely.

  33. I love your “stormy skies” pictures!

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